Will you be disappointed if Arsenal DO NOT win the League?

We all know that after the fantastic form Arsenal were in towards the end of last season we were all full of expectation that this season just started could be the year when we finally became title challengers. All summer we listened to the players and fans talking up our chances that ‘this could be our year’, but we were all suddenly brought back down to Earth by our opening day defeat.

Now the Gunners legend Jens Lehmann thinks it is time for the team to stop the talking and actually bring those words into reality. Lehmann said on Goal: “I have heard the players saying that this season is going to be ‘special’ and I’m curious how this speciality will be displayed,”

“Everybody now is expecting that they have to win the championship again and anything less would be another disappointment.

“The fans are expecting it. They’ve got a fantastic club and infrastructure, a fantastic stadium. Now it’s down to the players and of course it’s up to everybody there to perform and win it – not only talk about something ‘special’ which could happen, whatever that means.

“It was a great success to win the FA Cup again, but everybody knows it’s only six or seven games. So winning the championship is the true measurement of your quality, your endurance and your mentality. You have to maintain the winning spirit throughout the whole season.”

Lehmann obviously knows what he is talking about, having won the title as one of the Invincibles, so you can understand why he wants the present squad to stop ‘talking the talk’ and start ‘walking the walk’. It really is time for this team to come of age and actually act like they are Champions, instead of just spouting platitudes to keep the fans happy.

So, is Jens right? Are we ‘expecting’ the title this year? Will we be ‘disappointed’ if we don’t win the title, or do we not really believe it could happen in the first place?

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  1. Greg says:

    Honestly from my “red gooner heart” YES! COYG!

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      Disappointed if we don’t win? Naturally. But we’ve no divine right to win or expectation, only expectation I can level at our club is to challenge for such honors with the squad and resources we’ve accrued.

      If anyone is expectant of the title you’re foolish as they come. Arsenal should compete, whether we win or not remains to be seen. Here’s hoping.

    2. seruwagi says:

      new striker needed

      1. almostawinner says:

        still gutted we didnt get jackson martinez. benzema may be out of reach.
        also like cavani.
        backup : javier hernandez.
        even higuain.
        if we get nobody, i wont be happy. there has to be a plan B after benzema.

    3. damochy says:

      You will have to be severely delusional to even think we have a chance winning the championship not to talk of disappointed…..we have made just one addition to the squad that finished a massive 12 points behind the eventual winners and yet some think webcam with it?……And please spare me the tired old ”injuries to key player” cost us points last season because if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail, if you go into a season unprepared squad wise then who is to blame except yourself?……and already its looking like same old same old, instead of signing players we are relying on the same injury prone thin squad and come end of season when we are fighting for another 4th place finish delusional gooners will trot out the injuries excuses……am expecting shedload of thumb down because I have come to realise Gooners abhor the truth and likes living in denial, just like our manager, board and players!!!!!

  2. Greg says:

    After winning the fa cup, the premeire league trophy would be an “awesome” addition to our cabinet!

  3. sylvainwiltord says:

    I’m always disappointed when we don’t win the league ! Hopefully this will be our year many think it will be outside of our fanbase lets hope there right!!

  4. Greg says:

    Any true red blooded gooner would say yes to this “no doubt”! Coyg!

    1. Memphis101 says:

      @ Greg Only a fake Gooner that believe Miracle does happen in Football will definitely say YES. a True Gooner that believe u can only Win the league with the kind of Players u have will definitely say Capital NO…….A Team that is ambitious and ready to Win will accessed his Team at the End of the Seasons and correct some Mistakes before going into the New Seasons ……….We conceded 36 goals last seasons and Wenger has done nothing to address that situation , Example of Team that mean business……Man U conceded 37 goals last seasons but was a able to sign 3 gud players that will help them reduced such this new Seasons which are 1 defender and 2 DM ….The Big Question is if a Team that Carry First 1st, 2nd and 4TH could Buy Players what is the Excuse of a team that come 3rd…………..Only a Deluded and Fake Arsenal Fans will be Disappointed……….To me the Answer is CAPITAL NO

  5. Mick The Gooner says:

    I’m disappointed that we don’t win every game of the season. Winning trophies just make up for it.

  6. mezoafrika says:

    I will be happy if we buy reus or gotze.

  7. fred cowardly says:

    I want to win all four trophies
    We went 8 years without a trophy. Very sad years
    Last two years felt good winning two FA Cups

    Last season losing to Monaco was the low point of the season. We should have won but screwed up at home. We were given an excellent draw and screwed it up big time

    If we can sign one more Top striker and one more Top DM we not only will challenge for the PL but also the CL too.

    Come on Wenger, take out the wallet and do the right thing. Please

    1. Gigi2 says:

      Indeed . Monaco still hurts….

  8. sevenitti says:

    Wenger can’t disappoint me anymore, so I don’t expect it in the first place. New season, same story

    1. Gigi2 says:

      Yah well….Lehman won it under wenger….

  9. davidnz says:

    Yes I expect Arsenal
    to win the EPL this year.
    I also expect semi final
    Champions league minimum.
    Not winning EPL will mean
    Wenger must step down.

  10. frogarsenal says:

    I realized we are not going to win the league when Arteta came in for Sachez instead of Walcott… We play better as an attacking team, but Wanger is content holding onto a lead instead of pressing for more.. Very sad to see…

    1. Gigi2 says:

      For once the man is paying attention to defense instead of attacking. …
      Really all these years I have heard that he doesn’t do it and now he does one defensive move and that’s the conclusion?

      1. frogarsenal says:

        Sorry just my thoughts, but I’d rather lose attacking other teams than sitting back..

        1. josh37 says:

          so you’d rather we lost the game!?!?!?
          What are you talking about!?

          1. josh37 says:

            How is saying you’d rather we employed a tactic that may have failed rather than the one which worked in this instance indicative of us not winning the league!?!?!?
            This is madness

          2. almostawinner says:

            plus wenger was getting slated all the time for being tactically naive, and not putting enough focus on defense. people were saying we should know when to close up shop. thats exactly what he did. kudos to him.

        2. Gigi2 says:

          No harm done.
          Just answering with mine

    2. josh37 says:

      Ummmm… So Arteta laid 4 tackles in the time he was on. One of which the opponent was through on goal. Pretty important moment we were 2-1 up..
      You know to get three points you only have to be one goal ahead, minimum?? You don’t get extra points for winning by two?

  11. Gigi2 says:

    I have a weakness when it comes to mad Jens. I can’t argue whatever he says.
    He was the face of a ruthless character that personalized what that team got…and when he got wrongly sent off on that final vs a Barcelona that was not superior we all knew his weight….
    So yes. Payers have to listen to him.
    And then yes. We have to win it.
    And the ucl.

  12. Aussie Jack says:

    Disappointed ? Nah! I don`t expect them to. Someone said “they don`t have the DNA”, whatever that means, but I agree the formula for championships doesn`t seem to be there.

    1. almostawinner says:

      f**k that. we DO have the DNA. thats all bullsh*t from supporters of other clubs ; to write us off like that.
      like there’s something mysterious that we lack. thats BS.

  13. arsenalkid1970 says:

    We have no chance seeing as the top teams have new players and we don’t. We need 3 players CF DM and a utility player and need to bench BFG

    1. almostawinner says:

      no — we’re very competitive. but winning the PL also needs luck. we’re ahead of chelsea etc. i would say we’re approximately equal to them. lets see how we do versus the other big guns chelsea/manU/manC. i say *other* big guns bc we’re one of the big guns now.

      but yeah, i’d like a WC striker for insurance and he’ll be worth a few points over the season more than what we have now. a proven striker. looks like RM isnt stupid enuf to let benzema go. maybe cavani? or as a backup, i like javier hernandez. he has that poacher mentality, and the speed. that would be a great complement to OG. also hoping walcott becomes a bit more clinical: needs to shoot quicker.

  14. ruelando says:

    For the past 2-3 years i have felt arsenal have been inches away from the title, however our manager feels its a waiting game to win the title, waiting game in the sense that he believes his young guns will become good eventually (he seeks a fairy tale ending)

    The manager although having financial restrictions have found funds to spend on Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez in that order, but still have not fill positions which are essential to chasing the title, I fear Wenger does not buy proper replacements, because it jeopardizes the development of his young guns( which are his personal projects)

    Other managers seek immediate solutions to problems that may arise within the squad, our manager feels that time will take care of the problem, its a pity he does not show the same faith in some of the players that have been at the arsenal.

    I however as an arsenal fan will always expect us to win the EPL,, CL, FA and CC every year because simply put i am A GUNNER FOR LIFE

  15. 5pur2 says:

    Any chance of a decent kick off time?
    A Saturday would be nice

  16. No10 says:

    I would be disappointed if we did not win it in the next 2 years. We are still a couple of players away so we may come up short this year…hopefully not!

    I think our squad is more settled than United or Liverpool, we could be on par with Chelsea and City but it will be in the small details.

    Had we beaten to smaller teams last year we would have won it.

    1. almostawinner says:

      losing to west ham: you leave 3 points on the table.
      the same as when we lose to the big teams.
      for some people, emotionally its worse to lose to the big teams bc winning against them gives us a huge mental boost thats worth several weeks of goodness.
      but to me, losing a game like W.Ham that we would expect to win 8 times out of 10: to me that feels worse than losing a game we’re less likely to win.

  17. TH14-TW14 says:

    I think I need a break from this site. I have never seen a bunch of angry, disgruntled and spiteful group as the ones on this forum. If supporting Arsenal puts you through so much pain why not stop supporting them? Why should you be here every minute of the day spewing vitrols against everyone and everybody? Arsene has invested more in this club than anybody currently associated with the club – board and fans alike. He has sacrificed his personal glory to build the modern Arsenal. He brought the football philosophy that is today the clubs trademark in England. He is not perfect, has not claimed to be so and will be at the club running in the way he judges best until he decides to call it a day. I personally disagree with some of his decisions but I can’t claim to know the game more than he does. Go get a life if Arsenal makes you so sad. Supporting the club is voluntary and not a mandatory community service

  18. ljungberg8 says:

    I don’t expect the league but it certainly is on, so let’s demand it!

    If we don’t win it but we are still right up there at the sharp end of the season, and if we reach at least the quarters of the champions league, then I’d be prepared to call that progress.

    What I wouldn’t be happy about is our challenge falling away by the end of march.

  19. rkw says:

    how can you be disappointed with something that you expect? makes no sense….every fan of every team in the epl wants them to win every game they play that is what being a fan is but getting back to planet earth i dont think anyone believes we have a first 11 or squad depth to win the league even the 4th place junkies on this site dont expect it but are just so high on wenger juice that they can trip their way to any thing before cold turkey hits them…the disappointment comes from the absurdity of another wasted transfer window

  20. Jake the Snake says:

    I wouldn’t be disappointed if we signed a world class striker and other new players and came close to winning the title
    But I would be extremely disappointed if we signed nobody and came close cus that shows if WENGER wasn’t so stubborn we would’ve won

  21. shivpsalkar says:

    I will not be disappointed if we do not win league this year. We have not made any additions to our squad upfront. To think that Giroud will win us the league is a wishful thinking. We have best midfield option but on paper. On field we often go flat sometimes even against weaker teams. We need some enforcers up front and in the middle holding position. Just a couple of big players and our team will look and play differently. Until then its the same old story of fighting for 3rd and 4th spot.

  22. kolli1 says:

    I really want Arsenal to win Major trophies, but in reality we still lack CF and DM like everyone knows.

    So i guess we will not, but it will be close like recent years.

    Too bad. But i still hope.

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