Will Yaya Sanogo ever be ready to play for Arsenal?

When Arsenal bought Yaya Sanogo from the French side Auxerre three seasons ago, he was hailed as a hot young talent and was expected to flourish under Arsene Wenger’s tutelage. But after two years of doing not-very-much at Arsenal, he was sent out on loan at Dutch side Ajax, where it was hoped he would be learning from our past-master Dennis Bergkamp and manager Frank De Boer.

But he has failed to impress there either and has been given just 47 minutes of first team football in Holland, and it was revealed that Ajax had given up on him and want him to return to the Emirates early.The view that Sanogo is not even ready to play in the Eredvisie was revealed in a leaked report on the Ajax side by one of their ex-players, Tschen La Ling.

Sanogo will be 23 in January, but La Ling in quite scathing in his assessment of the striker and questions why no-one actually watched Sanogo before signing him on loan. His report said: “There are no scouting reports. The player has been signed based on the opinion of the head coach of Arsenal, Wenger.

“The statistics and quality of the player are very questionable. The player does not fit the profile – we seek an experienced striker who is ready and [Sanogo] has yet to ripen”.

If Sanogo is not anywhere near ready for an inferior League like the Eredvisie at the age of nearly 23, is there any chance he will be ready for a top team like Arsenal in the Premiership? I doubt it very much….

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  1. Lol no sanogoal is not made to be a footballer, he is more clumsy than a clown on stilts riding a unicycle backwards.

    1. Wenger already stated he saw a young Anelka in him, Sanogo has the instinct of a good striker but he lacks the composure and skill to use his body physique to his advantage. I think Wenger will either choose between Welbeck or Sanogo because both of them are similar types of strikers (tall, lanky, but fast).

      1. Please don’t compare Sanogo and Welbek.
        Danny is miles better than Sanogo any day.
        Please don’t say that again.

  2. Sanogo is a gone cas. Never liked him at all.
    Campbell too should be sold in the summer if he isn’t productive.
    OT :
    since we have a shortage of players in the attacking department we may, for the time being, use Bellerín on right wing in case ox and Ramsey cant make an early return, and use debuchy as right back. Debuchy only lost confidence, but with few games under his belt now he will do good as was evident from the match against spurs.

    1. Bellerin is an ok RW but not really special in that position, his best position is RB. Ox is gonna play RW because he has a future in midfield and Wenger likes using his midfielders on the wing. As soon as Cazorla retires Ramsey will be moved to the centre and Ox will be first choice so we need a back up for Chambo. Oh wait, we already got Gnabry 😀 My main concern is the LW. After Sanchez we don’t have anybody as good as him, Welbeck can play as a LF but when Giroud is too old and he will move to CF so we need a new LW badly.

  3. Sanogo might not get playing time at Arsenal, but I do expect good things from him. He will come good and I hope for Arsenal than another club.

  4. wait till yaya gains his confidence and see how good a player he can be
    furthermore le professeur has said he doesnt need a world class attacker so long as he has
    a top quality midfield

    1. He’s right, many have forgotten how reliant Arsenal were on RVP. I think after the traitor departed Wenger realized the cons of having a world class striker as the main attacker, we struggled so badly without one. So our manager opted to use a world class midfielder as the heart of the team instead, that midfielder is Ozil and he forces the ENTIRE team to play well, something RVP couldn’t do without bitching about his teammates 😀 #WengerKnows

  5. quote of the month,” no matter how big your smartphone’s screen is, you still have to scroll down to see chelsea’s position in the league table.

  6. i’m sorry to say this………. But Cash on this boy while we still can…… Apart from the fact that he just isn’t ready yet…… There really is no available space for him!

  7. Reading some of the earlier comments, I don’t get the hate on a young player. Yes he is 23 and in the wilderness but so was Francis Coquelin. All it takes when a player is working hard are the pieces to eventually fall together. He might not make it at Arsenal but I would wish him the very best for his career. Arsene Wenger rates him and his eye for talent is generally much superior to a lot of people.

  8. Just because the young player is going through a very bad patch it doesn’t mean that he is ?

    We will come good and hopefully as an Arsenal player!

      1. Afobe’s goal per game ratio is less than half that of Giroud’s this season, and Afobe’s playing in the Championship. If you’re trying to make a point, then I’m not really sure what it is.

  9. Its unfortunate arsenal does not have the time to develop Talent any more, due to the competitive nature of this league and the amount of money being splash around, also the cry for a major trophy.
    One great downfall, i believe that Sanogo and Gnabry have suffered from the loan panel judgement and has jeopardise their chances in arsenal first team, Sanogo is the only forward we have similar to Giroud’s attributes and Gnabry is just as good even better than the OX if he is given as much time to develop in the first team.
    These players are still in development stage and may even take longer than others to reach their potential.
    Base on Wengers in activity in the market in the summer, we expect wenger to reinforce some area’s to go for the trophies,, it will even become more difficut to get game time at arsenal, but one never knows

  10. He has no place to put the Arsenal top on. AW has got some big things to do in the summer and January because we don’t have a B team at best I think we have 15 players. He needs to buy some English EPL harden players. Just so they can come on and do a job. I’m sick of this not spending it’s madness. I do think he needs to see his contract out then go up stairs and get pep in to take Arsenal to the top.

  11. to be a gunner, no matter how lousy u are as long as u can score an easy goal.
    gooners will happy until u miss an easy goal scoring chance.
    giroud an example

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