William Carvalho makes it clear he wants Arsenal move

The Sporitng Club de Lisbon midfielder William Carvalho is definitely one of the most promising DMs in Europe at the moment, so there is little surprise that Arsenal was sending scouts to watch him on a regular basis last season.

But sadly in July the 23 year-old sustained a fracture to his tibia after leading the Portugal U21 side to the Final of the U21 Euro Championships. It is hardly surprising as the youngster had already played around 50 games in the season before even agreeing to play with the U21s.

So he was forecast to be out of action for the following three months, so Arsenal ruled out a summer move for the young star as theyawaited his recovery. Carvalho is now back in action and the Portugese paper A Bola have had an intensive interview with the returning hardman.

During the interview, he was asked where he would like to go when he leaves Portugal, and he made it clear that he fancied his chances in the Premier League. The reporter then pressed him to reveal which would be his favourite destination, and he replied: “I prefer not to say, but there is a club with which I’ve always empathised, Arsenal, because of a player who was I very fond of. In this case I wear the number of him: Thierry Henry, a player with whom I always empathised too. Maybe this is why I look with more attention to the Premier League.”

Well that was a very specific answer, even though he started with “I prefer not to say”! Can you imagine he came to the Gunners and was finally coached by his boyhood hero. He seems like a dedicated Gooner, as well as being an excellent player. Can you imagine how formidable we would be if we had him and Coquelin to rotate over the season.

He sounds desperate to join us and at todays prices his €45m buy-out clause doesn’t seem too excessive.

Take the hint Wenger. Go get him in January!

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  1. im sorry but 45 million buy out clause is excessive.
    we aint that desperate pal

    saying that we need a dm, imbula at 13 million seems a big miss now

      1. Where exactly do you think Arsenal gets it’s money from Nikk? Did the £200m just appear overnight?

    1. Have you seen the clause? May be it says a gun has to be pointed at the buyer when the sale goes through?

  2. So did Jackson Martinez. He made it crystal clear. He said that he has supported Arsenal all his life and that he was offered a contract he wouldn’t reject it.

    But Wenger believes that Kondogbia, Carvalho, Jackson Martinez are not as good as Flamini, Arteta and Giroud

    Wenger also clearly stated that he doesn’t buy “defensive players” other than defenders

    So we just need to live with this madness and hope we win trophies regardless

        1. If he listened to the fans he would have also signed flops like balotelli, falcao, M’villa, jovetic. He would have sold key players like Metersacker, Walcott, ramsey, ozil, wilshere.

          1. Good job he doesn’t listen to anyone then, isn’t it?

            Just a shame he doesn’t know himself what a top flight team that should have aspiration needs.

          2. To be fair because these players flopped in their respective clubs does not necessarily mean Te would have flopped at Arsenal because if you want to use such harebrained and short-sighted analogy then you can blame Wenger for the many many players hw could have signed who later turned out world class later, CR7, Zlatan just to mention 2……like it or lump it Wenger is overcautious and indecisive in the transfer market nowadays……you win some and lose some, no manager in the world can boast a 100% success rate when buying players……I know the jury is still out on Martial but personally I respect LVG’s courage, conviction and decisiveness in identifying him and going al out to get him, Wenger need to show such attributes more !!!!

            1. You dont understand somebody who can spend 100 m each year can spend it very generous.. but till 2013 you cant measure it on that, wenger had to go for the low-tier-players and even now if you think that financially we are on the same level of real barca man city man u chelsea and bayern etc. then you are mistaken, we simply cant affort to buy a di maria for 80 mio euro nd sell him with a loss of 20 mio just 1 year!!! later.. and then buy a player like martial for 50 mio.. financially it would burden us much more.. wenger cant take those kind of risks if he buys a bigbudget player he has to be a proven star, and wenger is buying real smart much more than van gaal thats not even a competition/question

          3. Sorry mate Wiltshire is not a key player !!!he plays less than 10 games a season and when he plays we loose or draw, when he is injured we really don’t miss him, we need him just for parade insult spuds,or warming the bench, we miss his goals? NO and No we miss his assist? No, Defending? He can’t defend .sorry I miss him like I miss Gervinho or Diaby.by the way how many goals Wiltshire scored for Arsenal?

    1. Also, I’ve said this time and time again
      Wenger would never spend £45.millon on a defensive player.

      Think about it. A few Januarys ago, Wenger got an injured DM on loan (I forgot his name). Anyway, Wenger will not spend anywhere near that amount for. DM in Summer let alone January.

      Wenger has an attack minded philosophy. I don’t have objections to that. I love goals, but he didn’t get a single outfielder (other than Adelaide) in the summer

      Let me be clear, it’s not impossible for Wenger to sign some attacking player in January. However, if Arteta, Flamini, Wilshere, Welbeck, Giroud, Walcott are healthy in January, do not expect any signings let alone a DM

      Don’t set yourself up for disappointment like I did this summer.

    1. I think you could be right. Silva and Aguero are two of their best players.

      They may beat Bournemouth but United will definitely have a great chance to draw or beat City.

      Sterling, Bony, De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Nasri will need to step up their games

      That’s why beating Watford and Everton will be so important for us. Even 1 City draw against United or two United wins would put us at the Top of the leader board on 25th October (if my calculations are correct)

  3. sadly, pLayers who want/wanted Arsenal move don’t usually end up making that move…….name em…. Ronaldo, ibrahimovic, jackson martinez etc…….. Won’t be surprised bout Carvalho’s situation ……..Just saying

  4. I gladly admit that it was stupid on my part to judge sanchez on his 1st season…. He has been absolutely sensational this season….I’m am so happy that I was wrong :p


      1. I thought he held on to the ball for far too long and was tactically naive and ran around like a …… let’s not get started on that…
        He has improved massively this season, especially on the 1st part.

  5. Tbh,to an extenit i agree with Nokia810…..In his first few matches he tried to impress fans by holding on to the ball for too long but it’s normal,every big money players try as much as possible to impress fans….He has tuned to the “ARSENAL RYTHM” ever since!

  6. Flamini and Arteta are likely on their last seasons, so we should need a midfield addition soon. And although Schneirdelin would have been the perfect choice, Carvalho fits the bill as well.

  7. Wrong move lad…..all a player needs to do to stop Wenger making a move for them is say to the press he likes Arsenal…..so there goes any chance of him coming here lollllll

      1. Please read properly
        I didn’t say he has scored a hattrick
        I said he is “on a hattrick”, meaning he needs another goal

        Nice try though
        Better luck next time

  8. Was Thierry a DM then? Can’t see why he would be coaching carvalho myself!

    As for Wenger needing 5 squads to fit all of the fans suggested signings what a load of nonsense. Thought he was paid £8 mil a year to be able to identify and procurement the best talent for AFC regardless of fans suggestions…

      1. Ozil: Man of match without a doubt! Without Ozil, Germany looked f###d.
        Suddenly Bayern game looks winnable. Though Neur also saved Germany from embarrassment…

  9. Has any arsenal fan read about what fergie said about arsene wenger.. that dumbo is like many manu fans who keep talking about how we failed to win silverware in years .. why are they so biased they completly ignore the budget factor arsen was restricted with..

    1. Fergie may have won so many trophies during his time, but remember some of them came by cheating a la Young etc.
      Then he had Cristiano, a one time world best then.
      However, he’s the greatest, though he couldn’t do what Wenger has done some 12years ago. In truth, that was the best anyone in England could do, and that partly explains why cannot reach the fans’ lofty expectations – the law of diminishing returns

  10. On the other note: What a fantastic international break this has been..
    Walcott, Sanchez, Giroud,Cazorla Scored. Ozil assisted. Ramsey qualified for euro, Our backline got rested.. Injuries to silva, aguero, united players.. Best international break till date for arsenal fans..

  11. Carvalho has a 45 mil buyout?

    Why buy him when Kondogbia and Imbula were available for less and are better than him (IMO)?

    Nice brace G-Rude

  12. Could be super playing a 4 2 3 1 just what we need. Him and FQ together kicking crap out of the EPL

  13. Arsenal are not going in with such excessive €45!? Now, tell me, how much does coquelin worth? If he truly want to associate with arsenal, then, something has to be done about his transfer clause of €45. Am so sorry but €45 is above him,

    1. I guess we all confused guys. His buy out clause is 45M euros. It’s actually 34-35 M pounds. A bit over rated but still fair due to inflation.

  14. Some are missing the point!!! He is young and very talented potential viera type player that we have been missing for so long that’s if you have seen him play. He will only get better and in a couple of years when he reaches full potential what will he be worth 70-100 mill £ or € what ever you like. I said it with Suarez we buy him for £60 mill and the sell him to barca for £90 mill speculate to accumulate and he’s is one to speculate on

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