Willian’s wages a stumbling block in finding new club

How can Arsenal offload Willian on these wages?

Major League Soccer club Inter Miami have pulled the plug on a deal for Arsenal’s Willian, after failing to agree to the player’s wage demands, according to SunSport.

The Arsenal man reportedly wanted around £8.7million a year – £167,000 per week – to play in MLS which was deemed unfeasible by David Beckham’s side.

It is a blow to both Inter Miami’s coach Phil Neville and Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta. While Neville wanted the former Chelsea star to replace Mexican international Rodolfo Pizarro, Arteta was happy to see Willian’s back after an underwhelming season at the Emirates Stadium last campaign.

The MLS side wanted to offload Pizarro to free up a foreign spot, which the former Manchester United and Everton player was hoping to give it to Willian, before his wage demands proved to be the last straw in their pursuit.


Gonzalo Higuain is the current top earner at Miami, pocketing around £80,500 per week. While Willian was reportedly asking for more than the double of that fee.

Beckham will continue to work with Inter Miami’s board in identifying and recruiting a star name for his team, after seeing Higuain’s struggles with fitness. The Argentine was benched in a match against DC United on 19th June and has already been handed a fitness regime by the club to get back to the desired level.

Offloading Willian makes every bit of sense, financially and from a fan’s perspective too. The 32-year-old made 37 appearances for Arsenal, scoring just one goal.

The most annoying thing about Willian last season was not his poor form, but the reluctance of making a genuine effort in a match. Arsenal cannot waste another season with the Brazilian.

He is not just pocketing a big salary, but he’s also eating up the minutes of Nicolas Pepe and Gabriel Martinelli.

Thus, a decision on his future should be made as soon as possible.

Yash Bisht


  1. Ozziegunner says:

    One always expected Willian to perform better than he did; however he let a lot of people down including himself, with his insipid performances. The wages offered by Arsenal for a three year contract for someone of his age, were ridiculous from the get go.

    1. SueP says:

      Agree ozziegunner
      It amazes me that he and others like him have so little shame. Take the money and enjoy counting it thereafter
      The 3 year contract was a very poor decision. Wenger had a rolling one year extension for a reason for players over the age of 30

      1. guy says:

        Agree SueP totally shameless. In the past he was refeered to as a “model pro”! Having said how embarrassed he was and that he’d find himself a new club he then does this. Unlucky to get two rotten apples in quick succession, but its our own fault putting them in a position to laugh at us.
        The blatent money grabbing, disloyal attitude of more and more footballers now risks creating a disconnect and mistrust between fans and players that may prove irreparable, and I find this story more sad than infuriating.

      2. VasC says:

        The fans must share a part of the blame too.

        Many among us clamor for the club to sign big game players. And big game players and their agents have deep pockets.

        Gotta fill them up to the brim!!!

        1. ahmad73 says:

          Fans never clamor for over the hill (big name) players! And you make it sound like you and I have any influence on who Arsenal sign. I assure you we have none.

    2. ThirdManJW says:

      Couldn’t agree more Ozziegunner!

      I didn’t want Willian from the get go, not because we wasn’t a good player, mainly that we get screwed EVERY time we buy a player from one of our rivals…especially from Chelsea.

      We should have never signed him on the basis of the contract length and high wages, but from a playing perspective, his signing made some sense. He was free, we did need another winger at the time, rarely do we buy a player from the EPL, so that was refreshing, and he already lived in London. He had been a quality player for Chelsea, so his awful performances have been a surprise to everyone.

      It’s great that we seem to be bringing more younger players in, and players with something to prove.

      1. Reggie says:

        Can i remind people, Ronaldo, Messi, Ramos and many more top players are still doing it deep into 30s.

  2. Grandad says:

    Yet another example of incompetent Management, the principal guilty party in this case being Edu who was instrumental in bringing Willian to Arsenal.The only way to encourage him to leave is to omit him from our nominated squad for next season.If he still has any genuine love for the game , he may then agree to join the Beckham circus.

  3. 03 gooner says:

    I’m a bit disappointed we haven’t managed to offloaded any players yet with them not involved in the euro’s/copa America except xhaka and torreira
    Ot concerning Ben white first there was speculation of man city then Everton look to hijack the deal but I would take those rumours it with a pinch of salt as I remember the same thing happened with Gabriel last summer with rumours Man utd and psg were trying to steal in. Also the fairly reliable Chris Wheatley said the deal to us is all but done, just waiting for the euro’s conclusion.

  4. Sue says:

    Rinse and repeat

    1. 03 gooner says:

      Sue I wouldn’t worry atm I just think it’s media outlets doing what they do best, trying to cause a stir amongst our fanbase

  5. Tas says:

    Let’s not forget Willian shares top assist for last season alongside BS and ESR

    Let’s just hope he will do better this season after realizing his dropped from world stage as a great player

  6. Aaron says:

    We are not getting rid of this guy.

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