Willian highlights the difference between Mikel Arteta and Frank Lampard

Willian says Mikel Arteta is more obsessed with tactics when compared to Frank Lampard.

The Brazilian has played under both managers and he can give first-hand information on how both managers work on their teams.

Willian joined Arsenal this summer after he had spent seven years at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea.

The Brazilian winger was brought in because of his experience and he has been trying to work his way into a rhythm with the new system.

He provided three assists on his first start for Arsenal against Fulham, but he had to wait until Arsenal’s game against Wolves last night before he would provide another assist.

He seems to be struggling with Arteta’s tactical demands and he recently compared the Spaniard with Frank Lampard.

He said that Arteta is more obsessed with the tactical side of the game and claimed that Lampard also worked on tactics, but in a different way.

“Their football philosophies are very different. Perhaps the only similarity is that they’re young managers with a bright future ahead of them,” he told FourFourTwo magazine as quoted by Goal.com.

“The way they look at the game isn’t similar. Mikel is more obsessed about the tactical aspects of football. He has a great understanding of the tactical side and dedicates a lot of time to it during his training sessions. Frank obviously works on his tactics as well, but in a different way.”

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  1. And that is why FL will be more successful than MA
    No tactics in the world will solve the fundamental issues of whether you have quality or NOT!!!

  2. More ass kissing to be picked again, last week or so; he bragged too.

    They have in common to be two coaches with bright future. What a ass kisser…

    No, there’s one coach who learned and experimented two years in smaller league, one who has zero experience as head coach.

    Difference? Lampard got rid of the deawood, Arteta grabed it.

    1. I think MA is a coach with a bright future after he graduated from the Arsenal “academy” and start coaching else where.

      We would have paid for his tuition and I hope he will show some gratitude then.

  3. So far the main difference between the two managers had been the amount of money Lampard has had to spend. Nothing has been proven.

    1. Aside from Lampard being competitive and making top 4 last year with the transfer ban. Other than Lampard coaching up the players he had and getting the most from them, nothing else has been proven.

  4. Tactics here mean nothing, but individual quality brings something. MA’s over reliance on average players is by far a tactical blunder ! If creativity has plummeted pick a younger side to help solve the problem

  5. Lampard coached championship and academy players at Derby and improved them, MA also coached and improved players at City but we’re talking about 40 50 60 plus millions players much easier to work with, for starters they have the technical and natural abilities , experience, hunger, desire, motivation due the level of competition in the squad and training day in day out with very good players would improve most players to be fair! MA needs to show he can do it with players of a different level to those he had at City.

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