Wilshere excited about Arsenal’s power to ‘hurt teams’ next season

Arsenal’s very own London Terrier Jack Wilshere is very excited about the firepower the Gunners have in our squad, and believes that we have the players that can punish our opponents next season. “We’ve got players who can hurt teams with Alexis and Ozil, world-class players we’ve added in the last two seasons,” Wilshere said.

“Ozil has had a great season, he’s settled, and Alexis having a first season like he’s had is unheard of, so we are looking forward to next season.

“Mesut’s a player I look up to. When he’s on the pitch, surrounded by players and under pressure, he’s always got his head up and looking around. There’s more to come from Mesut and I’m sure he’ll improve even more next season.”

The one thing that could hold Arsenal back is the ridiculous amount of injuries we have every year. Jack himself has missed a large chunk of this season and Ozil also lost a few months to injury, but definitely came back fitter and stronger. We already know that our Mr Duracell, Alexis, will miss the first month of the next campaign, but hopefully the rest of our squad will be fully prepared for the opening day.

Aaron Ramsey certainly believes we are in a position to be a real force next season. He said: “I think we are closing the gap on Chelsea. I think we have learned in the big games how to manage them and it will be important to go into next season now with that sort of mentality.

“If we can get off to a good start next year, put ourselves into contention we’ll have a good year and challenge for the Premier League.”

I can only agree with that assessment, but I would like one more marquee signing (or three!) to give us an extra boost before the opening game, but the main aim must be to have everyone superfit and ready to over-run our opponents from the first minute.

And hopefully the fixture list will be kind to us in the first month…..

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  1. Ivan Gazidis says:

    I’m excited to see what Wilshere will net in the transfer market! #WarChest

    1. Shankj says:

      At the start of the season, in first 10 games, the squad was fully fit (apart from 2-3 injuries of minor players). It is the wenger insistence of including wilshere in starting line up every time which cost the team in that phase. Ozil and cazarola are relegated to wings or either played as substitute. He has just 1 goal and 1 assist in that period, while playing in most important middle midfield position.
      Even now he has just one wonder strike (goal) in 5 odd matches after coming back from injuries and arsenal fans are hailing him again as their savior in next season. Are they blind to see that arsenal has more than double the win ratio when he doesn’t play????

    2. Just_Trolling says:

      Can ching is music to our ears

  2. Dan.M says:

    Giroud don’t hurt anyone defenders love playing against him his no threat ask your mates who don’t support arsenal they WANT him to start

    1. jonestown1 says:

      You say that but fan-fave Hummels named Giroud as one of the 4 toughest opponents he had ever faced. And my personal experience of fans of other teams is that they generally rate many of our players higher than we do. Scanning round other forums I am always amazed at what I find – there are plenty of fans out there who would take Walcott for instance, L’Pool.United, City even seen quite a few Chelsea fans who who fancy him as an alternative to Willian (they are hating on Cuadrado at the moment). Not suggesting they are world beaters but probably better than you imagine.

      1. themadhurata says:

        5 people thumb you down. just shows what sort of fan we have on this site. maybe they are trolls. lets just hope.

        yeah I hop on other teams’ forums and they don’t have a downer or laugh at our players like we do. a lot want Walcott. only stating that he is injury prone as a negative.

        wilshere had a decent season when he did play. played well for us and England. just played well when everyone else was off and a little fatigued due to the WC.

  3. Mick The Gooner says:

    Of course we should be setting out to win the league, win the cups and win the CL too, but that isn’t quite realistic, winning them all. For me, the absolute minimum we should demand for next season is this:
    1/4 final of either the FA Cup of League Cup.
    1/4 final of the CL.
    Finish within 4 points of the title winners.

    Anything worse and Wenger’s position should be questioned.

    That doesn’t mean anything better is a ‘successful season’ a successful season will be winning the league. Winning the CL would be too of course, but the league is far more likely.

  4. Young Gun_AFC says:

    Firstly i’ve noticed in the past few posts a lot of CLICK BATE posts that are just ridiculous. Do not start becoming goal.com. Change your click bate ways for the good of the readers and commenters.
    Anyways, in some news of significance, Di Marzio (really reliable journalist) has said that Inter Milan are speaking to Kondogbias agent but face comeptition from Arsenal. Not surprised that Wenger is interested in him, young, french, powerhouse and bossed us a couple times. Milan do not have a leg to stand on in this one in my opinion. Mid-table team, no champions leauge why on earth would he choose them over arsenal?! Would be a great signing if it happens. Competition for COQ and much needed depth and secutiry. Chelsea have matic, ramires and mikel. We have Coq, flamini and arteta. The difference in quality is clear. Coquelin is the only reliable one we have. Kondogbia or another powerhouse DM is needed.

    1. Bigvalbowski says:

      I remember watching Kondogbia alongside Pogba and Sanagoa in the 2013 U20 WC thinking this kid was the best player in the tournament. Would be a HUGE addition to the squad for years to come

    2. jonestown1 says:

      Yes, click-bait all the way now for 3 months. The more disciplined on here will retire for the summer and come back in early August to see what has happened.

      Matic is quality. JOM isn’t. And would you seriously start Ramires in a CDM role over Arteta. I’d call him a one-trick pony if I could work out what his one trick was. He reminds me of a skinny down-market Eboue – never really entirely sure what he is doing or what he will do next.

      1. Young Gun_AFC says:

        As you said, Mikel is not quality, but he is a better DM than arteta and flamini, which says a lot about our depth. And yeah Ramires would be better than Arteta at DM, lets be honest Arteta knows what to do on the pitch but his body won’t allow him. He was a CAM for most of his career. He only passes sideways and never launches balls forward and he just doesn’t have the aggression or steel needed for that position. Think he will be a fine manager in the future though. Don’t mind him as third choice DM but certainly not in our top 2.

        1. AlanFrank says:

          I’d take Arteta over Mikel any day of the week. He was fantastic for 3 seasons does far more than Mikel.

        2. themadhurata says:

          arteta is an easy target. fans who single him out are plain and simply just lazy. he has been dropped from the team due to how good coquelin is and coquelin has been our stand out performer and our team has been of late in England the stand out team.

          arteta before then was playing 50% on an injury before he was actually injured. so to judge him on that is lazy. before that he was fine.

  5. fred cowardly says:

    Smoking damages your health especially lungs and cardiovascular system, so his value may have dropped

  6. Diaby carreer as a hospital patient has been cut short by end of contract

  7. ButtFlaps says:


    1. themadhurata says:

      messi = champions.

  8. We now need immediate success at arsenal,we have no time to wait for players like Akpom and Beilik to develop.A striker and a Dm is needed am tired of this next season merry go round crap

  9. Chelsea fans around me here are laughing at arsenal bus parade for a FA cup parade saying we beat teams like Hull and villa to win it

    1. AlanFrank says:

      There was only about 36people at the Chelsea’s parade. Pathetic

    2. AlanFrank says:

      We also beat Man U they lost to Bradford

      1. Jim A says:

        That was a good one AF.

    3. jonestown1 says:

      You sound a sensitive sort – you don’t really worry what the Shed boys are saying do you? Derby, Shrewsbury, Bolton and Liverpool was hardly a stellar route to the final.

  10. Who is this drunk fool thumbing all my comments down

    (ADMIN COMMENT – That comment is NOTHING to do with the subject we are discussing.)

  11. Invincibles49 says:

    Of course he is excited. When justarsenal page announced that AFC is linked with the star Swansea midfielder Ki, of course he will be excited now. After all this is such a logical, reliable and no BS page. That article will change the course of transfer history at Arsenal. Believe me! Congratulations justarsenal, you turned AFC into Galacticos.

  12. @admin please there is need to vet those signing up to join this site,give them a quistionaire its becoming crowded with some who cant name even arsenal first eleven

    1. AlanFrank says:

      There’s no such thing as Arsenal first 11.

  13. Andrew AFC says:

    Whats the world coming to Wilshere has just been charged by the FA for stating a fact. The fact is Tottenham are SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. moneytalks says:

    Spend money 3 world class player keeper, central midfielder and striker = trophies = Jose Mourinho crying = Arsenal winning BPL and UCL.

  15. Twig says:

    EPL Champions, 2016

    Walcott – Sanchez Ozil Welbeck – Cazorla Coquelin – Bellerin Mertesacker Koscielny Monreal – Cech

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      OX for Welbeck

      1. Twig says:

        I threw Welbeck in there, because we don’t have much height up front!

  16. ArseOverTit says:

    Do our players have to keep telling us how great our team is and how we will be amongst it. We have heard all this before haven’t we?

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