Willian’s weekly pay revealed and one wonders why Arsenal made 55 redundant

Arsenal has just completed the signing of former Chelsea winger, Willian on a three-deal.

The Brazilian left Stamford Bridge because the Blues would not hand him a three-year deal and he has gotten that at Arsenal.

The move is the second time in consecutive summers that players have moved from Chelsea to Arsenal after David Luiz did the same move last summer.

Some fans may think the Brazilian will bring much-needed experience to the Arsenal attack and possibly make them a top-four side again, it won’t of course.

But the Gunners have just made 55 staff redundant in response to the financial losses brought about by covid19.

Because of this, their financial business will always catch the public’s attention and Mail Online has just revealed the numbers behind their move for Willian.

It reveals that the Brazilian will be paid a weekly wage of £220,000 to play for the club for the next three seasons, with the option of a fourth.

The report claims that the player has agreed to personal terms with the Gunners for some time now and that although his weekly basic wage is lower than what he made at Chelsea, he will get an overall bigger weekly package that will include other bonuses like image rights and signing-on fees.

This is another joke signing by Arsenal that makes almost no football sense and even less financial sense.

After David Luiz and now Willian, you have to wonder what Chelsea pensioner Arsenal will sign next season on stupendous wages while probably laying off even more lowly paid staff.

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  1. I think Martin that as taken into account the signing on bonus which is 15 mill so 120k a week plus 100k a week for 3 years signing on .
    The Daily Fail is a joke paper with 8year olds attuning for them and they are not a fan of AFC .

    1. So overall a 30 mil outlay if the reports are true ,not too shabby seeing we can sell him if it does not work out anyway ,and this a player who Barca bid 50 mil for 18 months ago

  2. It says everywhere else that it’s 100k pw, I wonder where Mail Online got 220 from, it’d be a let down if it’s true though.
    Regarding the redundancies, I believe that’s just down to the club not needing them any longer, not about the pay cuts or COVID-19. Anyways, that’s one signing down, and a few more to go, let’s hope Partey is next!… COYG!!

  3. The mail online said it so it MUST be true!! Let the man kick a ball before you call the signing “a joke”. What if we get top 4 is it still a joke? Top four and a trophy? You wouldnt even mention the 55 redundancies if it was a signing you agreed with me thinks.

  4. Seen Mislintat said Arsenals scouting setup was overpopulated dysfunctional and not fit for purpose. This was always the plan producing a very small amount of first team regulars in the last 15 years. When you compare Leipzig and now Atalanta it proves Sven was right

    1. It looks good on him Sue. Can’t wait for Partey to also be in the red and white. What a sight to behold.

      1. Very fetching, Kstix 😄
        Omg if that does happen, it’ll definitely be a ‘pinch me, am I dreaming’ moment haha!!
        We’ve seen how slow they were with announcing Willian… Auba and Partey will be in 2022 at this rate 😂

  5. Read somewhere that he will only 220k if we qualify for top 4 and also win europa league but for now its 100k

  6. LOL Daily Mail? Next…. Every reliable source says 100k per week. Of course there are bonuses, just like every players contract has bonuses. This is an obvious ploy to anger Arsenal fans as usual. Wont give anymore attention to this drivel that spends half their finances stalking Meghan Markle behind some bushes.

  7. I wrote in another article, approx. two hours ago, wait for the Willian knocking to start once he has a bad game.

    I predicted the contract, the salary, the fact that he is a Chelsea old boy would all feature in the criticism, as Willian becomes the latest whipping boy for the doom and gloom merchants – it seems I was about three weeks (or the Community Shield game) out.

    Regarding the 55 redundancies and Willian, I guess poor old kronkie will be on the phone next week, asking him to take a pay cut, in order to avoid any more of his billions having to be used to protect his employees!!!

  8. i see no problem in willians pay, thats just this stupid footballing environment we are in. His pay is no more rediculous than many other excellent professional footballers. Lets remember Real Madrid, i think offered 50 big ones to chelsea last season for his services. His pay is what is about par. If he is a success it will be a bargain, if not we overpaid for him. I for one am pleased he is an Arsenal player, he is class.

    1. Oh and by the way, i was made redundant in March and my company is now taking people on again. Im pleased for them but i have and did decide to move on.

  9. Now we are assembling an over age team. Where did my Arsenal go? Arteta should do better than that. Get young players to build on not the Williams..

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