Willian admits that it was difficult to sign with Arsenal

Arsenal signed Willian as a free agent in the summer after he left Chelsea and the Brazilian has just said that it was tough to make the move to the Emirates.

He had been on the books of the Blues for seven years and won two Premier League titles among other trophies with them.

He wanted to continue his career in West London and asked for a three-year deal, but they only offered him two years.

Arsenal agreed to hand him a contract with his preferred duration and he made the move to the Emirates.

He is currently underperforming and most Arsenal fans would prefer that he isn’t a part of their team at the moment.

The Brazilian has now admitted that he didn’t want to leave Chelsea and it was hard for him to move to Arsenal considering that both teams are rivals.

He, however, said because Chelsea would not offer him what he wanted he had to leave.

In an interview with UOL Esporte, Willian admitted that he never wanted to join Arsenal, but Chelsea refused to offer him a three-year contract.   

‘It was difficult to make that decision,’ Willian said. ‘Because… the rivalry between the two clubs is very big. It was well thought out… talking to my wife and even the agent many times.

‘I didn’t leave the club with a fight, I left the doors open. Everyone knew the conditions, I really wanted to stay. 

‘We ended up not finding an agreement, I ended up asking for three years, Chelsea wanted to give two, and everyone knows this story. That’s why I ended up leaving.’   

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  1. If you ask me he looks like he doesn’t want to be here but the sooner he remembers we are paying him for his efforts the better.

    1. I’m sick & tired of Arsenal signing chelski rejects because they wanna stay in London & have an extra pay day. It’s about time Arsenal produced at least one decent central defender. The last centre backs that made a huge impression after progressing through the youth ranks were Tony Adams & Martin Keown ( albeit, he was resigned from Everton). Imagine the impact on Arsenal if the club had a commanding leader at the back in the mould of Big Tony….. It’s obvious that the players who grow up at the club as with almost any club have a deep affection & desire to succeed at that one club until at least it is no longer possible. Look at the affiliation & love that Saka, Smith Rowe, Nelson, etc have for Arsenal regardless of if they can succeed over a long period. If Arsenal fail then it clearly won’t hurt cech, luiz, willian & the rest of the chelski cast offs too much at all whereas the players who’s formative years are shaped by the club will feel the pain much more. Time to invest more time & energy into producing more home grown players because most Football clubs will be fortunate to survive the global pandemic unscathed. Transfer funds are likely to be extremely limited without sales for the majority of PL clubs probably. I also agree that willian doesn’t look like his heart is at Arsenal & this story confirms his indifference to what has been a strange season. I only hope it can be resolved so that the player can help Arsenal to Europa Cup success in May & then maybe he can leave or even stay & rediscover his form for the beginning of next season. Peace Out ✌️

    2. Yes, Reggie he has reportedly £200,000 per week wages as an incentive to perform at Arsenal, as well as trying to prove to Chelsea that they were wrong to not offer him a 3 year contract.
      Then again performing at Arsenal and proving Chelsea wrong would be the ingrained attitudes and approach of a true “professional” footballer.

  2. 2 yrs deal for his age is pretty decent. Since he’s been there for long he should have just took it and save every one’s problem. He will be happy as well.
    Arsenal will not have chosen him and probably go after someone who is more willing to play for Arsenal.
    That’s why after the 1st lucky game he declined after that cos of his body language simply not interested at all..
    Let’s hope Willian can perform off the bench at times n contribute some stuffs if not if am the Manager I will definitely put him up in this Summer or next season.

  3. So we signed a player who openly admits he didn’t really want to sign for us….I wonder what could go possibly wrong.

  4. Thing is Reggie he was one of Chelsea’s best players for the last 4 years before signing for us .
    My old man is a Chelsea fan and going to theirs for Sunday lunch and watching him play over the years I always thought wow ,but he’s signed here and he’s been absolutely dogsh1t ,I don’t know if it’s age or just he does not suit how we are playing but a player of his Calibre shouldn’t be as bad as he’s been .
    Maybe we just signed him to late but I would have thought we could have got another 2 years out of him .

  5. It makes one wonder just what makes a player come out with statements like this.
    Arteta has been trying to back him, despite his awful performances – also to cover for his own inadequacy when signing him on a three year contract of course.
    This must feel like a stab in the back for MA and what Willian thinks he will gain from this I cannot begin to understand!!!
    Even more reason for the boo boys to get on his back… absolutely mind numbingly stupid by Willian.

    1. Yes, ken, he is not “the sharpest tool in the shed”; not smart enough (like many others by the way) to just shut up and let his football do the talking.

  6. at first I figured this had to be a rehashing of an old interview, as I just couldn’t imagine a player of his age and experience would be so obtuse that he didn’t even contemplate how this might infuriate an already frustrated fanbase, but if this is a recent quote this is massively embarrassing both for the player and, more importantly, anyone involved with bringing him to the club for 3 years, on massive wages and likely a ridiculous minutes clause

  7. This just proves the stupidity of the Arsenal management. Just cannot understand why they consistantly stuff up in the transfer market and contract negotiation department. Total revamp of transfer policy required. i. e. No long term contracts for players over 29. Long term contracts, where possible, should expire at 31.

  8. Willian on 3 year deal was shocking. If he started and continued as in Fulham game, no-one would be chatting. He looks totally unfit to me and is only picked because the manager bought him. If only he did his talking on the pitch I’d be do happy!

  9. Our season was over before the first ball was kicked, so it is never too late Willian, just cancel your contract and move end of the season, the best solution for the club, yourself and us who have the trauma of watching you every time you make it to the pitch, knowing very well that you will offer us a big fat ZERO, unfortunately Mikel cannot see this. We just moved one waste of space and quid, to watch another for the next three years?Please Willian, do the right thing cause Mikel & Edu wont.

  10. Who brought Willian to Arsenal, was it Arteta or the club i.e. Edu ?? His performances are shocking and yet Arteta insists on playing him just like he did with Willock the worst player to come out of our academy,I really liked Arteta at first but now I’m starting to lose faith in him, personally I think he’s way out of his depth,ludicrous subs….by the way wat do you guys think of Gabriel Mag…everyone was ranting and raving about him seems like we were conned yet again 😢😢

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