William Saliba signing great for the future now lets deal with the present

William Saliba has officially signed for Arsenal and will be loaned back to St Etienne for the next season and while it is great for the future, what about the present?

In 12 months time it will be great to see the teenager at the club, he is apparently very talented and with the right development and man-management could be in the core of our defence for a decade or more.

So, without a doubt, his signing is very much welcomed and I congratulate the club for this piece of business.

But what about right now, we need a defender for the next 12 months because if we do not sort our defence out then we will be in an even worse situation than we are now.

We will not qualify for the Champions League and that means no decent transfer budget, in fact, it would probably be even lower because the Saliba money would be due.

Arsenal needs a central defender this season especially now that we have lost Laurent Koscielny because what we have remaining is not up to scratch and it will cost us dearly if we do not do something about it.

Today has been a good day for sure, two new signings but the nature of these signings means that Dani Ceballos and William Saliba may never ever play together, think about that.


  1. We desperately need a CD but what’s even more worrying is that we have failed to offload any of the “deadwood” which does nothing to ease the massive wage bill. Maybe Arsenal should cut their losses and offer some of these players at a lower price to tempt other teams into taking them assuming the player himself is willing to go.

    1. I like the last statement u made.
      ‘assuming the player himself is willing to go’ but none of them are willing to go fa!

  2. Now plz tierney for LB zaha or soares or fraser for LW/RW and another CB who can slot in the side straight away and if possible we could afford to sign a cheap decent back up RB that would be an awsome transfer window this season

    1. He is Mint!!!

      A real get you off your seat kind or playing (and for a good reason, unlike some of the others I could mention).

    2. Yeah i would prefer to sign him but anyways if emery wants to sign zaha he sees something in him may be he will suit his formation and he fits his system that’s why he is after him and i won’t mind him as well he will be a very good signing with his tricks and flicks and dribbling. But tierney is must at any seeing how robertson progressed previous season i watched him personally in some liverpool games in ucl and in some epl games he was near perfect as a LB both in attack and defence he was exceptional an in my opinion he is the best left back in the world currently. So tierney is must because he has an enormous potential like robertson and he is equally good in attack and defence plus he has got good leadership skills to add to it so in all a top signing if we manage to sign him pay that 25M and sign him

      1. Don’t think we have any chance signing Zaha with the proces involved.

        I hope there is truth in the Everton rumour as he has the potential to be phenomenal. His clever, skillfull and bold.

    3. Watch the video clips below. He always pushed to cut inside instead of race with his markers, because his weaker left leg is dead:


      Dembele/ Zaha/ Vinicius Jr/ Pulisic are better dribblers with adept left leg when running on the left side and Arsenal should have chased one of them

      1. You mentioned Vicinus jr. Why is Brazil not inviting him but invites Soares. All these players u mentioned will not make the Brazil national team. Soares is better than all of them.

  3. Leno/Martinez
    Bellerin/New backup RB
    New CB/Mustafi
    Zaha or Fraser or soares/nelson

  4. No CB can withstand the opposition’s waves of attacks if Arsenal still cannot control the games

    Arsenal’s inability to dictate the tempo and their lack of threats on the wings have burdened our defenders immensely, as it is reflected on our away forms

    I hope Ceballos can be Cazorla’s replacement and displace Xhaka permanently, but he would also need the help of our wide players

    1. @Gotanidea, you’re nearly right. Except the one you singled out played more passes than any of the others and he had highest accuracy rate. It is the other one or two players that play with him that aren’t consistent with tempo of passing. Top teams CDM’s usually have a great passing accuracy too, though some are more bold than others. You mention Cazorla, great player, but are people aware that the guy in and around the number six area is not supposed to go dribbling beyond opponents ..unless it is a must, if no pass is on back front or wide whilst he’s under pressure, run into space yes but you’re not supposed to risk like that because everyone is out of position. Cazorla was a forward player manoeuvering like a forward player whilst situated in a defensive position, know your football. Vieira used run into space with less risk attached, he often knocked the ball over the opponents head so if the other player outdoes him ..then at-least Vieira is on the right side of his man from a defensive standpoint.

      Last season, the gap between our defensive players and our forwards was a large gap much of the time. The only consistent outlets from deep were the fullbacks or wingbacks, and Iwobi. Anyone who tried to bridge the gap often had to play it quick and into the strikers feet.

  5. gotanidea God bless you for your beautiful analysis,cazorla departure has been the greatest loss in arsenal for years

  6. Cech > Martinez, probs 60-70k wages saved wages
    Welbeck > Nketiah, probably 40-50k wages saved
    Ramsey > Ceballos, 60k wages saved
    Lichsteiner > 90k saved, he probably doesn’t even need replacing LOL

    All in all I think we’ve done well replacing our departed freebies.

    Now we need to sell wantaway stars and fringe players:
    Elneny £10m
    Jenkinson £3m
    Koscielny £9m

    And actually reinforce our team bringing in 2-3 players!


    1. Nice analysis bro.. exactly agree with you on this we still need a new cb that can come in to the starting 11 immediately plus a new LB Tierney and a LW Zaha or Soares or fraser is must then we will be challenging for ucl place next season surely we may even get 3rd position if we sign these three players now before transfer window shuts

  7. But tierney is must at any seeing how robertson progressed previous season i watched him personally in some liverpool games in ucl and in some epl games he was near perfect as a LB both in attack and defence he was exceptional an in my opinion he is the best left back in the world currently. So tierney is must because he has an enormous potential like robertson and he is equally good in attack and defence plus he has got good leadership skills to add to it so in all a top signing if we manage to sign him pay that 25M and sign him

  8. As far as am concerned, Everton Soares is the kind of winger Arsenal needs. He is very skillful and can dribble past two players. Which none of our current players can do.

    1. I’m with you on that. Although if he signs he should be made to change his name to Arsenal Soares as part of the deal!

      1. ? If Everton Soares is as good a footballer, as Everton Weekes was a cricketer Arsenal can’t go wrong.

  9. Leno
    Bellerin, Holding, Sokratis, Tierney
    Torreira, Ceballos
    Auba, Laca, Zaha/Soares

    This as our basic line up would allow us to easily swap the youngsters in and out one or two at a time to help with rotation.
    It’s also a good set up to get the best out of Ozil imo… I may not be his biggest fan but he was always better when he had actual wide players to work with.
    And finally that set up with those players should allow us to actually play the high press game UE wants us to play,which is why I think the club are prioritising a winger over a CB.

  10. @AdminMart i think you are getting too emotional about arsenal transfer and i seems to disagree with some of ur summation.
    Since the start of summer windows we have had series of article about arsenal transfer most of which are negative, about the owner, his son, directors and others. We have all expressed our opinions and criticism-all of which are acceptable.
    However, after news of 2 consecutive arrivals, admin still wrote negatve article/headlines, so whats the point? Is it because negative news attracts more attention? We are arsenal supporters and not badwagon, credits and criticism should be rightfully apportioned and at the right time-which is not today. Today is the day we ought to at least appreciate those working round the clock to ensure things happen, its not as easy as it seems, its not a supermarket where you go in to buy at will, especially when you are working on tight budget.
    I hope admin can be patient and lets wait till the window closes before giving us general accesment of our summer dealings, probably we can all objectively cricise or praise the ppl at the helms of affair

    1. Adajim
      How you can critisise supporters for being impatient is beyond me. Arsenal/Satan Kroenke have had a net spend of £0.00. They’ve had years of shite and are sick of it. Net spend £0.

  11. I find one thing very funny. Everyone needs a CB but we have Bielik and Chambars which we can develop in that position very well. It’s about time we trust in our Academy. Can’t wait to see Bielik, Chambars and Holding putting up a strong competition.

    1. I just hope unai emery gives bielik a shot,the lad is good is in CB and CDM….I always put him in my prayers because I still can’t if mustafi n elneny are giving playing time y won’t he bielik gets his chance to prove his worth

      1. The most disappointing thing is that Arsenal didn’t offer Koscielny to replace Saliba, so that Saliba can come to the Emirates for the start of the 2019/20 season.

  12. So we need defenders like a fireman needs a water bucket but we make a deal that allows the one defensive buy we make go back on loan for a year? We are also still lumbered with granit and mustafi cos we value them both much higher than the rest of the universe AND we slash out 15 million on a one year loan deal for a player who may or may not revitalise the midfield .
    Great phucking business from our new board members I would imagine Sven mislintat is quietly smirking to himself .
    It’s a joke as usual and it will continue all the time The Kroenke’s regime own the club. Basically it’s a robbery of the fans and open fraud being carried out by the owners AND the board against ANYONE who has ever supported the club in any way. It’s being purpurtrated and supported by everyone within the club knowingly or otherwise and will mean the end of us as a competitive sports club.

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