Willian leaving Arsenal “100 per cent”

Considering the problems that Arsenal have had with disposing of aged or unwanted players because of their exorbitant wages, it has come as a bit of a surprise to hear the rumours that Willian could be on his way this summer.

But according to Fabrizio Romano, the transfer specialist who recently told us that the Brazilian could be leaving, has now changed his stance to saying it is now an absolute 100 per cent certainty”

Romano told the Here We Go Podcast: “Willian. Willian is leaving the club, I want to confirm that Willian is leaving the club. There is nothing going on with other English clubs, but he’s leaving the club, so 100 per cent, Willian is going to leave.”

Last week SkySports reported that Willian himself was very keen on returning to his old club Chelsea if they would have him, but Romano’s information sounds ike he is set to move away from the Premier League.

For a team to match his current wages at the Emirates, I can only suggest that a Chinese or rich Middle Eastern club would be willing to sign him, although most rumours are linking him with a move to David Beckham’s Inter Miami project in America.

But one thing is sure, there will be a lot of relieved Arsenal fans around when they hear this news…

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  1. Can we get 4 out of all this players… How much can they really cost us

    E. Martinez, Sam Johnstone, Lewis dunk*, Coufal, Targett, Bissouma*, Ward-Prowse*, Raphinha*

  2. If true, fantastic news!

    Terrible signing. If we manage to get any fee to cover his enormous signing-on-fee last summer, I will be happy.

    If we just rip off his contract, then it’s once again just horrible, horrible transfer policy by Arsenal.

  3. Admin: where is the article congratulating our former manager on his 4th EL trophy?what happened to the Arsenal family?once a gooner always a gooner right??

    1. Mate we are in this mess because of him ,all he’s done is slag us off and talk about our players since he left so an Article would be in poor taste IMO .
      Well done to him for winning the EL but that’s with another club not ours and that’s all Im concerned about .

      1. Yeah Dan-and let’s not forget that in FIVE EL finals Emery has lost only ONE. And we all remember that loss when we didn’t even turn up.

        1. Like I said Phil
          I’m not interested what he’s done or is doing at another clubs ,he failed here and rightly got sacked ,,No doubt Arteta will follow him for playing the same bland football ,2 big mistakes made in the last 3 years .

          1. Don’t you think we should look inwards and be truthful to ourselves? Unai Emery had been involved in 5 Europa League finals and only lost ones and that’s with Arsenal. He is indeed a serial winner but something is definitely wrong with Arsenal and not Emery.

      2. First of all JA regularly post articles on former Arsenal players so i don’t see the problem UE might have slagged the club some players off i know 2 wrongs do not make a right but it’s not like he himself wasn’t slagged off personally mocked abused and knowing how the club has been run he might have good reasons to do so as for the players the ones who downed tools under him deserved the criticism forgetting they were employed by Arsenal not UE as for blaming him for the mess we now find ourselves is pushing despite everything he took us to the EL final and just missed on the top by a single point considering that he had no say on players signings and no backing from the board who allowed players to disrespect mock the coach if even one board member executive had a proper chat with the players and warn them who knows he beat MU with players of less quality the difference being they gave their all lastly being of bad taste that line has been crossed a long time and if JA or AFC had any values class they could congratulate him and acknowledge his success but i guess by doing so AFC would acknowledge their own failure!

      3. I’ve always thought UE has been quite respectful of his time at Arsenal. I don’t remember him slagging us off. When was that?

        1. That’s why i wrote,” he might have” because i personally don’t remember reading anything bad from him!

        2. For about 6months after he left Arsenal ,fans saying he’s classy forget this ,this is something Arsene as never done and never will

    2. I’m angry he won it with Villarreal but messed up with a better squad at Arsenal. He also messed up our season final games.

    3. I’m happy for him. He’s won 4 ELs. Quite impressive. I think he’s a better manager than Arteta. Finished 5th Place and went to EL Final

      1. I see loads of hypocritism, good coach who we all, along with the Media help drove off Arsenal. I don’t have much to say but I say I stand with Siamois he deserves an article here.

  4. Pleased the Villarreal beat MU and congrats to Emery but did anyone notice that Villarreal had 1 shot on target the whole game, if that had been Arteta even though he won he would have been crucified for only having 1 shot on target and playing boring football because let’s face it the game was poor. Or is everyone now saying it doesn’t matter how you play but winning that counts.

    1. I’m pretty sure that if you ask fans they’ll tell you that the only thing that matters in a final is winning it!

    2. Marty, It would be foolish to deny that winning counts more than any other factor, with fans in general. That is not an opinion but a fact. I do agree that playing atractive football is also important though.

    3. It was a compact match and the two teams kept it tight at the back.
      Villarreal had 12 shots and 1 on target while Man U had 14 shots and 2 on target. Some teams try to be careful when playing in the final and that’s what played out yesterday.

  5. Emery Won Europa league with Villareal shows that Manager/Coach is not Arsenal problem,but Mentality of the players

  6. am writing this cos I am happy for him to leave Arsenal. He made the right choice. Wish him luck

  7. Assuming this news is correct , I have only two words to say: CHAMPAGNE TIME!
    Actually I lie, as I also wish to say that this disastrous monstrosity type of free transfer MUST NEVER occur again! I loathe all lazy players and always have, always will.

    Eh, Walcott, Ozil, Mkhi, Willian? They cheat the club, their profession, their teammates, their manager, themselves and MOST OF ALL us fans and I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT. NEVER!!!

  8. Scandalous tactical error yesternajt by OGS cost Manu the victory. Where the H were Thony Martial? I mean, even if he is injured and on crutches, just give the guy a minute and he will fall for a penalty in the 18 yard box – and the title should have been secured. Man ought to fire that Norwegian.

  9. Atleast B.Penarndez would’ve scored if Martial was brought to fall in the box before FT to be(1-2) for MU. OGS? Sack him

  10. There has to be a performance based clause in his contract that has not been met. To trigger that clause, Willian had to play a certain number of games to meet the targets set for him. He failed dismally, and Arsenal can now trigger a cancellation of their 3 year, 200k/week contract based on performance. This was Arsenals recourse on a lengthy contract for an aging player. Maybe Arsenal are not that stupid afterall. Wishful thinking.

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