Willian cuts ties with Arsenal with departure looming

The 33 year-old Willian has had a most depressing season at the Emirates after joining Arsenal from our rivals Chelsea, but it now looks like the Brazilian may be going home to finish his career at Corinthians, although there are new rumours that he could stay in Europe by joining Milan.

Just yesterday, Willian’s agent Kia Joorabchian admitted he was trying to close a deal with Corinthians, but obviously is that the wages he earns at Arsenal could never be matched by any Brazilian team, so Arsenal are likely going to subsidise any deal.

“We’re looking forward to making it happen“, Joorabchian told Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte.

“For me it is very important to help as much as possible.“

So whether Willian is going to Brazil or Italy, his latest actions certainly indicate that he is parting company with the Gunners after a miserable year in North London, as now he has removed any mention of Arsenal from his Instagram page.

So it seems we can say goodbye to Willian. It cannot have been easy going from a revered star at Chelsea to a lambasted waste of space at Arsenal. Let’s wish him good luck in his new team, wherever it may be…

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  1. For this Willian will forever have my respect, unlike a particular player who ‘honour his contract’ even when he knows the club no longer wanted him.

    1. Lenohappy, your eternal gratitude for letting Willian walk away with two years of his contract being paid is quite a gesture 😂
      Funnily enough, I’m eternally grateful to MA and Edu for signing him and also letting him put two fingers up at the Arsenal fans, when he showed he still follows/supports chelsea.

      Meanwhile MO still holds the club and it’s supporters in high esteem – despite the way he was treated by MA.

      I know who played the better football at the club and who the fans appreciated the most…. they even gave MO his own signature song at the Emirates and I guess you “just don’t understand”.

  2. Despite the claims of a sustainable model
    Arsenal has actully been living beyond its means for 20 years and covid has cruelly exposed the clubs blunders in purchases and contracts.
    No wonder Kroenke never spends any of his money on players or salaries, he is far too canny.
    Arsenal heavily subsidized Ozil Mustafi and Socritis when they were let go.
    Willian will be exactly the same.
    Because Willian is not going to walk away from his 182k p/w salary and play for peanuts in the bankrupt Brazilian league.
    Arsenal will be paying the majority of Willians
    182k p/w salary its simple fact.
    It will be the same with Kolasinac.
    Torreira will end up being sold on the cheap with Arsenal subsidising his salary also.
    Lacazette Bellerin Cedric Mari will all
    eventually go down the same road
    being paid off by Arsenal.
    A cautionary tale for any one who wants to listen

    1. Don’t know how true this is, but it’s being reported that arsenal will receive 3million for Willian, so if that’s true it means we are not paying any of his salary.

    2. Honestly I don’t see Bellerin and Laca as not have resale value. Bellerin isnt liked by some AFC fans and is poor defensively( like Tierny although these same people turn a bling eye to that)… Laca is a good player

  3. Not true. He has not removed Arsenal mentions. At least show a little effort to verify articles

  4. When he first signed the excitement was justified, and many were hopeful his success at Chelsea would transfer to Arsenal.

    Unfortunately, he appeared lazy on the pitch (especially tracking back) and didn’t express the leadership or creativity we thought on the pitch.

    I don’t blame Edu or Arteta for wanting him, but 3 years on high wages was poor from Edu, and his continued selections by Arteta was equally poor.

    Hopefully won’t see Willian again wearing an Arsenal kit.

  5. For his many years of service to Chelsea, Arsenal are about to award a two year retirement contract to Willian….with the added benefit of playing at his Brazilian home club at our expense (for free).
    Kia Joorabchain will make a pretty penny, too.
    That’s probably why we can’t afford to sign neither Bissouma nor Aouar. Isn’t there a vacant spot on the U23 roster for the retired?

    1. Rhat is the problem of having rookies at importabt places like edu. Where fid he prove something ? Sven mislintat proved things. Marc Overmars proved things… Edu relied on his brazilian connections and joorabchian link. Hopefully the gunners hierarchy will understand that it is good to have solid fondations with reliable/proven technical personnel

  6. We will miss Willian, a legend and gave everything he had on the field, loved the guy, give him a statue. If Carlsberg made Arsenal legends………….

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