Wilshere gives Arsenal fans some worrying injury news

The Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has finally made his first appearance for the Arsenal senior side this season and is likely to see more action in the home game against Norwich City today. His fitness if Arsene Wenger was to want to play Wilshere from the start either should not be a concern as the player completed a couple of full games for the under 21 side first and the medical team were very careful with his recovery process.

The goal for the 24-year old now, as well as helping Arsenal to finish this campaign as strongly as possible and secure a place at Europe’s top table next time, is to get match sharp and find some form ahead of Euro 2016, a tournament that Wilshere played a big part in getting England to, with Man of the Match awards in six out of the seven qualifying games he played.

As an England fan I am glad that Jack is back in the frame but as an Arsenal fan I cannot help but fear for him and for our ability to get much use of him next season. Wilshere himself has been talking about his injury record and although there is good news in that his problems have not been muscular or anything to do with his own physical issues, he admitted that his style of play is partly responsible and what’s more there is nothing he can do or is willing to do to change it.

He told Arsenal Player, “I don’t think there is anything I can do differently. All my injuries have been impact injuries and I have been a little bit unfortunate at times when I have maybe overrun the ball a little bit, so maybe I can work on dribbling with the ball closer to my foot.

“I’m not one of those players who is blessed with Theo’s pace who can run behind you. When I’m on the ball, I have to get close to [the defender], which is going to cause him to attempt to tackle me or mistime it as we have seen in the past. That is part of my game.

“When I was injured, I read a few things and I was thinking maybe they were right. Maybe I should pass it a little bit more or a little bit quicker, but as soon as I get back on the ball and there is an opportunity for me to run at someone, that is what I want to do. I don’t think I can change.

“I have just got to train every day. I have never really had injuries with my muscles, or any problems like that. It is just impact injuries. Hopefully I can avoid them.”

Hope is it? A bit like Wenger saying that the squad is good enough and there is no point spending money on transfers and then hoping that the same old problems do not happen again. Is doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results now the Arsenal way? And is Wilshere’s revelation a signal that Arsenal need to get rid of him while he is still fit?

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  1. I found Wilshire’s comments to be surprising.as a sports person,keeping urself fit is crucial;so u need to take care of urself really well.unfortunately wilshere doesn’t think that he needs to change his style, EVEN THOUGH HES KNOWS HES VULNERABLE TO THE SIMILAR IMPACT INJURIES. and we all know with same style, he will suffer such injuries…. #misguided statements
    And the lad seems to be too much into Twitter whixh definitely has contributed to his decline. Would be great if he cud be more focused on his game !!

    And btw, i feel sorry for wenger.its true hes not given his best in transfers; but as for his commitment to coaching, i think its unquestionable !! Since he played main role in club repayimg stadium loan amd literally buildings the club,i feel that deserves last year of his contract with full support….
    Even though i understand that ppl out of emotions may criticise and mock wenger,i also found admins move to post an article just to bash wenger unfortunate !!

    1. He’s right though, he doesn’t need to change his style but he just needs to learn when to use when to release the ball and when to dribble. The problem with him is he tries to hold onto it for too long which is why players manage to tackle him. If he can learn to pass more often he wouldn’t need to change his style at all because defenders will be too afraid to tackle when he’s doing one twos in the penalty area. I think his difficulties should highlight why the majority of skill full players prefer playing in the Spanish league over the English one, the game is more technical and refs don’t take fouls lightly there while in England he gets knocked over before he can even gain possession of the ball.

  2. Jack Wilshere is injury prone,over hyped and overrated,he’s part of the failed british core that Arsenal must get rid of and start on a clean slate,we need more Drinkwater type of english players who work hard and actually perform

    1. Pff, so you honestly think Messi with his style of play would have survived in EPL? Why dom you think Ronaldo dived a lot? how about Robben in the EPL?

  3. @admin,i dont mean it as a dig on u.i understood ur situation though with all the anti-wenger brigade,yet maybe it wasnt needed.. 🙂

  4. Man did he really get 6 out of seven ma of matxh awards.thats insane…

    His talent is unquestionable.no he shouldn’t be got rid of.hes an asset at his best,and he has lots of years ahead of him.one injury though was because wenger overplayed him which wenger itself admitted. The question is if hes really going to stick with his same style.as hes brought up by arsenal and since he wants to play for the club,atm theres no reason to sell him.we will hav to see if he will change his mind regarding his style !!

  5. @mangatholi
    i get your points and agree a bit but dont you think that’s like the character of a person, even if a trait of me gets me in a lot of problems some traits are like inborn and make us who we are.. like the instinct of our mind and body and i actually like this comment of wilshere he said that read and accepted the criticism that he should pass more and faster so he did think about corrections in his play but told us the truth about the matter that he almos instinctively wants to run at the defenders thats his football and his “character” of play, i like his honest answer 🙂
    and i think that fans shouldn’t talk about private things of players if they wants to spend time in twitter, i think we should respect that and not criticise it cause maybe it helps him relax, thats my opinion on the matter ^^

    and on the wenger subject i agree wholeheartedly with you, i understand the fans demanding a change even if i think wenger deserves a year but this year was indeed a terrible failure, but insulting a man who had such dedication and generally in all branches and workplaces insulting a man who has worked 20 years for the same brand is just wrong and disrespectful i demand that all the fans stop the bashing and insulting and just criticise constructive.. if someone doesnt respect or rather insults horribly a man who has worked 20 years for the same brand with full dedication, he is just a failure as a human being in my eyes!

    but i do understand admin, he had to do it , some guys hijacked every article and almost ruined the beauty of this site

    1. Mate! It is not a ‘brand’. It is a football club.

      We aren’t apple, McDonald’s or Starbucks no matter what Stan the brand man thinks.

      This is the problem. Yes, it is a business with a board that cared only for the cash till ringing but us as fans should never think of AFC as a brand!!! Never.

      It is a football club, whose purpose is to entertain and WIN on the playing field. A club like Barca, Real Madrid or Dort mind becomes a brand through success on the field. Trying to push a brand foremost without success isn’t a viable strategy. 

      Yes some teen girls in China might buy a Arsenal shirt because  g-rude ‎:) plays for us, but if the local support falls out with the club and its running it isn’t gonna work out for them.

      1. OT: a small compliment, i do like such discussions and your comment now was a solid opinion from yours about the matter and thats the reason i liked justarsenal to discuss intelligently, and i think admin works really hard to uphold that, its not that i dont get the wobs or just hate them altogether, i do find opinions such as this of you interesting the ones who i have problem with are guys like soopa, rkw, lockay, km, ks-gunner etc.

        now to the topic: yeah i get what you mean a fan shouldnt think of the club as a brand but if fans think about the manager or player of a club they should and have to consider them as humans/ workers of a brand just because we love the club its not right to bash blame and insult them because of failure, what we can do is demand change, expressing our disliking and/or criticising them constructively but insulting and offending them is a no-go. because a player/manager does not have to love the club as a fan does.. what they have to do is be professional about their line of work but they can simply view it as their work and if you dont like their performance as employee of the brand, you can demand change and criticise but just being disappointed with the results dont give the fans the right to insult on such a low level like some guys on here and in this kind of view insulting a man who worked 20 years absolutely professionally for a club is just downright wrong, i never said you shouldnt criticise him 🙂

        Fans have to understand that a manager and players dont have to view the club in the same light as you and thats the reason it is a brand if you think about them but not if you think about you as a fan

        1. Hahaha ?
          This is Football man! .. Bantering, gloating , praising and insulting has always played a big part in it and no matter how hard the powers that be, try to control it, it will always exist in the game… Even the players do it.

          If you can keep calm with all the constant missed opportunities and failures from Wenger then you are not as passionate as the next fan, Who is butt hurt!! and needs to release his pains.

          As long as it doesn’t go from insulting to abusive!

          1. yep you are right, the trait to overpraise someone when he has success and insult him when he has failures is sadly human nature and belongs to the game but i dont like it 😀

            well i get where you come from but i wouldnt call it less passionate but more practical, i just dont like to be butthurt ^^ i am fan of arsenal to enjoy the time i spend on football but if it ends in failures i try to get over its and be constructive about it, and i am not a fan of people who cant control their anger pains and have to project their frustrations onto the people who could be held responsible but not in this scale, in my opinion of the society humans should be able to control their emotions a bit and never stoop as low as to be abusive and i do think that a lot of comments on justarsenal were abusive and sorry but i dont think of it as passionate 🙂 an extreme example would be ultras you could call them muuuuch more passionate than me but in my opinion they are just scum of football, but of course i dont want to compare the JA-commenters to ultras xD i just tried to illustrate my opinion ^^

      2. Hahaha ? Wenger is the Arsenal brand!!
        Player’s want to come to Arsenal because of him,
        (so they say) and nothing to do with getting paid more than they were at their previous club with less expectations to win trophies! .
        I can understand the youngsters wanting to come to Arsenal and using the club as a stepping stone, since wenger gives them a chance…. unless your name is Campbell, of course! ???

    2. @ Krish

      Chill out man! ?
      Firstly: Jack Wheelchair relaxes in more ways than just tweeter. .. Eg.. Smoking and getting into club brawls in the early hours in the morning, aswell as putting his foot in it with some of the things he has said in the past!
      He has made more headlines for shameful things than good and performance wise, he seems to play better for England than he does for Arsenal, thats when he is fit, of course.

      Personally, I hope that he plays well enough for England in the Euro’s, so that he attracts interest from the likes of City and then sell him, before he is out injured again for the majority of the season.

      Secondly: Wenger’s so called 20 year dedication wasn’t exactly done in charity! ? He gets paid well and if anything he has been overpaid for the last decade!

      1. yep i do agree with what you said, but it doesnt contradict what i mean i once had a little clash with a teacher of mine, who said that we should be grateful to her that she teaches and i said that i dont really have to be particularly grateful to her, cause it wasnt like she did it for free or in charity she did get paid well
        and thats why i myself am not “grateful” to wenger too why should i he gets paid 8.5 million a year :O 😀 thats the pay he gets he doesnt have to get gratefulness, but what i say is, if i had insulted my teacher that would be wrong and on the topic we dont have to grateful to wenger but we shouldn’t insult a man who has been with arsenal for 20 years on such a low level as some guys here..
        if you just criticise him i have no problem with that, then i would just argue with you on some matters but some insults here is really disturbing

  6. He really sounds like a Wenger protégé. Knowing what is wrong but unable to change it. Only to repeat the same mistake over and over again..

    Shame..un undoubted talent.‎

  7. If theses are direct quotes
    then yes Arsenal fans have
    everything to worry about
    Wilshere’s future fitness.
    He admits he prefers running at the defender hoping to draw the foul.
    But also admits this makes him vulnerable to more impact injuries.
    Yet he insists he is not going to change!!!!!!
    That seems to be a sell me now before I get injured again plea.
    So sell him to Citeh for 30mill where he can get paid
    150 k p/w to smoke all day in their medical room the next 5 years.
    The 30 mill can be put toward paying for Xhaka.
    Everyone’s happy………. except Citeh 🙂

  8. @krish,ya its not of me to comment on what ppl do.my bad…

    Ya i when i read Wenger’s comment saying that improving infrastructure of the club has upped fans expectation of club,really struck a chord.like with a small stadium,enuf revenue wont be generated to compete at the top.and i will say confidently as ut stands,no manager has been willing to stay even 5yrs just to repay a loan.as per agreement with Bank which provided the loan whixh demanded that wenger stay for 5yrs to repay a major portion.in that sense,u can accept that club is moving in right direction. But i dont understand how club starts derailing when curtains begin to close.something surely is wrong there.going by players comments like for eg.mertesacker once admitted that playes became complacent once they got qualification to last 16.that has been a major cause of failure to win title. But it’s Wenger’s character to not spend, and for evolving the club,he cud be forgiven and be given at least one year more …

  9. @krish,instinct come into play when we hav to make decision in unfamiliar grounds with no previous experience. But in case of wilshere’s style,its something he does regularly. I feel it cud be changeable.if u think he shud continue with that style,am of the opinion that hes going to get more 6months and 8months which makes no sense.so to be a success change is the only way !!

    1. yes i agree with you on that and nono i dont think he should continue with that style, i just liked his honesty here but you are right if he continues like that he can forget his career and take diaby as his idol lol

    1. He could always spark one up… whilst being carried off the pitch….
      “Happiness is a cigar, called Hamlet”

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