Will Wenger’s anger take the fight to Man United?

Wenger losing his cool once again. Interesting stuff before United by KM

Hello there fellow Arsenal fans. You think that with Arsene once you hit rock bottom there’s no going under, but the guy never disappoints. He threatened to leave the press conference when the journalists asked him if he was wrong about the goalkeeper selection and if the fans are angry about what happened?

When you react in a manner of “Stop that or we stop the press conference.” what does that tell you? He’s angry because he knows he is wrong. He is angry because he is used to have an untouchable status. And when that starts to get questioned, he starts to get angry. It’s nice though. I like seeing some sort of thing that can make Wenger care just a little bit.

The boss was very angry, because deep down he know Mourinho is right about it. We all know it, it’s not a public secret. Wenger said “I make the decisions i think is best for the team on the day. I am accountable on the results of my team and the way we play football.” Lets dissect this. If we take in to account what he said about Tuesday being a must win game, doesn’t this mean that we need our best squad?

We all know Petr Cech is our best goalkeeper, so maybe the decision is wrong. Unlike LVG, Wenger will never admit a mistake. It’s not his style to accept that he might be wrong. That’s why we see the same thing every season. The second bit about the responsibility is a funny one. What exactly is Wenger accountable for? Nobody on the board cares if we win a game or not. He’s not accountable for anything, because if we lose 8-2 to United or 2-3 to Olympiacos at home, he’s not even under any sort of pressure at all.

Last but not least – “the way we play football”. This is another funny one, because honestly the football we play has not been that good. We have won 1 home game this season and with Man United coming next I don’t feel too confident.

This press conference highlighted why there’s no director of football, no transfer consultant or practically anybody related to football except Arsene. The assistant coach at Arsenal is the yes man who just sits there because there has to be one.

What I hope this would bring is Wenger resigning from the club. But since we all know that’s a joke and it will never happen. I hope he comes out fighting. I hope he sits down and watches every aspect of United’s game. I also hope he has a word with the defense. I expected Gabriel to start with Kos as the process to replace Mertesacker looks like it has begun, but with the Boss’s injury he doesn’t have any choice.

What is sad is that there’s no real positive outcome of the game for us. Paul Merson said we’d win 2:1 but even he said he expects United to score first and if they do, we’re in huge troubles. We couldn’t overturn Olympiacos although we had a lucky equalizer. We didn’t learn 2 times throughout the game so we lost 3:2.

Even if United score an own goal and we win by the skin of our teeth, the problem will remain in the long term. A win would just give the AKBs a reason to lurk out of the shadows and say how great he is when we’re in desperate need of change. Arsene’s godlike status needs to be blasted into oblivion for us to move forward.

And forward is not just a win on Sunday. It’s a change of approach that would put Arsenal back amongst the elite. Enjoy the weekend.


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  1. Wenger is a man of strict principles and that’s why we always get the same reaction from him. It was a bad midweek performance but lets get over it and look forward in the league. We all want a win but if the match gets out of hand a draw would do fine as well. These games are six pointers, if u cant win don’t lose either.

  2. Wenger will do absolutely nothing to improve on his woes………. Wenger will still be the same old wenger at the touch line without the midas touch, tactics, aggression and physical presence!…… Win ; Lose or draw against Manure…… WENGER OUT

  3. I am glad that Wenger’s arrogance has been highlighted in the press interview. His flippant attitude toward the supporters throughout the years has been unforgivable. I think he should man up and move on. Hist past team selections has made sure Arsenal will not progress in the champions league, I hope I am wrong but I think not.

  4. He should take more anger towards his own players during the game. Do you ever see him shout at instructions to any players during the game or atleast tell Bould to convery it like he did in his first season as assistant or as Pat Rice used to do.

    If you want to beat Manu on Sunday we should play with Sanchez, Walcott and Bellerin as the front three. Nothing much happens on the right side without Bellerin going further up the pitch.

    1. I agree with Bellerin playing on the wing, he has pace,
      He can win the ball back in the opponents half, he can score goals and assist.

      I have suggested that for a while now, along with playing all our defensive players at once, with our pacy fullbacks playing on the wings in these 6 pointer games!
      With obviously Walcott and Sanchez upfront.

      The positive is we won’t lose these games as we will be able to win the ball back in our opponents half and counter attack with real pace.
      And our subs bench would look a lot more decent too,
      Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Giroud, Ox. .. depending on which one of these you would start in the middle.

        1. Ramsey can play as AM in the above line up!
          Theres plenty of defencive players in there to give him that freedom, I really do believe that kind of line up will work.

      1. Ox is finished right now, Too lazy, doesn’t defend, lacks creativity, isn’t effecient, can’t play well for 60 minutes nevermind 90.

    2. @HA559
      AW doesn’t have the style like Fergie with high voltage temper.
      He is just being who he is, and that’s his way.

      Problem is he didn’t have his assistant as his No.2 as the guy who should shout when needed and Bould didn’t help him either. I did not see Bould doing his job and carried away by AW and just siiting in the bench looking dejected same attitude as AW rather than make any difference.

  5. merses combined arsenal and manu team
    De Gea
    Darmian Smalling Koscienly Blind
    Le Coq Schneiderlin
    Mata Rooney Sanchez

    my combined team
    De gea
    Bellerin Gabriel Koscienly Monreal
    Schwensitiger Ramsey
    Mata Cazorla Sanchez

    1. @tatgooner

      Actually I posted here before.

      If AW will be by some miracle to add just decent DM and ST that is topic of the summer, it will at least gives extra dimension.


      Bellerin Gabriel Koscielny Monreal

      Coquelin BENDER

      Walcott Cazorla Sanchez


  6. Its not like Wenger doesnt want to win, but like Trapatoni once said. This team is weak like an emty bottle. The manager cant give anything to this club anymore. He is done. He will never win the Cl and he will probably also never win the Elp title again. Already B** hurt bec of me saying what you all know aready? Well _I_ you then.

  7. I am afraid of manure, not bec they are that stronger then us, but they have that epic goaly, who is hard to beat, and we do have chickens of strikers who simple wast to many chances, chances manure simple want give us many

    1. i’m done being scared of MU: no longer. we can beat them. we just need focus 90mins. and gab needs to learn some english.

  8. Now one thing is being critic with Wenger.
    Another is to say that in any example in the world LvG is better tan him.
    The guy is a fake, look at what he did at Barza…
    He just plays big tricks and sometimes gets people believing, now I admit is a good tactis because he can influence even a goalie in his psiquis to think Martial is Henrys son

    1. You know what, even I was a bit criticizing Wenger for putting Ospina instead of Cech. But, still I looked at the game. I got delighted when we equalized at 2-2. What made me most angry, that we conceded that type of goal just after we equalized. I am more angry with the players, who let that happen. Seriously, we never conceded that type of goal in recent past.

      1. I hear you
        🙂 still i have a part for Wenger
        and for whoever thumbed me down…are u an LvG fan?
        go Support manuuuuu

  9. Actually Wenger losing his cool and blasting the so called journalists is the best thing he’s done this season. The pundits and journalists have been lazy for a long time. Everything they Say is predictable.

  10. @Konstantin

    you are so bias with your hate towards wenger!
    That you neglect your support for the club,
    You will always find a negative thing to say even if Arsenal ended up winning the EPL and UCL..this year.

    I am starting to think that you are a spud that is bitter towards our manager because of nearly 20 years of keeping your team in our shadow ?

    To actually see wenger lose his kool is very rare,
    Just like an eclipse. .. it doesn’t happen often!
    So instead of repeating your usual dribble that unfortunately gets posted as a gap filler, try saying something positive about the club you supposingly support..

    by the way, who are the spuds losing against this weekend?

  11. To keep repeating the same mistakes season in and out is not funny. We came into this season with so much belief but wenger’s inherent gambling on players’ fitness and transfer dealings has dampened all that. While I know wenger is a master in getting out tight situations to make top four, why can’t he take a step higher by doing the right thing?
    Its so sad a manager of his stature does not have a CL on his CV!

    1. Maybe that’s why he is so stubborn to keep his job. No UCL trophy yet in his CV.

      What makes things worse to achieve that target, he only wants to do it by his way.

      His own choice squad, his prudent money, and he thinks he is always right and other people do not have the right to tell him what to do cause he knows football very long time.

      Like Limp Bizkitz lyrics:

      “My Way or The Highway.”

  12. @konstantin. Again an article peddling negativity. I’ve seen mourhinho and Ferguson (plus many others I’m sure) walk out of press conferences because they didn’t like the questions. Ferguson went for weeks refusing to do press conferences. Have you not followed football for very long??? Admitting a mistake can be good or bad. Surprised you don’t recognise lvg’s comments for what they were, simply a way to buy time and ingratiate himself to the suckers that took it in.

    Do you honestly believe we lost because Wenger played Ospina? Nah, no one with even half a brain does, it was a poor team performance from a line up that should have won easily.

  13. Don’t be surprised if Wenger benches Walcott and plays Giroud up front or benches OX and plays Ramsey on the right or both.

    Actually, this season I’m pretty sure I remember correctly where there was match where both OX and Walcott were on the bench while Ramsey was on RW (and neither was injured)

    My point is don’t expect anything from Wenger. You could be dissapointed.

    If it were me I would play OX, Ozil, Alexis and Walcott up front. Alexis and Walcott seem to be on fire. Play Ramsey b2b but Please not on the RW. I’d prefer Bellerin in that position over Ramsey

  14. Konstantin, haven’t you heard that the Boss is bullet proved? He can’t be forced out of Arsenal ,save he left on his own accord. Didn’t you know he’s synonymous with Arsenal, and he’s Mr Arsenal? It’s disheartened to read the, I want Arsenal to lose to Man Utd comments by the careless talking Gooners who think by such a result (God forbids) the Boss will resign or get sacked. What a naive way of thinking. Nevertheless, I have good news for we the true Gooners. Arsenal have beaten Man Utd by 2 goals to nil this Sunday.

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