William Gallas will eat his words on Arsenal’s title prediction at the end of the season

Arsenal are doing everything they need to be a better version of who they were last season.

Their willingness to go for quality in the transfer window to get Declan Rice, Kai Havertz, and Jurrien Timber while still looking to make other acquisitions, is one step closer to rewriting their mistakes from last season.

In the Community Shield Cup win over Manchester City, we also got to see how determined Arsenal are to atone for last season’s disappointments. Leandro Trossard equalising in the dying minutes of that game showed us how hungry the Gunners are for glory. It showed us that, unlike towards the end of last season, Arteta and the boys had embraced the winning mentality. Hence, I wonder why William Gallas can’t believe his former club can end Manchester City’s dominance in the Premier League next season.

Gallas stated while speaking to Gambling Zone : “Arsenal must produce a similar season to the last one. The minimum the club should be expecting to achieve is a title challenge and they have to lift a trophy. Arsenal are also in the Champions League for the first time in a while and they will want to go as far as they can in the competition.

“I’m sure Arsenal will get very close to winning the title this season, but I don’t think they be crowned champions in May. I think Arsenal are missing the character and the personality to become champions – these are the qualities that they needed to show at the end of last season, and they couldn’t.

“I want to see Arsenal adapt a soldier mentality this season. I want to see players that are ready to communicate a lot in the pitch – demanding more of each other. I want to see experienced players taking responsibility when things are not going well on the pitch for Arsenal. I still think that Arsenal are missing this type of win at all costs mentality and that is why I don’t think they will win the title this season.”

Personally I believe that The Arsenal of last season isn’t the Arsenal of today.

They are a newly weaponized team, and while some don’t see that, the players themselves know they have, as Fabio Vieira said after the Community Shield win, “We are a team that will always believe it’s possible to score until the final [minute], and we believe altogether that we would score. Then, in the penalties, we were better.”

Doesn’t Arsenal’s comeback win over City prove to Gallas that Arsenal DO have a “win at all costs mentality”?

I just can’t wait for Gallas to eat his words at the end of the season….

Sam P

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  1. I will say strong additions of the squad give us more chance than last season rather than the win against City. We won it in 2020 with similar results and still finished 8th after all.

    While Gallas doesn’t believe we will win the league, he is respectful in his opinion unlike those two clowns.

  2. Based on the Community Shield game, Man City are still one level above us. They were almost completely press-resistant in the first half and their touches/ passes were generally more consistent than ours

    I’d be surprised if we end up being more consistent than them at the end of this season. Once they sign Paqueta, they could become scarier

    I think we can only win EPL next year if we sign Vlahovic. Havertz is pretty strong and very good aerially, but a more dominant CF could make us more dangerous

    1. Is it Same Vlahovic that couldn’t make Juve Seria A champion or ? My point point is there is no guarantee that he’s gonna make Arsenal an epl champion. Let’s support our team and hopefully they gonna make us proud come end of the season

      1. Allegri’s tactics were too defensive and would likely be more suitable for a pacey striker like the prime Aubameyang or Vardy. I believe Vlahovic will thrive in an attacking team with high ball-possession tactics

        1. You can play vlahovic in your FIFA, we get a better deal in Jesus and vlahovic is as good as dead deal as long as arsenal is concerned, we have moved on to better things

          1. Arsenal’s actions in transfer market are unpredictable sometimes. Remember that they suddenly signed Aubameyang, Pepe and Havertz

            It could happen to Vlahovic too, because Juventus need money to sign Lukaku

            1. Arsenal doesn’t have a history of going back for a player when they are messed up by the player or selling club, thats why I told people that judging from what happened with Brighton in Jan. That caceidor deal is off for arsenal, and arsenal going for vlahavic is 95% OFF, it will take a drama bigger than what you said for that to happen, arsenal have moved on to bigger things and now looking at better players we are no longer in the position we were when we looked to bring him

            2. We don’t need Vlahovic. Who will he displace? Jesus or martinelli or saka? At present scenario, only one player will walk in our starting 11 , none other than Mbappe. Yes there are other players like haaland, oshimen, vicinus but they are practically impossible to attain. So we go with what we have.

    2. The problem is we are looking at city and expect others to do what they did but we are forgetting that we can’t bring a carbon copy of city and expect to beat them, we don’t need to have a halaand in a 9 as there are few to no option at his level, but we can have players in our team who can do the jobs of halaand while helping the team in other aspect of the game unlike halaand, people look at city team and say look at them they have this they have that so therefore we need that we need this, great managers are managers who change the game and are innovative, Arteta is not a newbie in EPL or to gadiolla he may have something cooking, what he did last season was not expected and I expect him to take it to another level, all we can do now is guess and speculate soon we will see how he intends to evolve the team, with more quality at his disposal comes more options..
      We don’t need another cf to best city, in fact an argument can be made that if the best combined xi of both teams be made arsenal can match them, you can hardly see a cf that is better than Jesus in todays market and if need for a different profile arises havertz can slot in there seamlessly that’s why he was so important to Arteta, havertz on Sunday did more than halaand but yet people will come out with different narratives to put him down….since January we have added about 7 players that can play in the 1st 11 yet people are not satisfied

      1. I also hope Havertz can play like Vlahovic, but it’d be better if we sign the target man

        Arsenal would likely ship more players out before the transfer window closes, so there will be another room for a new player

    3. Gai, I agree with you almost totally. Realistically, MCity are a level above us from what I noticed at the Community shield game. But it would take more than playing City to win the league. It’s up to Arsenal to compete against other teams effectively. Aresenal didn’t lose the Epl cup last season because we lost over two legs to City but other details. However, having someone who can give us 25/30goals with our wingers scoring would have made us scarier. If we have Osimehin in the squad the confidence from most fans would be higher. Gunners, though we are optimistic let’s be real. Consider other forwards of Liverpool, City, ManU even Chelsea.

      1. Do you think a cf who can give you 25 goals will equally make your wingers score double digits that’s a pipe line dream, players goal in city reduced drastically when halaand joined players like foden started scoring less goals, wingers score more when there cf can get others into play and the wingers moving into spaces they vacate… Liverpool won everything with Famino, it’s about the team and the system, with all the goals halaand scored they still made less point than they previously do

        1. I still wonder if that guy is a robot,algorithm or whatever. Same set of words and emphasis all the time despite proven invalid.

        2. Gun down, With the benefits of hindsight, a target man never stoped wingers from scoring, Kane has never stopped HSung from heating few numbers. If GJesus was inform he would still have scored more goals. City made less points because loads of teams now play low blocks against fliuid attacking opposition so Halaand and City still did well with their points tally Epl has evolved and more competitive.

          1. Teams have been playing low block against city for years, show me where spurs have two wingers on double digits while Kane also hit 20+, xaka will always hit double digits with any cf too because of his ability to create moments… The fact still remains players like Jesus will always make the team score more goal because they tend to interchange positions and involve others into play to occupy the spaces they leave, no way is odegaard,martineli,xaka can score double digits with halaand as our cf

            1. Son most productive season was 21/22 season he hit 23goals and guess what Kane couldn’t make his usual 20+ goal a season, Kane managed 17goals, and that was there best season as a combo….

              1. We have 4 players on double digits in the league last season, though halaand scores many goals the only other player on double digits was foden with 11 goals, what does that tell you, check city previous seasons and see how everyone was scoring high no.’s,

                1. So you’ve forgetten the SSS regime right?
                  Or Sterling, Aguero
                  Henry, Pires
                  Rooney Ronaldo
                  Ronaldo, Tevez
                  Berbatov, Rooney

                  You need to sitdown and think before you say, striker scoring goals don’t work with wingers.

                  And do i need to remind you that, even if we don’t need a striker who can score over 20 goals, then one of our 2 wingers must be able to score more than 20 goals? Salah, Firminho
                  Son, Kane, Haaland, Foden, Aguero Sterling.

                  Do you think Martinelli and Saka can score more than 20goals this season?
                  What if Odegaard didn’t score 15goals this season? cos is not easy for a midfielder to score 15 goals except you’re Lampard and co

                  1. No way are you having a cf who can give you a guaranteed 25+ goals a season and equally allowing you have as many as 4 players hit double digits, the argument was that the team will score more with certain type of strikers we have seen even xhaka occupying the cf position scoring a stikers goals because out cf have the ability to move into midfield or wings, no team have only one source of goals usually there are 2 players who share the loads in every team usually on double figures, but having players like odegaard,Marti,xaka,Jesus scoring as many goals will not happen with an out and out striker, and it’s a strength I would Rather have in my team

                    1. You can have your best goal scorers on the wings but the argument is show me a team that have a 25+ goal cf and equally have more than 2 players hitting double digits then I will agree with you

                  2. I agree with you. You should also include the time when man city played Dzeko, Tevez, Balloteli And Aguero. They won the league then with Mancini.

                    Maybe Arteta should sell 6 players and buy just 1 before the transfer window closes.


                    1. Pepe
                    2. Tavares
                    3. Elneny
                    4. Balogun
                    5. Nketiah
                    6. Holding


                    Victor Osimhen

    4. Based on the community shield city are still levels above us, this is funny, in fact I had to read it few times just to laugh, city had 55ball possession to our 45 and had 8 shots to our 7, but that aside, last two seasons we outplayed city at emirate on December and still lost also having a player sent off, last season we outplayed city at emirates to the extent they had around 35% ball possession, yet we lost 3:1 and what people remembered was the score line, arsenal had a game plan on Sunday, and had how they wanted to approach the game, this time around it was about result, what happened on Sunday have nothing to do with what will happen next time we meet, everything could be different then, so chill football is not as simple as you see it

  3. I respect Gallas opinion and I also agree with him that Arsenal need to adopt a soldier type approach. Players should fight for each other at any cost and communicate fearlessly to rectify problems on the pitch right away.

    1. Sam P, nothing has been proven and your reaction is exactly the bait pundits like Gallas like to use to provoke. Yes, the squad is stronger but so are other teams For me a few weak links haven’t yet been resolved such as where are our wing backs? and don’t say White please, Will Partey justify his standing with Arsenal fans? Me I think, he is too often a weak link when he is off his game, which seems to be happening more and more. Then there is the Eddie and Havetz issue. One won’t produce the other a gamble. Not to mention Arteta’s love for Viera at the expense of ESR. And like some others I think having two top class goalkeepers is a waste, although we may be able to use Reyes as a false 9.

  4. Why put pressure on Arsenal? Yes, I know we came close last season but we did over-achieve. We all know Arsenal will have improved this year but so have others. It will not be easy win every game. Personally, yes I want us to win everything. But, the less we expect from Arsenal the greater it would be if we do well. The media and pundits will want to put as much pressure on Arsenal as possible. Mostly because they want them to fail. That should drive the players forward by itself. We fans should just continue to support them game by game with a quite enthusiasm and belief. What will be will be!

    1. Big clubs are not afraid of pressure, in fact we need those pressure, soon the managers mind games will start but the truth is every big club is under pressure that’s why they sack managers often, if we want to be the biggest club we must learn to live with the pressure, that’s why it’s so important to recruit winners with the right mentality because it doesn’t get any easier from here

  5. Gallas should be ashamed of himself and keep quiet, same person that messed up our title challenge while he was still an Arsenal captain talking about soldier mentality? So shameful

  6. We should not crucify Gallas for his opinion on what Arsenal is trying to do. He has acknowledged the fact that this team is better than the one we had last season. We didn’t have the depth we have now . So, we expect better things to happen this season. If we win laurels, Gallas will be very happy to celebrate with us..

  7. Galas is just stating his opinion, like anyone else does and it’s definitely a big shout for us to win the league this season.

  8. William Gallas was matured enough to remove his captain arm band and smashed it on the pitch after the Birmingham City draw that year… He is a very wrong personality to talk of maturity. Unless if what he did back then showed maturity.

  9. Gundogs saved Man City many times last season. That cannot happen this season….expect City to lose a few more games than last season.

  10. Whilst Gallas is entitled to his opinion we take it with a pinch of salt.
    The same player who through his toys out the pram when the tough got going and gave up on the team

    1. Who remembers that baby at Birmingham when Eduardo had that horrible injury.
      Captain and sat and sulked on his own.
      Why post the morons comments

  11. I don’t see us as title favorites because City seem on a different level. We still have to prove that the implosion we saw at the end of the past two seasons that cost us CL place and PL title have been over come, and we need to manage CL football this season. Are the additions of Rice and Timber enough to allow us to absorb the extra CL pressure and close the gap on City?

  12. I do believe in the new boys recruited at our mid field, with the quality we witnessed last season from each matches played with good results, the trio has brought in a big confidence to our club, hence more trophy are coming.

  13. Anyone of five team can lift the big jug, a good start is going to be key, Arsenal will have more hunger than most for obvious reasons

  14. Last season proved that we were mentally weak and lacked leaders so you can understand why Gallas said that
    Winning a community shield on pens proves nothing
    Liverpool won it last season and finished 5th

    1. And since 2011 no team who won the Community Shield went on to win the EPL. Poisoned Chalice??😄

  15. Isn’t Gallas only saying what most of us are fearful of? The response to going behind to City in the CG was a step in the right direction, but it is just that, a step. We have a road to go yet. That said, I don’t like it when pundits knock us down, that’s the job of us fickle fans. I totally think we are going to be better this season, let’s see if it’s enough.

  16. Arsenal has pulled off one of the strangest deal this summer, information is a bit sketchy, but it was reported Arsenal will now take Raya on a season long loan with interestingly only an option to buy.

    But how did Brentford agree to that?
    Or even Raya in my opinion he’s the biggest loser as his contract would actually extended an extra year if Arsenal do not take up the option to sign him permanently.

    This seems to be a very shrewd peice of business by Arsenal,as such a strategic acquisition not only will bolster our goalkeepers option but also navigate FFP regulations.

    The deal has some interesting clause as well whether they are met or not Arsenal still has the option to buy for 27 mill.

  17. The Truth is always hard to take for some fans who continue to live in self denial..The truth is this ” ARETETA AND EDU HAVE NOT STILL LEARNT ANYTHING FROM SEASONS PAST”..When partey was injured we all knew we needed at least two backups to him,instead we got viera, lokonga, and jourghino..Now we have lost G.jesus who for me is not clinical but has the skills .Instead of Arteta to have used all he had learnt seasons past to upgrade his CF with a striker who is tall, physical, clinical and a little pacy and can assure him of at least 30 goals a season, Arteta and Edu still went for a player like Harvertz, who adds nothing to a team..This shows how Arsenal season will look like cox these men are not learning anything, so GALLAS IS SPOT ON FOR THOSE DREAMING FOR WHAT YOU HAVE NOT WORKED FOR LIKE MANCITY…If Arteta and Edu or the owners are wise now just do this ” GET HARRY KANE OR TONNEY OR THURAM OR ANY BETTER PROLIFIC STRIKER UP FRONT TO REMOVE THE PRESSURE FROM MARTINELLI AND SAKA” …I BET YOU GALLAS WILL EAT HIS WORDS..THANKS

      1. Pay the money and get whoever you want…didn’t we get Campbell from them…besides which of our strikers is better than him in goal scoring?…Non…That’s why V.persie left us to join manU and won the league..You just being sentimental..It’s about getting what we need to Win trophies and not looking as some rivalry with spurs…Then if I am living in denial what about Thuram or Tonney..These are also not good enough strikers right…There’s nothing wrong on dropping our over bloated ego with spurs that has lead us to no where until Chelsea and mancity over took us and Newcastle is knocking at the door..Get any player that is quality even if it’s our rivals and not below quality like Harvertz

  18. The irony of hypocrisy just went god level with him. He caused us the title in 2008 and caused a rift with club legend, Kolo Toure.

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