Wilshere has high hopes for an England packed with Arsenal players

Our very own Jack Wilshere helped England to win their fourth game in a row tonight against Estonia, and is hopeful that perhaps this new younger England squad (full of Arsenal players!) can go on and be successful on the big stage.

There have been a lot of retirements after England’s abject failure in Brazil and Jack believes this team can improve on recent form in big tournaments.

“Lampard and Gerrard were fantastic for England and I always looked up to them, so to play with them was a dream come true,” Wilshere told thefa.com.

“But now they’ve moved on and we’re proving every game that as young players there is no better place to learn. There is a lot more to come.

“There are a lot of players who have come through the Under-21s together and we now playing in the seniors together, so it’s quite nice.

“We know each other really well, we’re good friends off the pitch, we’re a similar age and have similar interests.

“It’s a really good group here and we’ve worked on that team spirit and you can see it on the pitch, whether we win or lose we always stick together.”

He added: “We’re not worried about England’s past record, we just want to do what we can do. We’ll take every game as it comes, we’re on a good run at the moment and want to continue that from the Switzerland game.”

“There is a space for us to come in and write some history for ourselves. We are young and eager and we want to win something for England, we want to get through this qualification, go to the Euros and really do something.”

These youngsters can hardly do worse than the oldies did at the World Cup, and assuming that they all stay fit and carry on improving there is no reason why they couldn’t emulate the young Germany side? It would good to come back from the Euros with SIX Arsenal players carrying medals….

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  1. Jack Wilshere must do more of his talking with his feet,he needs to stop running his mouth everyday there’s a new quote from him all we need is MORE assists,MORE goals and all round MORE contribution from him in order for ARSENAL to win MORE games!

  2. lol when Wilshere plays badly he gets ragged on, when Wilshere picks up 2 MOTM awards in a row and shows signs of hardwork and improvement in game play, he still gets ragged on. Is it ever enough for some of you

  3. Motm of what game? England just win two easy game now they are all star? Let see him how he doing next three game in EPL. He did improved from last season but still not good to me.

    1. but he has been the best player out of all the other players in the game ,, motm and you cant give him any credit ?? what sort of fan are you ??

  4. I have come to the conclusion that negativity is hereditary to some so called fans on this site. Why the hatred for wishere? This guy is been 1 of our hardworking players this season but the only thing you lots see is his shortcomings. Maybe you can help out with the names of players who dont make mistakes in matches. England defeated estonia, you said they are weak opponent maybe the team that defeated germany is a super power in world futbol.you can only challenge and beat what is in your front. Wishere brought us back into the mancity match and he also tried his best against chelsea but the oliver twists on this site will neva be satisfied.

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