William Saliba receives France call-up before first-team chance at Arsenal

William Saliba has been called up to replace Benjamin Pavard for France’s upcoming friendly matches, where they will take on the Ivory Coast and South Africa.

Bayern Munich’s Pavard was initially named in the squad before testing positive for Covid-19, and will now stay in Germany while he recovers, and Saliba will now take his place in the squad as reported by Eurosport.

The 20 year-old is currently on loan in Marseille where he has been enjoying a fine season of regular playing time, helping his side to battle high up the table as they currently sit second in the division, and he has now been rewarded with a call-up to the national side.

While he is clearly rated in France, he is yet to be given a single minute of competitive football by his parent club Arsenal, who initially signed him in the summer of 2019 before going out on three loan spells all in Ligue 1 with different sides.

This summer could well be our last chance to integrate him into the first-team squad or risk losing him in reality. Saliba is clearly eager to prove his worth and with other clubs around Europe already showing interest in his signature, we will definitely risk him falling unhappy with his Arsenal contract should we fail to give him that chance.

Do you think we will end up losing Saliba? Could he challenge White or Gabriel for a first-team role next term?


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  1. The difficulty I see now is the settled partnership between White and Gabriel. Saliba has the potential to be better than both but he certainly isn’t better than either right now. All 3 are too good to play bench and I doubt any of them would be happy for long on the bench.

    We could go to 3at the back but then where would Tomi play? He certainly is no wing back with his defensive side being much stronger.

    We’ll need a strong squad next year so let’s hope we can make a plan to have them all, if Saliba isn’t sold.

  2. People saying our squad isnt strong enough, well Gouendouzi called to France squad, Saliba and Auba scoring for fun now at Barca, were all in our squad at the beginning of the season. If we get success, those decisions wont be questioned, along with a few others but it will be if we dont. All of them their so called attitude or ability has been called into question but proving they aren’t having the same problem at their respective clubs. Its the changing of the guard but there still has to be accountability if we fail or praise if we succeed. Fergies success was he could manage every type of player, drunk, nice, aggressive, bad attitude or not. Its called man management!!!!!

    1. My goodness, we know that many of people have a personal grudge against arteta because he keeps refusing to overindulge with our fans tantrums when it comes to their personal demands.
      Arteta seems to be his own man and hardly ever listens to our fans tantrums regarding certain issues (personal favourite players etc).
      It just feels like some of you despise him and are always waiting for any opportunity to have a go at him. You just can’t stand him going against your personal wishes.

      Arteta is the manager, his decisions are what will determine his future. But to constantly cry about this and that favourite player that he let go makes me cringe.

      And good for Auba, Ozil, Guendouzi, Saliba etc that they are now happy in their careers now. It’s not the end of the world for Arsenal FC just because some of these players are not at here. That’s life and we move on.

      1. Its not about personal vendetta or the like, it about people saying we dont have a big enough, strong enough squad but we had. If we get 4th this season then the squad was not an issue but if we dont, we cant use it as an issue because it Obviously was strong enough. I have no vendetta, never had, if we get 4th im all for a contract extension. If we dont thats when the issues about squad and decisions making becomes relevant.

      2. Fox your comments mean zilch to me because all you will do is start slagging the person off you dont agree with. You are shameful and an hypocrite of the highest order.

    2. People behave differently in different environment. Arsenal didn’t had right environment for some time. Players power was stronger than management’s.
      In such cases you will find three kind of people…. 1) who have really bad attitude but mostly instigate others. Strong leaders but bad influence. 2). Followers and feed on the bad environment. They are the once’s who acts unprofessionally. But behaviour is mostly influenced. 3). Good ones who find environment toxic but find themselves unable to influence as 1st category has stronger leadership skills and influence on group.
      When once come across such group of individuals only way out is to move on the category 1 n 2 guys and get better positive leaders. Category 1 guys go to other club do same thing all over again. But if they come across a big dog like Fergie they work like an arrow. Xavi is as Barca as they come and present power Center. Auba would be a good guy till results are backing Xavi. Category 2 guys will be good guys if group is strong and with positive environment. Their attitude is same as if group. They don’t create. Our flamboyant French midfielder is same.
      Today Arteta is true power center and has very strong grip on running things at club. Owners and fans are behind him. New players won’t go against him.
      That wasn’t the case few months back. There was no visibility that Arteta will be there 12 months down.
      Gouendouzi may be doing well today but it wasn’t his talent that was issue. It was his attitude.
      Fergie could coach anyone because everyone knew if they had to play for ManU they have to do as Fergie says. There was no second way. It’s easier to coach in that scenario.
      Unfortunately once player power takes over either let the players have power, retain them and keep changing coach. Or you let those players go and start fresh. Even if that means letting talented players go. A talented player is of no use if he is closed to coaching.

      We let go of many talented players and at great financial cost. But got our team back. With all the talent of Qzil and Auba, team wasn’t fighting for winning matches.

      As fans what would you say of values of these players. Club pays 100% salary, fans cheer their names and follows them everywhere, they get big sponsorship basis that but they don’t give 100% effort in pitch. If they give 100% on ouch but are not effective due to tactics it’s ok. But if they are running their socks off and have no energy left after 90 min and not being effective I will put it to coach totally. But when effort is less than 100% and they blame that coach is not motivating them then I have one question… just because coach is not good does it give them right to let fans down by not putting 100% ?
      Effort and commitment is bigger than talent. Best is to have both though.

      Give a dam how well Auba is doing for Barca or Gouendouzi is doing in France. Their effort was lacking here which means they disrespected we Arsenal fans. If they don’t respect us, I give a $#!+ about them

  3. Lacazette is leading by example and showing us how a
    true professional behaves and conducts himself.. if we get 4th he should be rewarded

  4. Great young player; fits age profile of recent transfers, very talented, and already on our books.

    Exactly what we need, so why sell and gamble with bringing in an unknown quantity?

    I believe Arteta sees this, and knows how foolish it would be to sell a productive to buy and gamble on a new transfer.

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