Wilshere injury setback to see Arsenal lose Ozil as well?

Over the past few years, quite a few in fact, one of the many complaints from the Arsenal fans about Arsene Wenger and his transfer policy was that the Frenchman kept ignoring certain weaknesses in the Arsenal squad while he kept buying the same sort of players.

You all know the sort I mean, the ‘typical’ Wenger player. Even when we were all delighted to see the Prof smash the club’s transfer record to sign the brilliant Mesut Ozil, there was some head scratching as it seemed that what we really needed was a striker, a defensive midfielder and maybe a centre back. Instead the skilful but somewhat lightweight German was added to our other creative players like Cazorla, Rosicky and Wilshere.

Right now, however, the Gunners are very glad to have so many potential number 10s in the squad and we could really do with another. Because Jack Wilshere, contrary to Arsenal reports in the press this week, is not really close to a return from his injury. As reported by The Mirror, the Prof revealed in his press conference today that it would be next month before the England star was ready.

Wenger said, “There is no chance he will be fit before end of December.”

While this is clearly bad news for Jack it could be bad for Ozil and Arsenal as well because the German is one of our stars that has had to play a lot of football this season and the sounds coming from the club was that he could do with a rest.

But who is there to take over? Maybe Ramsey could do a job with Flamini and Arteta behind him or maybe Wenger could use Alexis Sanchez behind the central striker but we are still waiting for those players to be fit, so are Arsenal at great risk of losing another key Gunner to injury?

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  1. Stop it! ?
    Not the rest a player, injury jinxed voodoo Article.. again! ?

    Maybe Wenger should bench Ozil against Villa?
    Anyways, Sanchez should be back to face City.

    1. Hmm! Arteta – flamini in a starting line-up…………. Timebomb Midfield….. Al’qaeda wiLL be glad!

    2. Stop writing in the same sentence Wiltshire and Ozil because one is creative midfielder and another is creative injuries specialist another Diaby, seriously how many goals or assist or chances wilshere have created in last 2 years? Isco is available if we want to win EPL,counting on wilshere to replace Ozil is a bit crazy, because he will play 2 games and he will return to treatment table like always .

      1. never quite sure how people assert with such confidence that ‘Isco is available’ – he’s played a decent amount this season, and even if he wants to leave, why would Real Madrid let go of a very good number 10? Queue you slating Wenger as soon as January passes without Isco arriving at Arsenal.

        I hope I eat my words and he turns up, but let’s be realistic

    3. I would give him a rest and play Campbell as #10 and start the Ox and Walcott on the wings..Campbell is a good dribbler and have an excellent vision for passes

      1. Love Campbell to bits, but I’m not sure he’s ready to step up to take the place of Ozil (Yet). If you wanted to rest Ozil it could be the FA cup game v Sunderland. Alexis would be back by then, Theo would be fully fit, Campbell’s confidence would still be high and Giroud should be able to capitalize on his new found awesomeness. Giroud seems to get on well with Campbell and vice verse so it could be more like a 4:4:2 set up. Still a bit of a risk, but I do believe Ozil should have a quick break to rejuvenate his Duracell.

  2. off topic great perfomance from giroud the other day,most of the time we slate the guy when he doesnt step up but its congrats is in order in this instance..my hope and prayer is that he becomes consistent and prove most of us wrong with great perfomances for the best team ever,enjoy ur weekend guys…gooner for life and the next.

  3. I don’t know why some of us attribute playing time as major cause of injury to our players. Most first team players in top clubs play almost every game for their club. Take a good look at the injury prone players in our club: Jack W., T. Rosicky, Ox, Arteta, etc and see if their injury issues have any relationship with playing time. We should watch other causes of injury to our players. Players like Jack and Ox have a common issue of keeping the ball for too long which invites heavy tackles. Diaby was like them. Our pattern of playing possessive football is another factor.

  4. ozil definitely needs a break. Aston villa have been p!ss poor this season and im sure the gunners will easily win even without ozil in theside. Giroud uptop, supported by Walcott, oxlade, campbell. In DM ramsey and flamini should do fine. And for Christ’s sake wenger, dont rush sanchez back. This man city gam seems to soon.

    1. your wrong to underestimate villa away.

      we have had what amounts to under 3 days rest after a high pressure game in europe- we will be jaded,
      villa do score goals, there defence is shaky but they can do damage

      easily winning after cl ties is difficult

      1. @muffdiver
        Exactly. They’re sinking fast and are due a win…Gestede is a monster and will fancy his chances of bullying Per and the rest of our defense.

        1. hey u guys didnt get it
          Wilshere has been injured all season why should his setback (is there is a setback) have any influence on Ozil!!!!!

  5. Stop calling Arteta’s name as an option, the gentleman just su!ks, Alexis is the best option with theo, campbell and ox on the wing. For a game or two.

    1. theo, campbell an ox on the wings?………. Didn’t realize there were three wings in a front line! L()L

  6. I think the most Logical thing to do, is start someone capable of playing the Ozil role…… See how it pans out in the 1st 20mins….. Should it Turn out excellent…… He plays on…… If he looks a disaster, it won’t be a crime to make quick subs (and bring on our talisman ozil)…..would it? *only suggesting*

  7. If we had ‘Cazorla or Rosicky available, I’d be fine giving Ozil rest, but we have no choice butt to play him

    And please don’t underestimate Aston Villa, especially away to them. Just because they are bottom of table doesn’t mean they can’t get points off us.

  8. Ramsey and at a push Campbell can play 10 if needed. Ozil on the bench until arsene is confident it working. We can use chambers/ gabriel alongside flamini. Bellerin and monreal would also have a freer reign to join attacks with two defensive minded deep lying midfielders. It might work?! It’sonly a matter of time before ozil is broken though he needs protecting and a reduction of playing minutes if nothing else. People used to criticise his so called languid on and off style but I consider it economical and allows him to be at his best when the ball comes to him also may be a godsend in preventing injury.

  9. There’s no easy games in the Pl. Villa are scrapping for points and last game they got 1. They may see this is a moralboosting progression.

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