Wilshere expects to be back at Arsenal soon after Arteta invite

Jack Wilshere is delighted that Mikel Arteta is open to the idea of having him train with the Gunners as he searches for a new club.

The midfielder has been unattached since he was released by Bournemouth at the end of last season.

His career has been going downhill since he left the Gunners in 2018 and at 29, no club wants to take a chance on him yet.

He came through the ranks at Arsenal and has remained one of the success stories for their academy.

His breakthrough served as motivation for the likes of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe, who came after him.

However, he could not stay fit to enjoy much of his career and that is one reason he is clubless at the moment.

Arteta, as reported by The Sun, said Wilshere is welcome to train with his squad and the former West Ham midfielder has now responded to the offer and says he will hold talks with the club in the coming days.

Via Football Daily, he said: “I really enjoyed playing with him, sharing a dressing room with him. To hear him come out and say the door is always open is nice.

“I think it can only help me, being around good players, training with world class players.

“And just being in a team environment is something that I’m interested in and I’m sure I’ll have a conversation with someone at the club over the next few days.”

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  1. If his fitness can be improved then he can be that backup player playing few games at least until end of December /Jan 2022. By then Arsenal can sign another MF

  2. Wilshere remains a Gooner supporter but not a player. I see that status quo remaining just as it is now.

    In other words he will not become our player again, even though he seems to be welcome to train.

    I have no doubt he would give anything to be able to return as a player but that ship sailed ages ago and will not be returning.

  3. So proud about this club.So proud to be a gooner.So proud to stop supporting my hometown team Olympiakos for YOU.AGAINST MODERN FOOTBALL (as much as we can ofcourse) and EVERYONE.Its different to be ARSENAL.Support Arteta and players.

  4. One thing I like Wilshere for is he can perfectly play with any side of the leg without hesitating….it is only that injuries never give him a chance to prosper.

    1. Injuries that just happened all by themslves I suppose , with nothing whatever to do with him, eh? Not worth mentioning that as a shrimp he would recklessly throw himself into 40/60 tackles with foolhardy “bravery”, AND A LIFE STYLE THAT INCLUDED SMOKING, DRINK AND SOCIALISING WITH HANGERS ON!!
      In life you reap as you sow and older folk have long learned that lesson through bitter experience.

      Look at how many grossly overweight people are coughing their lungs out and gasping for air each morning through smoking all their lives.

      AND how many poor lifestyle choices led to Covid deaths , compared with the far fewer deaths with people who look after themselves properly all their lives. I have only LIMITED sympathy for JACK , TBH.
      And even THAT amount of sympathy is entirely for his relative lack of life intelligence when younger than he is now. He learned his lesson, but TOO LATE!

  5. It is great of Arteta to extend an olive branch to Jack when he is in real need of a Club. If he trains well, perhaps he could be used as a sub in some PL matches and also used as a starter in the Cup games. One thing is certain, he is a proper gunner at heart through and through and if only he manages his health, lifestyle and his injuries, one never knows, because the talent is always there.

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