William Saliba has proven he deserves a chance to play for Arsenal

Saliba has done enough to return to Arsenal! by Shenel 

If William Saliba does not come back to Arsenal and stay there at the end of the season then he will never have a chance of getting into the Arsenal team!

 Watching him at Marseille he’s clearly made a statement big enough to show that he is capable of playing in this Arsenal team. 

Although the pace of the Premier League is a little bit different to that of Ligue 1, if you are good enough as a player, you should be able to settle and fit in wherever you go, and I believe Saliba is one of those players that is capable of doing as much.

 He has cemented himself well at Marseille and has done really well in the team, showing  he is strong and can hold himself well and I believe he’ll be a great fit for us but he needs to come back as soon as is possible, and he needs to stay rather than being sent out on loan again!

 Having Saliba remain permanently at Arsenal will give us another defender and means that we won’t be having to look on the market for anybody else, but of course if Arsenal want to look for more additions then they can, but having Saliba as well as anyone else that they wish to add would be the best option going forward. 

 I do feel that he finally deserves to have a chance at Arsenal to show what he’s capable of, and if he doesn’t live up to the expectations and has a poor season then they can decide to let him go out on loan again or permanently, but like all players, he too deserves a fair chance and needs to be given time to settle in to the club.

He has proved himself well and we’ve seen what he can do so far over this season. He is now more experienced than when he first arrived and I do believe that if the idea was to send him out on loan to then prepare him well for the future at Arsenal, then the time for his future at the club to begin will be now.

 I don’t think he should be, or needs to be, sent out any more, and if at the end of the season he returns we need to make sure he remains to help the process continue to be built!

 I believe as well that he will do well sitting alongside his teammates where he will shore up that defence even more, we hope. Plus if you’re not given a chance then of course you can’t show yourself, but he has thrived at Marseille and has shown more often then not the he is a very good defender, well so far so good. So being at Arsenal and in the Premier League should be no different!

 No matter what happens it is down to Arsenal, but it definitely won’t be fair for Saliba to be sent out on loan again, he deserves to have at least one season playing for Arsenal and if he doesn’t live up to expectations and do what is expected or what he is capable of, then Arsenal will have all the rights to let him go.

So although he has made a statement in France and although the Premier League is a very different kettle of fish I believe and I hope he has what it takes to make it, and I hope he’s given that chance next season!

 Here’s hoping hey Gooners!


Shenel Osman


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  1. Saliba isnt keen on coming back to Arsenal, you mention very lightly and matter of fact, his statement. Well his statement clearly says he was very upset not to be given a fair crack and thought his treatment was wrong. His agent has been saying similar. Saliba will not be wanting a return next summer, he will force a move away because he is happier where he is.

  2. Good player for real but yesterday he was terrible against Galatasaray and if he is to be one of our CBs next season he needs to work on his speed

  3. He clearly has talent and potential but there is more than a whiff of a poor relationship with Arteta and his questionable conduct at albeit a young age. He is getting great experience on loan and that includes the making mistakes that are becoming highly publicised so he will be in demand and that is why I think he will be sold and put in the one that got away bin.

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