Will young Gunners core be good for England AND Arsenal

There is no doubt that things have changed at Arsenal Football Club in recent years. And I am not just talking about selling our best players, spending no money and finishing fourth every year. It has been mentioned a fair bit in the media that Arsene Wenger is now almost the bastion and forefront of producing talent for the England national team.

Whereas the Frenchman used to take lots of stick in the media for his use, or over use according to some, of players from foreign climes, the Gunners are now the clear leaders in suppliers of English players for the national team. Now whether this is the right thing for Arsenal or not is another matter, but I do think that having a core group of young players from on national team will have some sort of knock on effect.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who was one of five young Arsenal players to feature for England against San Marino, certainly thinks it is a good thing for England, as he explained in a report by Arsenal.com, but my main concern is whether it will have any benefit for the Arsenal.

Chamberlain said, “When you’re with your team-mates at club level day-in, day-out, you understand each other and you can take that into international football.

“If you find five of your team-mates in the squad it helps on the pitch and also gives you that togetherness off it as well. You can say the same about Liverpool as well because they have four players here.

“I find that really good because it helps when you come onto the pitch and you know each other well. We’ve grown up together in the under-19s and under-21s as well so we know each other really well and that’s good going forward.”

I think it will help us, especially if Calum Chambers and Kieran Gibbs can seal their places as integral memebers of the England team. The extra experience of working together at international level has got to help Wilshere, Walcott, Ox, Chambo, Gibbs and Welbeck click in the red and white, hasn’t it? Or are England just going to drag down the confidence of them?

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  1. Of course it will be a good thing.

    Did you see ox and Welbecks celebrated the latest goal??? They’re like brothers… Plus Walcott, Chambers, Wilshire are also tight…that’s a real positive.

    Look at when the Spain team was at their prime at Barca…hopefully it can benefit Arsenal and England in the same way!

    1. yeah was good i guess. hopefully see it against harder opponents
      is it true san marino’s keeper works at kfc in brixton? thought i recognised him

        1. @muffdiver
          Yes the San Marino GK
          used to work at KFC Brixton
          but now works at the Sunlight Laundry.
          He plays for Ferndale SC 🙂

      1. @Muff
        I don’t know about the GK but there was only one player who was a whole time footballer. The rest were part-timers.

        You should have seen the BBC writing comments.
        “You sunday league team is probaby better than San Marino”

        Ranked 206 in FIFA rankings with a population of 30k.
        What do you expect?

    2. Assuming our key players, like 7 of them, that are in AFC first team are also starters for England, and five of them get injured while for the national, what do we do, if we had very crucial games the next week and, just like this present situation, we are short of players in key positions?

    3. Assuming our key players, like 7 of them, that are in AFC first team are also starters for England, and five of them get injured while playing for the national team, what do we do, if we had very crucial games the next week and, just like this present situation, we are short of players in key positions?

  2. Nice to see Gibbs not being forgotten about by England now that he’s the only Left Back England have that is experienced in the champions league. I don’t rate Baines, plus he’s inexperienced in big games against top sides – as we found out in the World Cup. Shaw is too young at the moment. Gibbs is the logical choice, so long as he stays away from injuries that is..

  3. Definitely Arsenal will benefit from the CTY ( Catch Them Young) approach in the long run provided they are not sold somewhere midway.
    I heard that Jekinson is injured even @ Westham.
    Me too injured on our staircase.
    Lol !!!!

  4. Does anybody know if Sanogo scored this week for France U21?

    MY Rating for San Marino match
    Oxlade 7.5
    Gibbs 7.0
    Welbeck 7.0
    Wilshere 5.0

    I’m sad with last one but thought Wilshere was poor. Ox was excellent

  5. Sign fabian schaar in january. Even though he is champs cup tied he has all the attributes for epl. He will be out of contract in summer. But we need a cb in january. He is an upgrade on mert. Atleast we can try chambers at cdm.

  6. Ricardo Rodriguez is the man Arsenal should consider to buy. I swear if i would have a place as scout at Arsenal the club would be in a better situation.

    1. R. Rodriguez is long gone my friend..

      He’s right there with Alaba, the 2 best LB’s in the world right now.

      22 years old, mad stats offensively and defensively and never injured, contract ends 2016.. He will be snapped up by Real or someone else..

    2. @Ks, I knew it. In fact, I’ve always know u have the potential. I beg u, be my assistant in France, then together we can both move to England and take over north London whe I get appointed as AFC coach.

      Dude, don’t give me that Mustafa and Sumo crap, we can always put them up for adoption.

  7. My formation for our next game… with Arteta back, Koscielny and Ozil injured and Chambers suspended…

    _____Sanchez Wilshere OX
    ________Flamini Arteta
    Gibbs Monreal Mertesacker Cazorla


  8. It’s not Good no. Reason we will lose half our team again with knocks. AW wants players to be slim fast stream line but they need to build them up. Look at the OX he must have lost 2 stone.

  9. Leighton Baines has never replicated his club form in an England shirt, may be not having top European experience counts.

    Its time, Gibbs(one of the most underrated and consistent Arsenal player) got the permanent place.

    I hate mentioning it, England’s all time best left back was an Arsenal Youth product, Ashley Cole. Hodson should take a leaf out of histroy and let his eventual successor take place.

    Baines for England has always somehow managed to be sh+t. To think Gibbs got his frist start in four years for England yesterday is appalling man management.

    1. He will be overlooked everytime duo his problems with his injuries. You dont build something on a fragile basement. Dont expect big.

    1. Dortmund are some serious deluded fa%ks. They will rather see him run down his contract then simple sell him to a team who offers the cash. I have a feeling that he like the others will be off to Bayern in the summer.

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    1. Haywill, I believe everything u say. Just keep the conspiracy theories coming, my life depends on them.

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