Is Jack Wilshere better as a CM or a Number 10 for Arsenal and England?

Gareth Southgate has claimed that Jack Wilshere was left out of his England squad due to his Arsenal role at present.

The England boss insisted that he wanted to pick the Gunners midfielder, but with him playing in a number 10 role at present, he doesn’t fit the system he is currently adopting.

Wilshere has been playing in an advanced midfield role in the past season-and-a-half, and is even tipped to challenge Mesut Ozil for his role as creator, but Southgate is of the belief that he should be in a deeper role.

‘Jack played as a number 10 all of last season on loan at Bournemouth,’ he said.

‘That is not the way we are playing. When we have played with a 10, we have had Dele [Alli] and [Adam] Lallana. But we are not playing with a 10 tomorrow [against Germany on Friday].

‘I don’t think Jack is a 10. I think he is a deeper player, but he is not playing deeper. You’d have to ask Arsene [Wenger] why that was.”

He added: ‘I want to be clear: I really like Jack Wilshere as a player. I think he is a talent and I really respect him as an individual. And I’m hoping that we are in a position in March where we can pick him.’

You would think that Wilshere would struggle to break into our central midfield roles at present, with Aaron Ramsey currently ranked amongst our best players. Ramsey and Wilshere would likely struggle with the discipline of the defensive duties should they be paired together, but he is certainly impressing in the advanced role this term.

Is Wilshere better centrally or more advanced? Could he challenge Rambo for his role? Could the pair play together?

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  1. Plankton says:

    Wilshere for striker in our upcoming game against Spurs. Wenger is so so predictable. Phew!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Hahaha… I agree with Southgate, Wilshere is more suitable as a deeper playmaker, because he is not creative enough to challenge Sanchez, Ozil, Alli and even Sterling in the number 10 position yet. His development got stuck because of his injuries and his bad habits.

      Wilshere and Ramsey would work well together, because they have high work rate, but they must be supported by a good defensive midfielder like Coquelin. More importantly, these midfielders should play under a better system to show their true abilities, which would not be possible under Wenger.

      Wilshere has a good ball control, but he often produces bad first touches, like Ozil. If Arsenal want to improve quickly, they cannot wait for Wilshere’s potentials, but they have to get a more skillful and more creative attacking midfielder as soon as possible.

      1. xxnofx says:

        your name might be gotanidea,,but you have no idea,,jackis 1 of the best number 10s in this league .noy sure what all this deep lying playmaker bullsh1t is all about

  2. Plankton says:

    Surely Jack can play there if Coquelin is played as a central defender. Only time will tell

  3. arsenal314 says:

    pair him with Ramsey once in a while,especially In home games.

  4. barryglik says:

    Considering Jack Wilshere’s
    terrible injury record
    it is quite remarkable we
    are having this conversation at all .
    Last season was Jack’s best season for 6 years
    starting 22 games and seven subs.
    This season Wenger has been very cautious with Jack starting
    him in 5 cup games + 1 sub and, 2 PL subs. 2 U21 games.
    So while its great to have Wilshere back playing its too early
    to push him onto International duty.
    Just appreciate Wilshere playing at all.

  5. Ruelando says:

    Southgate is just shifting the blame to Wenger for not selecting jack, however, I think Jack days as a deep lying play maker is done with, because that position requires a lot of tackling and in his most recent games Wenger had used him higher up in an attacking role, which is more suited for his skill set. The deep lying play maker Southgate should be working on is Shelby from Newcastle, jack should be given more time to build himself in the more and Vance role at arsenal and stay fit before thing of england

    1. arie82 says:

      y wrong, being deep lying playmaker doesnt have to tackling a lot, if y see the past players who mastered the rule of dlp, like pirlo, xabi, arteta and cazorla. They need side by side by dm.
      Pirlo ——– Gattuso milan
      Pirlo ——— Vidal/marchecio juventus
      Xabi ——— macherano/lucas liverpool
      Xabi ———- vidal bayern
      Arteta ——– song
      Cazorla——- coqelin
      We now have xhaka who fill the rule of dlp, but he partnered by an agressive cm, like ramsey, wilshere.
      In reality, xhaka have 2 job, being a dlp, and also a dm, which make him over job and being average performance at both job.

  6. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    No way! Wenger played a player out if position? That is unheard of

    *Falls off chair*

  7. Rkw says:

    Southgate is right …. As was xavi before him … About wilshire’s role, he should be the player linking our defence to attack…sadly wenger’s love affair with the utterly average Ramsey is hampering our filling this gap with a quality player in the post carzola era … Whether or not that is wilshire is an open question but for sure playing him out of position is bad for player club and country … The idea that winks or Livermore can do that will cost England in the summer

    1. Mobella says:

      If he is right about where Jack should play, he should call him up and play him there. It is as simple as that. It is not the first time a player/s play different role from the one they play for their club. He should shot up and focus on the players he called up.

      1. Innocent Ndiribe says:

        Southgate has only tell the world that he is just copy and paste manager. Does it matter where another manager play him. If he knows he is good, he should know where to play him. Or is he taking order from Arsenal manager. Please stop devaluing yourself publicly.

  8. Mobella says:

    All this excuses over what. First, he wasn’t playing enough for his club and now he plays in number 10. Who are you fooling. Coming out every now and then show there is something behind his non selection of Jack. To choose Livermore over him when there was space in the team confirms that.

  9. ZA_Gunner says:

    Wilshere lack physicality and falls too easily for that deeper playmaker role. I would rather use him as a 10 in the middle in place of Ozil. Regardless of a 10 or a CM, it wouldn’t be much a gamble to see if he will finally have an important role to play for this team since we can safe to say aren’t going to win the League this season and in light that Ozil will be sold in January. Otherwise we should be looking at bringing in a playmaker similar to Cazorla’s characteristics.

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