Willian racially abused and calls for more to be done

Arsenal attacker Willian has become the latest player to be racially abused and he has called for more to be done.

The Premier League has seen several incidences of players being subjected to racial abuse on social media in recent weeks.

As authorities work hard to kick out the menace from the game, the abusers are not showing any willingness to stop any time soon.

Willian has struggled for form since he joined Arsenal from Chelsea for free in the summer.

He has lost his place in the team in recent months as Mikel Arteta fields others who are delivering.

He was a late sub in Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Benfica yesterday and suffered the abuse after the game.

The Brazilian took to his Instagram account to post a screenshot of the latest attacks from the racists.

On the first screenshot, he added: ‘Something needs to change! The fight against racism continues’

On the second, he wrote: ‘One more’.

Willian is already having a hard time at the Emirates as he struggles to justify being given a three-year deal at the club.

He will need all the support he can get at this time.

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  1. At his age, Arsenal were simply mad to give him a 3 year deal. Edu & Co must be gluttons for punishment or completely nuts. I wonder what ridiculous contracts THEY are all on.

  2. I don’t think football is helping itself by insisting on this taking a knee. BLM is divisive, in fact putting a colour, religion, etc in front of anything is divisive. I feel it’s having the opposite effect it originally set out to achieve. As a father of a mixed race child, it sends out a confusing message to kids and simply makes a bad situation worse.

    1. I really don’t see the point in taking the knee and no one should be forced to do so.. If it was me I would not be taking the knee for BLM knowing their history and their violence (I’m talking about BLM not black people & I’m black myself).. This generation is getting worse where every one is a snow flake who cannot take an insults or banter..

      1. I think kneeling is a subservient act and gives the wrong signals.
        Do as Bob Marley sang… “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights”.

  3. No matter how bad a player’s form, there is no way any person should be abused because of their race, religion, sexual preferences, etc.

  4. If you are in a room with a 100 people you will find at least one dipstick.If you are on the internet with millions people then that small percentage of nasty people multiplies into hundreds.If I was famous I would probably avoid the social media unless I could learn to ignore the nastiness that these vile people spout out.Unfortunately these people who have nothing better to do then spread their bitterness are always going to be out there until they get banned.James Blunt has a good approach that deals with the trolls by using humour and disdain.I may not be a fan of his music but he has a career in stand up comedy.

  5. People will always be abused in some way or form, everyone on the planet is on the receiving end.

    Skin Colour
    Hair Colour

    You name it, someones been abused for some reason.

    Its a reality of life. In no way should you accept it but you do need to learn to rise above it.

    Very unpopular opinion but people really need to toughen up a bit….

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