William Saliba could be heading to the Dutch league next month

William Saliba might be heading to PSV next month after the Dutchmen made an enquiry about landing him temporarily, according to Football London.

The 19-year-old joined Arsenal from Saint Etienne last year and remained with the French side on loan for the rest of the season.

He returned at the start of this campaign with rave reviews and fans were expecting him to start playing for the club immediately, but he has curiously not played for the Gunners yet.

He was even omitted from their Europa League team, a competition that Arsenal blazed through the group stages.

His only action this season has come in the club’s youth team games and that needs to change.

The youngster was a regular player for Saint Etienne first team before he joined Arsenal and this season can be seen as a campaign that is limiting his development.

Arsenal is open to allowing him to leave on loan next month.

Several teams want to sign him on loan including his former team, but they will have to battle other teams from Italy, Germany and PSV, according to the report.

Arsenal will hope that this half a season away from the club will develop him to the level that he would be able to play for them next season.

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  1. Annoying, it seems Arteta didn’t buy him so don’t play him, he should have been in Europa cup squad. Arteta has favourites his management skill is zero out of 100 Coaching skills minus 5 out of 10. Funny at first we won FA cup now all of a sudden we are 14/15th. Finally we have good players most of them don’t all of a sudden become very poor/bad.

  2. Clearly there are some issues here. It could be he is way over rated. He may not have adapted to life in England. He may be some what wayward and not disciplined enough. He is only 19 so better to give him more time to mature. But this 25 mill acquisition is just one of at least 15 over priced over paid underperforming players Arteta is struggling to get a tune out of. And so many have long term contracts on huge salaries who no club wants to buy at any where near what we paid for them. Arteta has been dealt a very tough hand but he did choose to take the job so he just has to keep battling away

    1. Exactly

      the EPL is different from others…

      it is more pacey, physical and requires more stamina compared to other leagues

      there are day to day factors that fans do not see

      it will be better for Saliba to go on a loan, at 19yo he needs first team games

    2. Another Arteta excuse with no logic, how can you say all about a guy when you have not even given him a chance to play in league to show case his talent. If Mari can play in EPL last season and then play in UEFA cup after long injury lay off then atleast Saliba could have been given a chance to play in league or atleast Europe. What I don’t understand is why fans keep pinning blame on other side when again n again in every trouble situation only constant side is Arteta if it’s MG, ozil, Luiz, Torreira, Sokaritus and Saliba. So are you saying 5-6 players are worng while your beloved Arteta is right when all this group of player belong from different age, experience and level.

      1. @Mohsan,Arteta baffles me.
        Every time I look at his team selection &formation I am left wondering.
        He either has a very shallow understanding of football or he is deliberately causing a crisis for him to be fired and paid.
        Any sane manager would have given Saliba a chance even just in the EPL to gauge his ability.

  3. If this is true, then we can surely write off close to 15M as losses from the initial deal to acquire the player. When added to the estimated loss of 45M from the Pepe deal, we will exceed 60M losses on just two deals. I believe fans deserve an explanation of the process being used by the club to green-light player acquisitions. How can we be sure the same mistakes will not happen again?

  4. When the second team from the top in the Dutch league is looking for this guy and our team sending him away that tells a lot about where we are expecting to be going the next weeks!

  5. Arteta says he did not train properly last season. Who did? Does he expect us to believe that he hasn’t regained fitness since Sept. He is 19 yrs old line Saka , Martineli, Balougun, etc. Arteta is a fraudster and wants to chase Saliba away so that he and his side kick Edu can bring other centrebacks of the quality of Runnarson , Cedric, Mari and Willian for a cut of the money the hapless kroenkers provides. Somebody should put a lien on arsenals accounts until the owners realise who they are dealing with- No wonder AW refused to deal with some agents, one of who is currently the ‘recruitment director ‘ at AFC.

  6. Ok basically what Arteta is saying this dude who is rated highly by ppl in France as one to watch for future is not good enough even for squad when we have absolute crap defenders in the team. Slow error prone Luiz, an year left error prone Mustafi, slow as hell and not Arsenal quality Holding and a guy playing in his prime in Brazilian league being a European who was injured most the whole year but was put in squad by Arteta in favour of fully fit Saliba. All rubbish, there is no merit to team selection, it’s all ego based and what he players he likes…that is why we are where we are in tabel.

  7. This is a puzzling decision! Why not play him in the EPL in the second half of the season? I know I said MA may have protected him from the initial pressures of the EPL when he was at his lowest(Mother passed away, injury), but the guy seems to be over it and plays relatively well in the junior side. He has one thing that most of our CBs lack and that is pace. Also, he is highly rated for his calmness on the ball and his reading of the game. A pairing of him and Gabriel could work, with one directing and the other going charging at forwards. I wonder if there are other problems, like when he said that he was locked up at the club? I hope we are not losing out on a tremendous prospect because of our less than ideal handling of the situation.

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