William Carvalho hints at Arsenal move….

There were hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours linking us with Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvalho in the early summer, but the extremely talented defensive midfielder was cruelly injured at the U21 World Cup.

His fractured tibula means that the 23 year-old hasn’t been able to play much this season, but I would like to believe that Wenger was keen on making him his top target until his injury took him off the market.

Carvalho himself hinted that there had been some communication with the Gunners when he said last month: “I am where I want to be right now, which is Sporting but if I ever leave then it’s a sign that my work here is done,”

“I dream of winning the Primeira Liga here. I prefer not to say too much but there is a club with which I’ve always been fond of: Arsenal.”

Now that Wenger is aware that both Francis Coquelin, Santi Cazorla, and probably Mikel Arteta, are all out for the long-term it makes perfect sense that Wenger must get in some reinforcements in January. The reports in the summer were saying that Arsenal would have to pay the full £35 million in his buy-out clause, but because of his injury this year, the Telegraph reckons that Sporting may accept a bid of around £25 million to prise him away from the Portugese League leaders.

That is easily affordable for a very talented player, and he WANTS to come to Arsenal. So go get him Arsene!

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  1. we were saying this two years ago…its getting old…nothing changes

    just have to accept we are..who we are

    *puts on bird costume, runs onto Trafalgar square , flaps wings and starts sqwaking

    1. 3 reasons i may not fancy Carvalho as my 1st choice DM

      1) Nature of the portuguese League
      2) His outrageous price tag
      3) His physical fitness

      Taking these into consideration….

      1. Most importantly AGE, he’s 1 yearsyounger than leCoq so we don’t need him. We need a player who will either be ahead of leCoq or be his understudy.

  2. We just have to do the same thing we do every year. Support our team 100% even though Wenger always falls short of transfer expectations

    If Wenger had got a striker and DM in the summer, I would not have criticized him.

    However, I knew there was a risk of losing Coquelin and Walcott

    I honestly believe that Wenger will not sign a top DM in January. I hope he will at least get a striker of some sort.

  3. it’s always nice when this great players that would push our title chase comes out to declear the love for Arsenal, but my main fear is would wenger take the bait and finally sign them? I really hope this year is the year when we lift the league title and I hope injuries to key players and wenger’s refusal to sign adequate substitutes won’t hinder us

  4. Not knowing when Alexis will be back and Losing Cazorla and Coquelin are the biggest blows for us.

    Cazorla conquered the CM B2B position like a Champ. Truly WC in my opinion

    Coquelin has been an excellent DM

    3-4 months is a long time to lose these important players

      1. i think its a combination of wenger’s delusion, stubborness and cheapness: all conspire to make wenger act against the interests of himself and AFC: effectively he sabotages himself and us.
        and he did it again this summer.
        i’d say the probability of us winning PL while wenger’s with us for the next 2-3 years is probably only 20% or so.
        once we get rid of wenger/giroud, we’ll be in a much better position.

  5. He looked very decent playing in the youth cup over the summer, I think. He looked more mature than any of his position so stood out quite a bit. I think we would all gladly take him if Wenger identified him as our prime target, he can also fill in at cb and am sure he could play alongside Coq such is his passing ability.

    I cant see us signing a striker in jan, the problem we had in summer may still exist so what chance do we have with jan window. Still ya never know.

  6. Whenever a player ‘HINTS’ on joining Arsenal, he ends up not joining.
    Sanogo has been the only player to defy this phenomenon. He hinted on joining Arsenal, and did.

  7. Be a nice player to come in now and play a few months then next season play him and FQ together whoop but same thing jack will be back soon and it’s like a new player??? Say no more. Jack can play there and he is very good as seen by England

  8. question to all guys around here:

    all the comments here: “i trust wenger to buy..even though HE didn’t bought previously

    we have an amaizing meneger, but sometimes he’s too naive, passionless, and living in arsene fantasy world.

    i know for sure we are going to beat sunderland. because he’s angry right now.
    but i also know that if we were 2 points above everyone i know for sure we wouldn’t win that game.
    and thats the arsenal story so far. and thats it.

    1. Ig: I agree.
      and to me, that means that wenger only gets his team up for games when he’s down and on the ropes. he cant/doesnt motivate the players when we’re on a winning streak or even when we’re muddling through. thats why we can get to the top but we cant stay there. the players slack off and wenger’s not the motivational type so we just fall off.

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