William Saliba suffers a fresh World Cup appearance blow

William Saliba is a starter at Arsenal and his introduction to their lineup at the start of this season has fixed their previously leaky defence, making him one of the finest young defenders in Europe.

France selected him for their World Cup campaign and he hoped to play an important role for his country in the competition, but that hasn’t been the case.

Les Bleus are blessed with quality centre-backs, making a selection difficult for their manager, Didier Deschamps.

They have reached the final with a partnership which puts Saliba on the bench behind Liverpool’s Ibrahima Konate on the pecking order.

After their win against Morocco in the semi-final, it was reported that Konate and Raphael Varane were ill, becoming the latest member of their squad to catch the flu.

This boosted Saliba’s chance of starting the World Cup final, but a report on Football London reports both defenders have recovered and returned to training.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Saliba is a terrific defender and he will get his chance to become a regular in the French national team.

He needs to continue performing consistently well at Arsenal, and they will consider him good enough to start regularly sooner than later.

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  1. Honestly am happy the kid actually played in the world cup but am equally happy he didn’t cover his self in glory too.

    He would have made me a little nervous had he gone on and put on some man of the match performance or had an excellent game.
    Time is on the kid side so no harm done.

    Too much uncertainty surround this lad future at Arsenal, the sooner we can resolve his contract issues, the sooner we ease the fear

  2. William Saliba is just fine. The only “fresh blow” worth debating, IMO, is Ben White’s unceremonious return from the world cup for “so-called” personal reasons. But the matter has been quietly brushed under the carpet and closed, forever. Go figure!

    1. Sorry RFrancis you will have to explain that to me.
      Apart from talk of a bust up at the England camp nothing further has been revealed to my knowledge

      1. Bust up or personal matter….which is it? Why can’t they come clean? Maybe there are lessons to be learned by all involved. Don’t you agree?

        1. @Francis How about you be a grownup and keep off other men’s personal lives? It’s a PERSONAL MATTER now why the eff would a grown man like you be interested in white’s private life? Lessons? there are no lessons to be learned there. We must LEARN to respect people’s lives/privacy.

  3. Bust up or personal matter….which is it? Why can’t they come clean? Maybe there are lessons to be learned by all involved. Don’t you agree?

    1. I disagree.
      There seems to be some kind of expectation that everything that has to do with a footballer or anyone who has a public profile has to be put in the public domain.
      Most of the time this leads to no more than idle gossip. A lot of unhelpful debate often follows such “revelations” with positions adopted based on biased perspectives.

  4. I don’t see any problems with Saliba.he is gaining invaluable experience and might end up a world champion on Sunday.also DD must have told him that he is going to play an important part in the France team, going forward. concerning us, he’ll be back physically fresh/rested.win win situation.

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