Wilshere hands Arsenal BIG champions League boost – Is Jack back?

There is some great news for Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger today, as Jack Wilshere took part in the training session at London Colney, as reported by ESPN, to prove that fears that his turn of an ankle in the north London derby on Saturday would leave him on the sidelines with our captain Mikel Arteta and last season’s Player of the Year Aaron Ramsey.

Not only is this a real boost for the Gunners in a difficult week, with a home tie in the Champions League against Galatasaray followed by a crucial Premier League away day at Chelsea, but it could be seen as the end of Wilshere’s terrible run of bad luck with injuries.

Ever since he first injured his ankle in the summer of 2011 in pre-season, Jack’s Arsenal career has been stop and go, with lots of niggling injuries hindering his progress. Which is why the likes of Paul Scholes began to criticise him and lead to the widespread belief that this season is a huge one for our young England international, and it is so far so good for the midfielder.

We have had a few scares already, but he seems a much tougher nut to crack this season. As he said, this is the first proper summer of preparation he has been able to have and the strengthening and conditioning he has been doing in the last few years seems to have paid off. Now he is getting a run of games and getting his form back along with his match fitness.

I don’t want to jinx the lad, but do you think that Arsenal might just have got the real Jack Wilshere back?

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    1. So surprised to see Wenger alive.I hired an assassin to kill Wenger.Those who have problem: Wenger needs to be sacked but since Arsenal board are not going to do it so I wish Wenger death.you all know I am reasonable enough!

      1. @ admin remove this guy please. This is “Just Arsenal” where the FANS come to discuss our club, ususally with fun, good spirits and serious talk that we all debate and can relate to. Can not be having a guy promoting the death of our manager. Get rid of him.

  1. I just hope Jack is really alright and he doesn’t just do some kind of bravado. We don’t need another player injured for long time. Debuchy, Giroud and Ramsey is more than enough I believe.

  2. I hope he finally delievers this season with ramsey being out for 2 months
    Big chance for him

    But still 1 big problem in his game
    He runs into opposition players too much which results in us losing the ball and getting counterattacked

    He has to solve this big time cause it’s a big issue
    Good luck tho

  3. We will win against galatasaray that’s one thing I am sure of

    But we can beat chelsea too or get a draw

    Remember the Away game against dortmund and we defied all critics and won there

    After that we had to play man utd
    Everyone including the press, fans were totally over confident that we were gonna beat man utd

    But we didn’t win
    The reason whatever be I am just saying the same scenario is building where we are being given no respect and have already last the game in many people eyes

    I think we will surprise many people this weekend by getting a result at Chelsea(draw or win)

    F##k wenger though but let’s support the team as the are the ones on the pitch

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        stay tuned in kids..to find out 🙂

      2. why dyu want to carry my dog on ur lap?? I don’t understand so i wont allow.

        and my dog is male, I don’t like female dogs, I hate their many tits.

        but my friend Mike has one, though it’s a very fierce German Shepard, but its female and he, Mike, is not mean, he could allow you have it on ur lap if you explain your reasons well

  4. 2 year 80K contract to Giroud! How we love our mediocracy. Giroud is not a top striker that a top team needs. He wouldnt make it to the bench at Manu or City or Chelsea. This is the problem with Wenger. Doesnt offer contract to Sagna(1 year ago) who was always good for us. But offers a contract to Giroud. This is acceptance of Mediocracy. And now he wants to offer a year extension to Arteta, and I am sure Flamini is next.

    Mediocre manager + Mediocre players = Fight for 4th

    1. Sagna wasn’t happy with 100k plus benefits. Hardly the same thing. Besides, if he was THAT good, Pellegrini would have played him constantly but he’s nowhere near the pitch when Kolarov plays. Let’s not even compare the crosses from Kolarov with the ones from Sagna. Sagna’s average cross is about one yard until it meets the opponent foot. Jenkinson is ten times better crosser than Sagna. Same goes for Bellerin.

      1. @Budd, please stop with the stupid comments.

        1) I said give Sagna an extension a year ago, not when he is a free agent. Free agents can ask for more money because they will not cost the team they go to a transfer fee, so by allowing him to see out his contract Wenger lost all leverage.

        2)Kolorov is a left sided back where as Sagna plays on the right, so they are not even competing for the same place in the team.

        Do you even watch football?

        1. @Jimbeam, stop being an imbecile
          1) Sagna was not free agent when we propsed the said amount.
          2) Ma frenz, Kolarov can play right as well and Sagna can play left as well. I didn’t even brought Zabaletta into discussion because there’s no contest. Sagna doesn’t get the nod even before Nastasic

  5. So our defence tomorrow will be like Bellerin, Chambers, Mertasacker, Gibbs, right? i.e. 3 left backs and one central defender? And no substitute in case Gibbs does his hamstrings in the 20th minute? Is this correct? Laughs.

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