William Saliba finally gets the recognition he deserves from France

William Saliba impresses at Euro’s

With the summer transfer window continuing, Arsenal fans look to international duty to get their football fix and luckily enough, we have had plenty of Arsenal players playing for their countries in their respective tournaments, but one player who wasn’t expecting to get too much game time but has, is William Saliba.

Saliba went to the Euro’s expecting to be somewhat of a bench player, that would get some minutes, but would probably never be starting. Two weeks into the tournament and it seems like Saliba is becoming a trusted part of this French side and has earned Deschamps trust.

We as Arsenal fans know how good Saliba is and watching him grow at Arsenal the past few seasons has been great, he’s been able to establish himself as one of the best defenders in the league and has been able to create a partnership with Gabriel that isn’t often seen in the Premier League, making us one of the hardest teams to score against.

Saliba hasn’t always got the praise he deserves, and since joining Arsenal, he’s been able to become the best version of himself and you can tell the whole squad and coaching staff trust that he will always put 100% of himself onto the pitch. Saliba has to be one of the most consistent defenders I’ve seen in the premier league in a while, and I think he will only continue to grow as the years go by.

Being picked for your country is always a big honour for any player and Saliba has had to sit on the sidelines for a while, but that’s only because France has a seriously star-studded side and it’s not easy to break thought into the starting lineup, but Saliba has been able to do that, he’s not only showed at club level that he’s one f the best at the moment, but at international level too.

This Euro’s could do a lot for Saliba’s future internationally and with the backing of Arsenal and Arteta behind him, showing the trust and freedom he get’s shown at Arsenal, he will only continue to progress into a world class player.

France is through to the next round after another draw to Poland last night, knocking them of the tournament. Saliba losing his first clean sheet due to a penalty by our own Jakub Kiwior, but France proceeds to the next round of the competition.

What’s your thoughts Gooners?

Daisy Mae


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  1. Arsenal fans have to realize how lucky we are to have Arteta.We could have Southgate or Ten hag or Deschamps

    1. It would be awful having a World Cup winning manager in charge ,I thank my lucky stars we have Arteta , thanks for reminding us though buddy .

  2. Saliba has done very well particularly when he is being played at LCB when he is more comfortable on the right.As for Kwior, the less said about his performance the better.

    1. @Grandad
      Kiwior was doing ok for about 20 mins. After that Dembelle owned him at will. Had Dembelle been more than a French version of Theo Walcott, France might have won…Just sayin

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