Willian outlines European ambition that he shares with Mikel Arteta

Willian claims that he and Mikel Arteta have plans to win the Champions League within the three years that he is expected to stay at the Emirates and that is one of the reasons that he signed for the Gunners.

The Brazilian was offered a three-year deal by the Gunners recently after he ran down his contract with Chelsea.

He is one of the experienced players that Arteta has targeted to help his young team in the coming campaign.

Arsenal has been absent from the Champions League for the past few seasons and they lost touch with the Premier League’s top four.

The Gunners, however, ended last season on a positive note and Arteta has proven that if he is backed, he will get Arsenal back among the top sides and Willian claims he joined to win the Champions League under the Spaniard.

Willian told SunSport: “One of the reasons I wanted a three-year deal was to be part of a plan, not just a player passing through.

“When I talked with the manager he told me why he needed me for three years.

“It was that he first wanted to qualify for the Champions League and win it by the time I left. That was what I wanted to hear.

“I was at Chelsea for seven years and won everything except the Champions League.

“Hopefully this move will give me the trophy I haven’t got as well as another Premier League title.”

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  1. Need to move out the deadwood and recruit first before talking about winning champions League.. seems we can’t offload anyone 😂

          1. So much for my prediction haha!!
            Sevilla win The Sevilla Cup!!
            You were right about Lukaku scoring twice – as it was an OG right?! 😜

          2. Hahaha yeah I certainly called that 😂😂 they’ll be back in it next year when they get dumped out of the champions League 😂😂 but to be fair Diego Carlos should have been sent off so Sevilla were fortunate! Champions League final tomorrow, prediction Sue?

          3. Haha I’m going for a Bayern win too Sue 3-1 and Gnarby netting at least one 😉 could Gabriel be announced tomorrow? I’m reading that online… Please 🙏

          4. Yes Gnabry to score (& Neymar, finally 😆)
            If it isn’t announced, as well as Auba, I think you’ll hear me scream!! Talk about doing my head in!!! Haha!

          5. I heard he could have been suspended because he swapped shirts the other night ? Lewandoski must be nearing 60 goals this season 😂 he’s bound to score tomorrow Sue 😄 haha yeah I know it’s getting ridiculous and I saw him board a plane to Italy the other day, we’re playing Liverpool next week and he’s off on holiday 😛 and we’re not even back in training lol

    1. Absolutely we do need to offload the deadwood and it’s been needed ever since Wenger and Gazitas left BUT im reading Arteta is putting TEN players up for sale,Auba will sign new deal,Willian signed for free,Gabriel close and maybe two other top players to jion ohh did i add we just won the fa cup and Ozil,Giandouzi being told that Arteta is the boss at Afc not the players.
      I can see the light again……..
      At last

  2. A great ambition. We are with u, 100% in this great project. May the mgt be in sync as well. It can’t be a tall order if the will is there. Ride on folks.

  3. Just seen video of Troopz with Auba and Willy,Auba.
    Auba is happy at Afc,he is a nice guy AND for 100% sure he is gonna sign dat thing.
    Ps i don’t understand a word Troopz says but Auba and Willy seem to and they love Troopz so well done Troopz keep tge love for our best player strong.

  4. Great ambition. This is what we’ve needed in our management. Arteta has a vision to make this happen and I trust him with it. We need to get behind him 100%.

  5. 100% behind MA.. 100% behind Willy.. other players need to give themselves a target so the full team is in sync and let’s do this.

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