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On a day like Sunday when Xhaka was not on the pitch, when Mustafi didn’t play, when Leno made no obvious mistake leading to the goals and any of the other usual scapegoats of fans’ criticisms after every Arsenal defeat were on the pitch (errrr Bellerin & Lacazette were!), the BIGGEST FAULT of this loss points to one person. An article will be done on this individual (who you probably know already) before the next game, if there’s a chance. But wait, an international break is upon us, right? Oh dear! Oh dear! Good luck getting this damning loss out of your mind, seeing that there is no Arsenal win against Dundalk or Molde coming soon to cheer you up a bit.

In any case, it’s always better to let the dust settle, before penning down something on a painful (or may I say- familiar) loss like that. It’s like deja vu cos you’ve seen this kinda Arsenal movie before. And now that we got all that preamble out of the way, this write-up is on one of Arsenal’s Summer signings who has flattered to deceive for the most part.

He was meant to be the experienced level-headed veteran of the English League, who will help the youngsters grow and act as a ball carrier the team has lacked since the sales of Mkhitaryan, Iwobi and maybe Ramsey. But consider this: will little Willy’s report after a school year be excellent if he turned in just one properly attempted project in the first week throughout of the term? Well, that’s the case here—just the one good performance versus Fulham for Willian so far! Every other time, he’s been average at best or downright atrocious—doesn’t seem to do anything worthy of note. Whether it’s the system, the formation or his role in the team, no one really knows, but the fact that a certain Nicolas Pepe has somewhat received less minutes cos of Willian is the reason why questions will always be asked.

And for the record, this isn’t a knee jerk reaction to Willian’s incessant loss of possession against Villa. This writer had been a bit irritated when an article popped up on twitter via Goal and Football London about how the 32-year-old Brazilian is touting Arsenal to win the EPL by May 2022. I tweeted this back to the reporter who posted the news-Chris Wheatley:

Willian needs to shut his mouth and start putting in proper goal and assist laden performances on the pitch instead of creating this unnecessary pressure for the team with these thoughtless statements. Dude just stop already!

From that point on, this article probably started brewing subconsciously. But why won’t this dude shut his mouth? Must you grant interviews, Willy? If you do grant interviews, must you say things like this? Come to think of it: who spoke about Arteta’s plan to win the champions league in 2023? Oh yea; there you go! The same player- Willian Borges. It may be time for him to shut his mouth and rather start contributing more on the pitch. Take a cue from Paul Scholes who seldom spoke to the media cos he was shy-a thing Sir Alex aggravated him on constantly.

As this writing pen is about to drop, please pass this on to Willian (if you know his brother’s uncle’s plumber’s cook) that, “não é obligator conceder entrevistas se suas performances não corresponderem às suas palavras”.

If you’re wondering, that’s Portuguese for “it’s not compulsory to grant interviews if your performances won’t match your words”. The club pays you to help win football matches, so focus on that and reject interview requests if need be cos you make too many needless assertions when you do… and this could go on and on.

Cheer up Gooners and be hopeful for the future!

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  1. Chelsea fan here..just came across the article. I don’t understand what you were expecting? Willian is always very hit and miss and the past 3 years with exception of when he was playing for a contract, he’s been on the wane. He obviously moved to arsenal so he could stay in London and have a nice end to his career. Chelsea fans did warn you but instead all I heard was that they’d signed chelseas best player lol. Oh well.guesing you’re beginning to understand now. Good luck for the next 3 years with him!

  2. Guys did we really lose 3-0 at home to Aston villa? My mind completely blocked out that nightmare of a game. Did it really happen ?

    1. @Arsenal why

      Yes it happened. We lost while playing the worst football I’ve seen from an Arsenal team, in a looooong while.
      The entire team was clueless and lethargic. The few chances we created, were wasted. Our former keeper, Martinez, was literally on holiday. He could easily have popped a can of soda and chewed some burger, while the game was going on.

  3. In one of his interviews, Willian mentioned something about Arteta’s approach being “frustrating”.
    He expects the players to always be in position.(something like that).
    I think it takes away much initiative from the players. Maybe he’s still finding it difficult to adapt to the coach’s approach.
    In the Man City game, he was even played out of position.
    Part of the blame, will definitely go to Arteta.

    1. The blame should land at everyone’s feet, it was a collective disaster, which could not really be blamed on fatigue as most of them had not played for a week.

      Siht happens and this season has already served a few helpings of it.

      From the failure of being able to move on the players you did not want, to wasting the talent of our £27m signing in Saliba and the total inability of our record signing to truly perform in the premier League. It’s all well and good scoring against Irish and Norwegian teams, but we spent £72m to get performances against the other big 5.

      Many of these players have now failed, Wenger, Emery, Ljungberg and now Arteta on the League. The days of a regular top 4 finish under Wenger seem a distant memory and as predicted, be careful what you wish for comes to mind.

      The current squad has so many uninspiring players and many that are off form. The uninspiring need to go, Macey, Sokratis, soares, ozil, mustafi, kolasinac, Luiz, mavropanos, xhaka, ceballos, lacazette, willian.

      Not one of that 12 would-be in my first x1 and most of them would not get in my 2nd x1

      Something needs changing in the coaching set up too, the manager and new coaches don’t seem to be getting the results and don’t even get me started on the under 23s manager.

  4. Arsenal should try by all means to sell Willian. If not, he still gonna milk this Arsenal cow for £200k/week, for 3yrs. It was a mistake and it needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Otherwise we gonna end up with a situation like Ozil’s

  5. I can not stop laughing since the start of season on all our fans who were celebrating Willian signing as if we signed Ronaldo or Messi 😂🤣😂. Some of the fans even started calling ppl spuds for critising Willian signing and calling him Chelsea discard. Where is that dude who said some fans have baron size of pea bec they are not giving a 33 year old EPl experienced player time to settle in. No wonder most fans n teams in EPL don’t take us serious any more bec some of our so called experienced and football expert fans have completely lost the plot. They think other teams discarded players will make us into champions as they will bring experience. …dream on dream on.

      1. Go check the old posts Dan, when ever we play exciting football and win or loose I always support the manager. Also you can check in my comments since the start of season even when we were winning I was still pointing out the problems and issues which were there starting with signing a 32 year old on 3 year long contact. I am realistic I don’t turn my blind eye to something just because we are winning. When the team plays good exciting football like we did against Man United and before lock down I always defended the team even when we went to small slump last season.

  6. From the start, I have said that Arsenal has become the Dump yard for these old players that have passed their best, which is a backward thinking and step to save club
    on transfer fees. These free transfers have turned out to cost the club a lot more than we are lead to believe. Firstly, I will maintain, that buying Willian was not a priority first signing Arsenal needed, as were well equipped with young talented players like Saka, Willock,Martinelli, Pepe and Nelson , who, needs more game time to build their confidence, as,they gain experience and develop the potential that they have shown. Instead of integrating these youngsters in premier league match squad , Arteta, have shown no confidence in them and is relying on these tired old experience guys, who, can no longer keep up their paces. In Europa league game against Molde,Willian started and Arsenal was down by a goal. Pepe replaced him, scores a goal and provides an assist, yet, Arteta says that Pepe must be more consistent and ask fans to be patient with Willian, who, hasn’t produced anything for the team since his first game. Secondly, Arteta claims that he sorry not to have included Saliba in the Europa cup league squad, yet, there are opportunities to play him in the premier league, because of the number of injuries facing our defense and he has not. I have observed that Arteta is blatantly showing his disregard for the players that Emery bought like Torriera, Guendouzi, Pepe and Saliba. Let’s hope that is not the case with Martinelli. Now is the time to overhaul the squad and incorporate more young talents. Hope that he will buy Dominik Szoboszlai in the January transfer window and offload Sokratis, Kolasinac, Mustafi, Ozil, Chambers, Mari and Willian. Next summer transfer window, Arsenal should sell Torriera,Guendouzi, Luis,Lacazette and Xhaha and buy Osdonne Eduoard(st), Boubakary Soumare(dm) and Diego Carlos (cb) to further improve squad. Arteta, please stop frustrating our young talents, give them more opportunities to play. Arsenal have lost four matches already with the tired squad. Willock, Nelson, Pepe and Saliba are the future of the club,but, they are part of the squad too.

    1. Every word you commented is fact…I said to my son for the Molde match that Pepe had proved his worth to be called up in the 1st 11 for the next PL match…that Arteta was only subbing him to preserve any injury…Boy was I dead wrong! ‘Such lack of loyalty’ as Ozil put it…how can you be clearly in top form and not be the first name on the team sheet? And then be accused of inconsistency on top of that???
      You mentioned Martinelli? After manhandling Kante and beating Kepa leaving especially Lacazette to horde the spotlight…Arteta decides he doesn’t want to put the weight of the team on the youngster’s shoulders so as not to overburden him…Oh Well!

  7. He should be benched! To remind him that every time we need him he should be there! Not taking other players chances and wasting our time by doing nothing!

    Look at him in the EL games when he plays! He is LOST!
    Pepe can play with Willock and Nelson while this guy he is lost with all of our players!

    He should be benched because he doesn’t understand his role, or his position in the formation!

  8. Willian is an absolute waste of a salary. I said this after our second game. What worries me is the fact that it has taken Arteta 9 games, to possibly think what many were thinking after game 2. Sadly Laca and Bellerin are no better and if Arteta persists with these players and his failed formations, then i will add Arteta to the list non performing personnel. We are going backwards fast. If we lose to Leeds playing like we fid on Sunday, then even Arteta needs to rethink and be honest about his job.

  9. I was shocked to see Willian on the first goal not picking up a player that created a goal. He showed no commitment, no fighting spirit. He was just a passenger. He is turning to be a liability to the club.

    1. Willian was just a passenger honestly, you can say that brother. In my honest opinion, i will not be surprised to see Willian starting the Leeds game ahead of Pepe. Its like Arteta is pretending that he cannot see that Willian has nothing to offer in our team. I am beggining to doubt if he is the right man for the job.

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