Willian says Goodbye – “Unfortunately it didn’t happen for me at Arsenal”

So Willian’s ill-fated time at Arsenal has finally come to the end, cut short by his terrible form on the pitch and the acrimony of the fans to the ex-Chelsea winger.

He can now return to Corinthians in Brazil, which is where he started his career before his move to Europe, but he has written an honest farewell to Arsenal fans and admits that it just didn’t work out for him at the Emirates.

It didn’t start well for the Brazilian as he was branded as just another Chelsea Pensioner moving across London to get one more big massive payday in the retirement home for ex-Blues, and despite starting well in his first ever game for the Gunners, his form dropped away and he soon became a figure of fun, although a very expensive figure.

Anyway, this is what he wrote inn his farewell note to Arsenal fans….


I would like to thank Arsenal for the opportunity they have given to me and for the warm welcome received by everybody at the club.

Unfortunately things on the pitch didn’t go the way we had all planned and hoped, I received a lot of criticism especially from some members of the press that I had come here for financial reasons… I hope with my actions today explain to those people and they now understand that was not the case. I hope it teaches some people that they should not be so quick to pass judgement and creat bad environments to make themselves important even though I accept that’s part of the game.

All my career I have done everything to be the best I can be I always want to win and I find it hard to accept not doing so. Unfortunately it didn’t happen for me at Arsenal and I am sorry about that.

I came to England in 2013 and I have enjoyed every minute of my time here. I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way to play in this wonderful league that is full of heart and spirit.

To the Arsenal fans I am sorry we never got to meet properly due to the pandemic but I know your desire for success and your support for the club is incredible so I wish you all the best for the future because you deserve it. To everyone else involved with this historic club I wish you all the best for the future.

Willian has certainly gained a little respect for not simply sitting out his contract and counting the money, as certain former Arsenal players have done.

So, it just leaves me to say, goodbye and good luck back in your homeland…

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  1. Willian will forever have my respect, sky is reporting that he terminated his contract himself, he could have just sit down and “honour” his 240k 2 years contract like one best midfielder we used to have. Good luck Willian.

  2. Yeah, very nicely done by Willian. Didn’t have to do any of that. He really exposed the incompetence of MA/Edu.


  4. That one year wages he had received should be paid back by Edu and Atetar. What a waste of resources. But to Willian, You’re a man with integrity, you have set another standard for the club in the future.

  5. Good luck Willian, you tried, we tried, it did not work out, but admire your honesty and intergrity to walk out of an amazing contract, while you could have “honored the contract”, blah, blah! The only grudge I have is that you liked a comment of CFC wining ove us, that was in bad taste. Other than that, wish him luck and good health. Willian, Mkhitaryan, even Iwobi (earned us a decent transfer fee) had a better concience than the others. Willian you will be remembered for your 1 goal and 5 assists, by your and our standards that was poor,another and his fan club gloated with 1 goal and 2 assists to their name.

  6. Willian is getting a 15 mill pay off to leave the club.
    His letter” is the usual scripted bollocks.
    Crazy some people actually believe this nonsense.
    It will be Kolasinacs turn to publish his
    scripted nonsense next.

    1. Show us proof or are you saying we should believe you and not what sky reported or do you have an inside source.

    2. What proof have got to back up your claim?just more misinformation/lies,you should be ashamed of yourself,even if he did that’s a saving of 13M for a club that desperately need every penny but also freeing a space for another player,next thing you’re going to tell us that in his position you’d have walked away without taking a penny is that it!it must be exhausting to think everything is either a lie or a PR stunt no??how sad to be so blinded by your hatred/dislike for Wilian that you can even give him credit,had he stayed you would have been calling him a mercenary,a fraud……

  7. Respect to Willian. When we played Chelsea in his early days, he was one of the players I feared most even when he was only came on as sub.
    I honestly thought he would do a good job for us but it didn’t work out that way. Best wishes to the man.

  8. Well done to Willian. He has been a model professional his whole career while playing under hugely successful coaches for club and country.

    Since his move to us, it was very clear something is very wrong at Arsenal. I just think the coaching/tactics are so bizarre that even an EPL veteran couldn’t grasp what was being asked of him. No wonder everyone looks lost on the pitch.

    All the best Willian!

  9. Here are some excerpts from another former much loved Arsenal legend.
    “It’s difficult for me to put into words the love I feel for this club and the fans.
    North London took me in as one of its own, and every season I embarked on a different project to bring happiness to this incredible community.
    Hearing my name chanted around Emirates Stadium will forever give me goosebumps, and the memories I’ve made putting on this jersey will stick with me for life. Whilst I may be no longer playing for the club, I will continue to support them in every game they play. I will be a Gunner for life – no doubt about that.”
    Mesut Ozil.

  10. In a dog eat dog world, I respect Willian for his honesty
    Good luck and apologies from me for doubting your integrity on the odd occasion

    1. That’s very big of you @SueP,none of us always get it right and there is no shame in admitting it actually the opposite,it takes guts and I applaud you and you have my respect for doing so.

  11. Kind of funny, people going on about someone winding down their contract and not playing. We aren’t aware of the circumstances surrounding such situations, yet many jumped on Ozil for doing so. He and AFC signed a binding contract. That the manager orii or school for whatever reason doesn’t play him or appreciate his talents, has zero to do with the binding contact signed. In certain anyone of you would have gotten the most out of your employer had you been in a similar situation…IJS

  12. All the best to him it didn’t work out the way he would have wanted and arteta Is partly to blame.

  13. The biggest achievement of the summer window by a country mile!
    Thanks to everyone for making this happen.
    Willian for putting sports before money. I hope Ozil is watching and preparing a suitable tweet
    Management and agent for recognizing the mistake that was Willian’s deal and working to reverse it
    In spite of the disappointment of the season on the pitch so far, I think the squad is shaping up to Arteta’s dream, so he’d have absolutely no excuse if by end of the first half of the season we don’t begin to see evidence of genuine progress in his team

    1. And so what Declan?even if he walked away having saved Arsenal 10M instead off his full over 20M,he should still be congratulated for it,for someone who “supposedly” worked on contracts worth millions,I find it baffling that you can’t even give him credit for it,I guess people walking away from multi-millions contracts must be a recurring & regular thing , I’ll let you answer this question since you are a so called expert!!

    2. Declan so you mean your source is more reliable than sky sports, because sky said he terminated his contract and that he saved us 20million.

      1. Leno not only Sky but D.Orstein who is usually quite reliable when it comes to Arsenal but apparently his sources seem to know better.

  14. I’m not usually in the business of agreeing with Fairfan or Declan, but on this matter it seems far more likely that they’re right than wrong…certainly he’s not receiving the full amount or there would have been some sort of NDA signed by both parties, but I find it very difficult to believe that any client of KIa would rip up maybe their last lucrative contract on principle alone…on a side note, for all those that kept yammering on about Willian being an Edu recruit, please make note of this comment made by his agent, “Arteta made several presentations to Willian and made it clear he would be the focus point of how he would build the team around him” this my friends is a sackable offence, considering the implications of this selfish miscalculation

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