Who wants William Saliba to come back to Arsenal permanently?

Saliba needs to return ASAP!

The more we hear about William Saliba doing well at Marseille and helping them keep clean sheets, the more I want the end of the season to come for us to know whether we will be keeping him at the Emirates or not!

It is nice to see our players do well when they are on loan but it doesn’t help at the same time when you see that they are thriving and Arsenal are struggling.

If we finish inside the top four, albeit a hard task, but if we do then it will be a successful season, but with Tottenham and West Ham below us threatening our place it will be a fight to the finish for sure.

No matter what happens this season, barring relegation of course, (although I think it could be safe to say that we will avoid that this season one hopes!) it is a season that has shown improvement yet has also shown there is a lot more work to be done.

If we can have a good January where we get rid of the last remaining fringe players and recruit some players that we need, who fit in to make this team what it should be, then again it will be considered a successful transfer window.

But having a successful transfer window does not automatically mean that the players will fit straight in and things will be good again.

Either way if we can get the likes of Saliba back and keep him at Arsenal, surely it is safe to say that he has done all he can to prove that he deserves to be part of this Arsenal team. Because let’s face it with him in the side with the current back four we have, it may be the start of a solid solid defence where we concede minimum goals.

For once it may be the case that goalkeepers and defence are not the issue for Arsenal, but knowing we have a solid defence means that we can focus our recruitment elsewhere that needs improving and adding to.

So I think sending Saliba out on loan needs to end when he returns in the summer so we can keep him and add him to our ranks on a permanent basis because there is nothing more disheartening then showing and proving your worth yet being told “you need to go out on loan AGAIN”!

Gooners would you finally like to see Saliba back permanently?

Shenel Osman


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  1. I think most fans just want to see him given a decent chance to show us what he can do.

    Personally I don’t want him to come back to sit bench, he should be given at least a run of 10 games regardless of the performance in the first few to see how he manages.

    The issue comes now that our EPL starting 11/12 players are set and MA doesn’t rotate unless there’s an injury. So if he comes back will he be given a run of games?

  2. Arteta saw a character flaw he did not like and sent Saliba away. We have Gabriel and 50m White. We don’t “need “Saliba and nor does he “need” us. Saliba has suitors and Arsenal would recoup the 27 mill comfortably which would go toward a more suitable target if required. So it’s not a major issue nor is it pressing.

  3. Saliba must come back and play regularly, he shouldnt have been allowed to go in the first place. Ben White can play the dM role and Saliba can partner Gabriel or Arteta can go with a back 3. Either way, Saliba is good enough to start games for Arsenal.

  4. Not Arteta.
    Bigger question should be ,does he want to come back ?
    My guess -no! the way he has been treated I cannot see it unless Arteta is gone next summer .

  5. Arteta needs to bring him back and learn how to rotate. 3 top center backs (I don’t care which foot they prefer) is a must. Don’t play two until one gets suspended or hurt. Develop chemistry with all 3 of them. Do the same in the midfield so when a guy like sambi needs to play, he’s not lost for 2-3 matches. This will be extra important if we end up in Europe (if we don’t, MA should be sacked). We cry about lack of depth but if we play the same 11 every week, we’re creating our own problems

  6. Saliba wants Marseille, he has trust of the manager, treated fairly, CL football and knows he has a career at Marseille. He hasn’t forgot his treatment, he isn’t returning to go straight to the back of the cue because the manager cant see his abilities. He will force a move and it will be for less than we paid because he wants Marseille.

  7. Yes but I think Arteta may have played things right. Saliba has played well for most of the time in France but has the odd nightmare. If he had been in the much tougher premier league he may have had a few more and been crucified for it. In contrast White and Tomi have been remarkably consistent.

    We have also loaned Ballard for a couple of seasons and Clarke has has a six month loan and just signed up for 18 months more at Hibs. It means they can build confidence and gain consistency.

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