William Saliba gives an insight into his thinking over exclusion

William Saliba might have gotten on the wrong side of Mikel Arteta after he recently posted that he was locked up at Arsenal like Matteo Guendouzi was.

Guendouzi was frozen out of the Arsenal first-team until he left the club to join Hertha Berlin on loan in the last transfer window.

The French youth international recently scored a fine goal for his loan club and he took to Instagram to express his delight after getting the landmark strike.

Saliba responded to the post with a bunch of fire emojis.

In comments that have since been deleted from the post, Pepe responded as reported in the Sun: “This is your problem, you comment on everything.”

Saliba came back with: “Hahaha, I’m sending well wishes to the brother that was locked up like me.”

Saliba hasn’t played for Arsenal since he joined the club following his loan spell at Saint Etienne last season.

Arteta has admitted that it was a mistake that the teenager wasn’t registered for the Europa League, suggesting that he might have gotten minutes in the competition.

It remains unclear how Arsenal would respond to his latest social media activity, but his decision to jokingly voice out his frustration will not help his Arsenal career.

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  1. So if it’s Ozil, MG, Sokratis or Saliba who is the constant in all the situation….Arteta. Normally a manager can have issue with a player or max 2 in team but to have issue with 4 players in a team for sure points to lack of man management skill on manager’s behalf. He has not been here full season and he is already in battle with 4 Arsenal players, funny part is all these 4 are not only from two different age group but also one has been at the club since Arteta was a player and other who just joined the team in summer. Food for thought.

      1. It’s time for arteta to go no idea of team selection.paying high salaries to players who are not proforming. Need to bench them

  2. Everybody will soon get tired of this fraud of a manager. I had trust in him, but man if you can’t get a result against Burnley at home then something is definitely wrong. Arteta out!

  3. I think arteta is protecting Saliba from being skinned by fans. Judging from the red card incident, the boy is clearly not ready.

    1. It was two yellows, the second of which was very harsh. He was one of the best players on the pitch in that game.

    2. If red card is a reason to be excluded from a team in the name of ‘protected’, then Nketiah rash red card against Leicester city in July should have incurred same action and Luiz shouldn’t be in the list too.
      Arteta man management is poor.

  4. Arsenals next 5 fixtures are scary.
    Even Brighton will be a team difficult to get a result against.
    The sacking of Arteta is bound to come come the end of that match if not before.

    Shame man.
    Wanted to see the guy prosper as our current manager but he’s decisions of late will be the result of he’s demise.

  5. From this all I can deduce is:
    1. He does not like social media.
    2. He wants only submissive people around him.
    3. He does not understand the concept of generation gap.

  6. Arsenal over hyped that inexperience apprentice called arteta.

    He wasn’t good to coach a big team like arsenal. He was just a cheap alternative.
    He wasn’t even a superb player in his playing days, he was just an average player very similar to Xhaka in side way passes.

    I wonder what the board saw in this guy.
    Arteta game tactics is zero

    Arteta game selection is zero
    Arteta substitution is zero
    Arteta man management is zero

    What the fvck is special about him ?

  7. Guendouze will have save Arteta at this point of the season though he maybe inexperience. Partey injured, Xhaka loss form.there is no serious player in the midfild now.

    I have said it before and will repeat it ,as long us Xhaka and bellarin still exist in the Emirates any coach who comes in will be sacked eventually.

    My problem is why does Arteta keep playing players who keep disappointing. This is madness.
    Xhaka, bellarin,willian ,Auba.

  8. Interesting if accurate.

    Unai Emery tried to impose some discipline over this squad, and in my view they downed tool on him.

    Mikel Arteta is seemingly trying to implement his “non negotiables” and all that includes – are we seeing the beginning of downing tools once again ?

    I do believe we suffer from damaging cliques at our place and we may well have a prima donna or three, with players thinking they are bigger than the club.
    Let’s get this straight, no player past, present or future is bigger than Arsenal Football Club – especially those who are not as good as they actually think they are.

    Can challenging questions now be asked about M A’s ability to mange Arsenal – yes.

    Is this squad anywhere near good enough – no.

    Do we have many other deep rooted problems at many levels at our club – YES.

    1. AJ always good to read your shrewd and considered analysis. Must say you have hit the spot with ill discipline and MA knows that without proper discipline it is a hopeless task instilling proper teamwork with all pulling together.
      That is exactly why I so approved of his exclusionof the arrogant Guendouzi and the bone idle coaster Ozil. Also right to publicly condemn Pepe and Xhaka for ill disciplined red cards that let the club and team down.

      MA knows better than anyone how many we badly need to shift but stupid contracts awarded by GAZIDIS and Sanllehi, plus Covid, make it impossible to do this quickly.

      When we badly needed a creative midfielder and identified Aoure, once again Keonke let us down bigtime. With such handicaps as all these it is very difficult for any manager to bring success.

      Of course MA has made mistakes – to deny that would be untrue , so I will not do so. Willian, keeping Luiz and even worse keeping Xhaka, were bad mistakes. But MA has sorted out the defence, even with many sub par players there.

      Apart from Tierney and Gabriel, all the other outfield defenders are not of the standard we need. Not MA s fault though and I LIKE TO BE FAIR. He needs time and patience and will get it from me but sadly I have no control over the fools, hasty ones too, calling for his head. They MAY pressure the club into complying and I FEAR FOR US IF THAT HAPPENS.

      A WHOLE squad full of the attitude of Saka and Tierney would be the Utopian ideal. Some dunderheads fondly imagine that such as Allegri or Nagelsman are just going to walk into the club -under Kroenke too, as if – and all will be fine. Unthinking fools!

  9. Apart from Auba and maybe Saka and now Gabriel, the entire Arsenal team needs to be overhauled, they are below par compared to other players. If Wenger was the coach Smith-Rowe would be the defacto no. 10 already and bologna would be the no. 9

  10. I would love 11 Guendouzi in my team the guy hate loosing if you guys watch the games we lost last season
    and see Guendouzi face how hurt he is, that’s what I want in my team
    Our players know they don’t give a sh!!t mentality all wrong

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