William Saliba facing investigation in France over leaked video

William Saliba might be investigated by the France Football Federation after a video of a teammate performing a sex act was leaked online.

Saliba has been a member of several France youth teams, and this recording was made in one of his periods with a youth squad.

RMC Sport reports that in the video, Saliba was shown wearing a France tracksuit.

Next to him was one of his France teammates who was masturbating.

The video was posted on the defender’s Snapchat, and quickly deleted. But the football governing body of France finds it concerning, and they are set to open an investigation into it.

The defender could be in serious trouble, as the federation believes that it didn’t speak well of their youth camps.

After finding no opportunity to play for Arsenal in the first half of this season, Saliba is back in France with Nice and he is getting valuable game time.

The youngster will be keen to impress Mikel Arteta enough to earn some playing time when he returns to Arsenal.

With the likes of David Luiz likely to leave the club in the summer, a good showing in this second half of the season could earn Saliba a place in the Gunners’ squad.

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    1. This happened 3 years ago when he was 16 years old and the culprit is even not being mentioned but William, although he can’t be absorbed of fault outrightly but calling him name(s) for an act borne out of youthful exuberance years ago just to prove a point is totally unfair.

  1. And some choose to believe his comments on his treatment by MA as the whole truth. I said it before ego got hurt so he will wine, its a show of his immaturity. Hope it works out for him with us tho as he does seem to have lots of talent.

    1. The fact that he messed up 3 years ago as a 16years old doesn’t define him now. He made a mistake then and some will still use that to judge him 20years after despite the fact that he wasn’t even the one masturbating in the leaked video.

  2. The things is this is a very long time ago. About 4 years ago. We all done silly things at 16. Remember he is a teenager pretty much. I dont think it is fair of us to judge him on a mistake of a 16 year old.

    Alot of other football players have done alot worse. No one gets at gigs for sleeping with his brothers wife or Rooney and his affairs. Lets support the boy l. He obviously knows its stupid now and its not like it was him masturbating it was a teammate.

    If anything the team he was playing for at the time needs to be investigated as they clearly were not looking after minors appropriately. The fact that his teammate felt so comfortable to do that crys to me a distinct lack of adult supervision.

    Shame on anyone who points the finger at a child and not the club looking after the child.

  3. Like no one one here has ever bashed off or burst one out in their lifetime.
    The poor Saliba is having a nightmare 2020-21.

  4. This sort of sensationalised story makews me despair of SOME of our human race. So a boy, and at 17 you are only a boy, made a tasteless mistake! Wow! ShocK , horror, A 17 YEAR OLD MADE ANERROR OF JUDGEMENT . jail himfor life immediately and all thos eother haumna who have ever mad a mistake as a 17 year old Itel you what, There will then be NO 17 year olds anywhere who have not been in jail at one time. Lets just all grow up, lets move actually use our brains for once.
    Forget this nothing story about nothing of import and talk about football instead. REPEATED MISTAKES ARE ANOTHER THING AND CONSTANT LAPSES OF CHARACTER TOO. Misjudgements however, are what all young people – and plenty of old farts like me too – do , since we are all human.


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