Willian “will bring a lot of joy to Arsenal”

The arrival of Willian in the summer brought a mixed reaction from Arsenal fans. We all knew how good he could be when he played for Chelsea and we had high hopes he would bring some trickiness and energy to our play.

But things have not worked out at all so far, and it can’t help his confidence that he is getting more and more abuse from Gooners after yet another uninspiring performance, and he seems to be a victim of his lack of self-belief at the moment.

But his countryman (and ex-Chelsea team-mate) David Luiz is very sure that the 32 year-old will regain his former confidence and skill. “Few people know the person Willian. But those who do know can’t say they don’t love him. Because everyone loves him as a person,” Luiz told ESPN Brasil.

“Everyone knows the player Willian. And everyone knows Willian’s potential. And he doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone after so many years at the highest level. And he’s in a moment which is not so pleasant on the individual level because things are not happening.

“But he’s an experienced, intelligent guy, who knows what he should know, and what he must do every day.

“You don’t see Willian murmuring about training, you don’t see Willian not training. He’s always dedicated, he’s looking for the best, to improve, to grow. You don’t see Willian with an ugly face on the bench. All those things.

“So he’s a guy who will get through this, he will get through this moment and he’ll still bring a lot of joy to Arsenal, to this club. Because there’s this turbulence, just as I had in the first few months.

“It’s not easy, you change clubs, from one rival to another, you have all the cannons facing you. Everything you do people will compare [to what you’d done before].

“Supporters on one side who loved you are sad because you left and are nervous. Supporters on the other side, who cheered against you, are like, ‘I’m not going to like this guy who came from the other side’.

“You end up feeling, in a way, just a little unsure until you adapt. My first months weren’t easy, and that’s what I try to pass on to Willian. ‘Calm down, things will work out, things will happen. Just keep working because you’re you, there’s no way to change. You’re a great person and you’re a great player. Calm down. Things are going to happen’.

“That’s what we try. Everyone already loves Willian here, so I know that things will happen in the best possible way soon.”

Well it does seem strange that Willian has not really performed for Arsenal since the Fulham game at the start of the season, but he does get severely scrutinized by fans in every single game. Maybe if us fans started believing in him, he may start believing in himself?

This run of bad form can’t last forever. Form is temporary, but class is permanent…


  1. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    I remember chuckling when I read this article earlier this morning…nothing like a vote of confidence from our head of Brazilian scouting…why did it take so long for him to come to the defence of his brethren, it’s not like Willian just arrived during the January transfer window…maybe Luiz was just trying to find a way to kill some time during his red card vacation…it’s funny in a way because I used to like Luiz, but not for his defensive capabilities, it was his ability to pick the odd long pass or shoot from distance or go for an unexpected run, unfortunately we rarely see that Luiz, and rightly so, as he’s no longer possesses the athleticism required to do those things, except on occasion…which simply means we’re left with all the things people considered to be the weakest aspects of his game…nobody defeats father time

  2. Joe. S says:

    A lot of nonsense. It might sound good in Portuguese,but in English it is all so phoney. William has 16 games to make some amends to the popular view that he is a lost cause,but to say that he has potential is a bit rich. Not wanting to stereotype, it seems that Brazilian players ,think Ronaldo and Ronaldinho tend to peak around William’s age and there is usually no comeback.

  3. Khadii says:

    Potential isn’t a word you want to associate someone with at 32years of age in the football game.
    He isn’t Smith Rowe or Saka or even Cottrell.

    We can only hope things improve in his game as it would be in our favour.
    But i’m starting to lose hope, cos he isn’t getting any younger.

    There’s a big difference between playing in the defense and playing in attack. You tend to burn more energy in the midfield and attacking areas.. something i doubt Willian still has.

  4. Gunner4life says:

    He was quite good at Chelsea but for us he has underwhelmed so far and his half season report would be: not Worth a first team place. Lacks confidence in front of goal. Free kicks and corners very inconsistent and simply doesn’t look 100% match fit.
    Had Nelson performed by like him he wouldn’t be near the squad so he is playing purely to prove the manager is right. Arteta should be learn and play the best players not those with big reputations. He has to earn his position just like everyone else. Arteta has to really be sure about who he brings in as his judgement alone on players is and never be wholly right. (e.g. Runnarson, Willian, Bellerin, Nketia)

  5. Akora Sam says:

    Willian can be and is a good player but he is being played in the wrong position. His best position is the left flank

    1. jon fox says:

      Best position? Id say an armchair! LAZY SOD!

  6. ThirdManJW says:


  7. Trudeau says:

    He’s improving and I think he’ll continue to have flashes of his Chelsea days. I doubt though that he’ll ever justify his salary. Yes form is temporary and class is permanent but Father Time is omnipresent

  8. pires says:

    “Willian brings a lot of joy to Arsenal” but not on the pitch…..

  9. brimzim says:

    wiilian needs to improve ASAP

  10. jon fox says:


  11. Durand says:

    Rubbish from Luiz, rather than give speeches perhaps a boot to Willian’s backside will get him in gear.

    Club is not paying Willian for character or accomplishments at Chelsea, he’s getting massive wages to have an impact at Arsenal.

    Currently his only impact is massively denting our wage structure. He’s an abject failure so far; all his experience and time in PL and he’s shown nothing. Pathetic on defense and passenger on offense.

    Younger players need the gametime, he’s a cup player until he finds his appetite and desire. Indefensible so far and better off forgotten and banished.

    1. pires says:

      Offloading the fraud Ozil to end up with Willian is pathetic….

  12. jon fox says:

    This foolish phrase “class is permanent” is laughably wrong for this reason; Permanent means for the rest of time, not til an older player legs and enthusiasm have clearly waned , as Wiliams has.

    It was, as all can see, a disastrously stupid thing to let William come here. Total waste of money and he should never have come. A dreadful mistake!

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