Willian gets on the wrong side of Arsenal fans again, now they want him to leave for free

Willian has got on the wrong side of Arsenal fans after they caught him liking a post by Chelsea reporting their win over the Gunners yesterday on Instagram.

The Brazilian joined Arsenal on a free transfer from Chelsea before the start of last season.

The Gunners had agreed to give him a three-year deal, something Chelsea refused.

He spent seven years with the Blues before moving to Arsenal and enjoyed the best time of his Premier League career with the Blues.

The midfielder has only spent a season at Arsenal but his loyalty should have been with his current club and not his old employers.

The attacker is out of Mikel Arteta’s plans as Arsenal looks to offload him before the transfer window closes.

The Daily Mail reports that an eagle-eyed Arsenal fan spotted him liking Chelsea’s post celebrating their 2-0 win over the Gunners and shared it with other Arsenal fans.

It enraged them and one fan demanded that his deal with the Gunners be terminated with immediate effect.

Another fan said the attacker wonders why the club’s fans hate him, yet he acts this way.

The sooner that Willian is gone the better and he will go down as one of the worst signings in our history, especially in terms of his ridiculous wages.

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  1. Good riddance.

    For such a short time being here, Arteta sure has made terrible transfers so far.

    – Willian, Runarsson, Martinez, seemingly Mari

    Weirdly enough, I think even I or anyone here could’ve done better job at not to make those deals happen.

    1. In your list only Willian seems to be terrible signing imo, Runnarson looks ok but not ready yet, d kid only make howler in 1 game and all arsenal fans attacked him like that, it’s a shame, how many of those Martinez, Szesny, fabianski has done in the past and they got away with, we forgave them and they became better.

      Mari is a good signing and Martinez I would not say any more because you guys that fawn over him will always look for ways to defend his outrageous behaviour

      1. You’re talking nonsense. Runnarson was always terrible at shot stopping even before he came to Arsenal. The club knew this, yet they signed him cos he was very cheap. He was never meant to come and start developing but to be a proper backup. And you said he made only one howler? Mate, it seems you didn’t watch the game against Man City. My grandmother would have done a better job throughout the match. Is Pablo Mari a quality defender? Didn’t even mention Cedric, and the atrocious way Saliba has been cast aside alongside others. Arteta is running the club down

        1. Did you watched those 3 gk I mentioned when then were our back up gk?
          If you think Runnarson can’t make it at top level as a good gk, I would not argue with you it’s your opinion, I have once said that about Martinez, Gnabry and a whole lot of young players. That’s one thing about being young and naive, no one knows how a young player develops.

          Mari is ok as back up,
          Saliba- I haven’t seen enough to say he is good enough to start for us every week, if I were the manager I’ll probably have let go of Holding, buy white and let Saliba compete with him

          1. Like I said, Arsenal is to blame for even signing Runnarson in the first place. They were aware that the guy’s a bloke, yet they paid for him when we urgently needed a backup. And now they’re trying to ship him out on loan. Runnarson isn’t to blame, but Arteta.

            Saliba – May I announce to you that as at the time we were chasing Saliba, half of Europe were after him. The was an 18 year old with only 19 too flight games under his belt, yet so many were after him, to the point that Emery agreed to pay £27m for him and let him still stay a year cos he knew that 12 months from that time, the boy might be beyond our reach. Arteta cast him aside like a rag, didn’t register him for either the EPL or Europa League. He went on loan to Nice in January where he was player of the month for the club just after 6 games. Throughout his time there, he earned rave reviews. Yet, our coach spent £50m on White and sent Saliba packing once more.

  2. The moment Arteta sold Martinez and allowed an error prone Leno to comfortably come back for the no. 1 spot.

    Not forgetting loaning out Saliba only to spend £50m on another defender was when I knew something just wasn’t right. To begin with, there was no process at all.

  3. This is why Arsenal fans have been right to criticise him. He has shown his true colours and why we should never have taken him on. His heart was never at Arsenal and his mind was always on the money!

    Farewell greedy slacker!

    Maybe now Arsenal will stop making stupid signings and bring players in who actually want to play for the badge with pride and dedication?

  4. Our club is basically the football version of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

    Absolute joke around the world to everyone.

  5. Willian, Kolasinac and Torreira.
    Whether they are sold/ loaned or go on a free it is certain Arsenal will pay at least 50% of their salary.
    Off the team maybe but still on the pay roll.
    Arsenal paid 100% of Ozils salary
    even when he was let go.
    Arsenal also subsidised Socritis and Mustafi’s salaries when they were let go for free.
    The clean out has been ugly and very costly.
    But it had to be done.
    The new players are younger cheaper
    with better resale value.
    Arsenal has turned the corner.
    Onward and upward.

  6. If this is true, it’s not acceptable behavior from a top professional. Football players are employees like everyone else, and should be liable for being fired when consistently under performing or for gross misconduct.

  7. I don’t think Willian will be missed one iota.

    I could understand the signing as a hoped for quick fix for European football but a three year contract was a travesty by whoever negotiated it.

  8. This is totally unprofessional by Willian, never expected something like this from a true pro and one who wears the Arsenal badge. Hope he goes quickly and now Arteta must have understood that Willian never had his heart set on Arsenal his only motivation was money.

  9. Glad to see the back of Willian. Good riddance to bad rubbish.
    Can’t wait to see the back of arteta too, really ain’t the right coach for the arsenal he still needs to learn from handling smaller teams in lower leagues.
    Time is now to bring experience head to handle that young squad been assemble, someone like conte or Rogers.

  10. Biggest waste of footballing space in the game. A lazy, selfish, excuse for a footballer, who never even tried for Arsenal.

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