Wilshere and other Arsenal stars return, but who will play?

It is absolutely brilliant news for Arsenal that their treatment room has been emptied, and Jack Wilshere, Matthieu Debuchy, Abou Diaby, Serge Gnabry and Mikel Arteta all played in Arsenal’s Under 21 win over Stoke City reserves. Wilshere and Gnabry both played the whole game and Diaby even managed 70 minutes on the pitch, so their fitness can be taken on trust for now.

The problem all these players have is that they are aiming to come back to an Arsenal side that is in a perfect run at the moment, and with the club moving up to second in the table, will be aiming to carry on their winning streak right until the end of the season. This will make it hard for Wenger to juggle his personnel to fit in the returning players.

Wilshere knows it will be hard but he is still hoping that Wenger can fit him in somehow. He said after the game: “I feel like I’m ready to play some part. When you’re injured you look at your comeback date and the games around that time.

“The one that stands out is the FA Cup semi-final but even before that we’ve got big games and we’ve got to go to Man United as well so there’s a chance to play this season.”

“You can train as much as you like but you can’t get that match fitness unless you play.

“In the Premier League you know how quick it is so you have to get back to that speed.”

We all know that these returnees are all classy players in their own right, but unless the Gunners get hit with another injury list in the remaining games, I find it difficult to see how Wenger could take a chance by introducing any of them at the moment. Jack is suggesting that the FA Cup semi-final could be an (easier?) game to make some rotations, but, although Wenger usually takes chances with Cup games is he likely to do that in a semi-final?

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  1. rex says:

    I’d rather this kinda headache for wenger than Having few players to choose from due to injuries

    1. ArnSam says:

      Only Gnabry shud get his nose in during a convincing win

  2. muda says:

    Wilshere should not start any game this season. Welcome back though.

  3. jamesbrowney says:

    … The season has almost ended…. I don’t see them playing a full match….. Would have said they should be used in cup games, but those games are also important… The only persons I see coming back is Debuchy and Arteta.

  4. 007 says:

    Great to see the lads coming back… But for consistency and stability at a crucial stage of the season, I can only see Debuchy coming back in the starting 11 (not to say that Bellarin hasn’t been doing a great job) and for players like Jack and Arteta maybe some appearances off the bench depending on how the match is going.

  5. kamn288 says:

    Arteta will want to show who is the captain by asking Wenger to play him alongside Coquelin so that he can get another contract and as for wilshere he thinks he is still arsene’s best no 10 and thinks he can swim into the starting 11 even without proving his mediocre quality he has so that Dailymail can make jack has helped arsenal propel to finals of F.A cup. lol! lol! not going to happen jack no way!! hahahahaha

    1. Luko Bratzi says:

      Just watched Everton v Southhampton and Shniderlin was ordinary looked lazy this guy is 26 never heard of him till this season. Coquelin is 23 and every body knows about him in 3months of playing. Now what say you about if fit Diarby and stronger,could be the answer. He is as good as Schiderlin any day lets give him a run before season out, put the money in other areas like Left back as we now seem to be covered in other places,it just needs thinning out. I will leave that to Wenger CB

  6. Gunner says:

    They should atleast get sub appearances….esp in a game that we ahead..
    I liked the fact that AW subbed Ozil with us 3-0 up (saved him from any possible injuries)…
    Feel sorry for them though (Belerin owning Debuchys position, Le Coq way ahead of Arteta, and Wilshere – how does he slot in ahead of Ozil, Car, Ramsey, Sanchez)…

  7. Hafiz Rahman says:

    poor bellerin…..stagnant on the bench….

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @hafiz Rahman
      If you think about it. Hector is our most versatile player. His dribbling skills and pace,plus being 2 footed makes it possibly to slot him into either wing or flank…
      So there is no reason for him to “stagnate on the bench”

      1. Luko Bratzi says:

        And when he crosses a ball it doesn’t hit the opponent like Sagna did .What a difference to Sagna who was so overrated and the worsed RBack ever CB

  8. Invincibles49 says:

    Good times. Though my stomach is getting sick again at the thought of injuries at the start of the season and subsequent bad start resulting in the slip of the PL title. Hope we are lucky next time. Just want to see a fit squad challenging for the title so that we can really know for sure if we are good enough or not and injuries are the credible excuse for us not winning the PL.

    Fingers crossed for the next season. COYG!

  9. cheeterspotter says:

    Don’t fix it till its broken Arsene. Leave well alone.When the inevitable injury occurs, then’s the time to fix it.

  10. davidnz says:

    Debuchy yes.
    Gnabry don’t know yet.
    The rest are dead wood.
    Arteta Wilshere Diaby
    Podolski Campbel Sirnogoals
    Ryo Flamini . Rosicky?

    No doubt we will be told how all these players will
    be integral to Arsenals future for the next 500 years.
    “We don’t need any one” to keep the price of prospective purchases down. “We wont sell” to keep the price of prospective sales high.
    Even Diaby the worlds most injury prone player is being touted as fit after a kick about with the Stoke under 5’s told not to tackle any Arsenal player.

    1. jonestown1 says:

      Wenger is many things but completely bloody stupid isn’t normally one of them. If there was absolutely no chance of Diaby ever playing again for Arsenal he wouldn’t have bothered keeping him, wasting the physio’s time, reintegrating him etc . What is baffling everyone and annoying many is the loyalty Wenger has shown him. Dress it any way you want but I admire that.

  11. gooner954 says:

    i would let wilshere start semi final and rest ozil or cazorla
    definitely let wilshere go to the euros and get some tournament and game experience under him

  12. FFFanatic says:

    Lots of good news there! Now instead of looking to left backs and flamini to come on at 60 mins we can bring on players in their correct positions. Everyone should be getting some game time when they can, but not at the detriment to team stability. We need a mix of rotation and solidarity in order to take the mentality and form and turn it into consistency of performance for another 2 months.

  13. sanmi.marvellous says:

    That is Wenger challenge, why should we take aspirin for another man’s head ache ?????

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