Willian’s agent labels each Arsenal signing of the last two years as a ‘disaster’

Agent Kia Joorabchian has claimed that something is wrong at Arsenal, labelling each of their signings over the past two years as a ‘disaster’.

The agent spoke live on talkSPORT this afternoon about Willian’s exit from the club, with his client agreeing to cut his contract short by two years without requesting any form of severance package, and he opened up about that situation, before going onto open up about the club’s struggles of late.

Joorabchian labelled each signing of Arsenal’s over ‘the last couple of years’ as a ‘disaster’, insisting that something is ‘wrong’ at the club at present, before claiming that the manager is not the one at fault.

“Unfortunately, I’d have to say, which player has moved to Arsenal that has not been a disaster in the last couple of years? That one I speak as a fan,” he said live on air.

“I don’t think this is about WIllian. I think something has gone wrong [at Arsenal] and this is just one piece of the puzzle.

“Nobody blames Arteta, we all want Arteta to do well. Even as fans, they might be disgruntled at the moment but they want the best for the football club. Willian wants all the success for Arteta and this Arsenal team.

“Corinthans is a perfect marriage, they have 40 million fans, he began his career at the club…”

I’m a little perplexed by Kia’s comments, especially given that he has been at the centre of more than one of those signings, but I don’t think anyone can outright disagree that there isn’t something wrong in North London, as consecutive eighth placed finishes followed by our disastrous start to the new season on top of that.


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  1. Oh no kia what do you say. some say arteta is trying to fix the mess let by his predecessors… But instead of that he renew some and he madr even biggers signings disasters… It is kroenke fault. It was kia joorabchian fault etc…

  2. Interesting read on Willian’s move to Brazil.
    Source: SportWitness

    “As Arsenal and Corinthians both announced the transfer of Willian, the Brazilian media comes up with a few more details about the move.

    UOL now features a story claiming the player only managed to rescind his contract with the Gunners once he gave them his word he’d only join the Brazilian side.

    It’s said Arsenal director Edu Gaspar didn’t want the player to reinforce any other club in England or in Europe.

    That’s why, even though Willian believed he’d still have some market on the old continent, the conditions for such a move would be different, with the Gunners likely to demand a fee.

    According to UOL, Willian’s staff claim he agreed a 70% reduction on the money he would have received had he stayed at Arsenal. That means salaries plus bonuses.

    It seems Arsenal demanding him to return to Brazil is why the winger couldn’t agree a move to Lyon or Olympique Marseille.

    It’s said he knew the Gunners would only release him once he showed the offer from Corinthians, and that’s how it went.” (sic)

  3. Good horses comes from good stables……..super agent kia will deal with very good players…….He is talking about the players he transferred to Arsenal………….I think Kia is hinting at the manager………..!

  4. Including William….As the french proveb says”c’est l’hôpital qui se moque de la charité””the hospital mocks charity”

  5. Interesting that he says “the last two years”…. under what manager and sporting director would that be?

    He cannot have delved too far back either, as I refer to PHIL’S list of AW’s duds and, of course, good old gazidis’s try at being jack of all trades and master of none.

    1. I love ” Interesting that he says “the last two years”…. under what manager and sporting director would that be? ”

      Yes who might be these two persons LOOOOL.

      Thus said,they are still there. Problem is… Should owners sack them now, after investing many and many millions on the players they wanted (MA almost brought a new entire team : cedric, gabriel, mari, white, tomiyasu, lokonga, odegaard, nuno, ramsdale while keeping or sometimes even renewing contracts of the guy he wanted here : leno, elneny, auba, esr, xhaka, holding). We can also be hopeful that they learnt from their mistakes as they were relatively newbies. So question is : should they be sack now (not sure and not coherent with the millions spent) or should they be given at least some more months ? Both presents risks : they might sink even more the club staying… A new manager might want again to reshape all the roster or being forced to cope eith MA/edu signings and not do better. IMO, they should have been gone last mid-year after this terrible and way worse serie than emery at the start of the season. Now that they did not decide that and backed them this whole summer, the club should/has to stick with them a few more months before deciding anything. Rxcept if they cant win any lf the next 3 games (which would show that the problem is deeper than expected)

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