Wilshere injury setback mean Arsenal MUST buy in January

The Arsenal and England international midfield star Jack Wilshere will not be having a very happy Christmas. Instead the Gunner will be cursing his luck on the injury front once more, because the Daily Mail are reporting that his long awaited return to the Arsenal first team has been put back once more.

After being ruled out just as the current season was about to get going, following a freak training ground accident, Wilshere was originally supposed to be fit again before the end of 2015, but now it appears that it will be at least another six weeks before Jack is back.

And even though this will still see him back before his club and country team mate Danny Welbeck, I think the news on Wilshere is a bigger blow for Arsenal. The reason is that with Cazorla, Coquelin and Rosicky also out, the chances of Arsene Wenger being able to give Mesut Ozil a decent rest are now much smaller.

This increases the risk of our main creative player picking up his own injury and even though he is only just back from his own spell on the sidelines, the same can be said of Aaron Ramsey. Surely this will force our manager into the transfer market. Wenger cannot ignore the problem of all these missing players if he seriously wants to make a concerted attack on the Premier League title, can he?

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  1. This is getting ridiculous, we have the same problem year after year … Too many injury prone players …
    Anyway, get well soon for all our injured players …

  2. At this rate give Ozil the no10 shirt and get Isco next summer, we can no longer rely on this guy and he should focus on making the bench before ever thinking of playing for the first team.

    1. Isco is different from Ozil. He’s a box to box player who like to thrive from the center, but also able to play from the flank. For me, he’s the Spanish Wilshere. His finishing skills even better. Wilshere at his full grown style (I doubt he can reach this however) will be like Isco. They even have the same posture. Player who has Ozil style? His replacement at Madrid also the ex Spuds, Luca Modric.

  3. I sometimes think the medical staff over react because of the price put on players, they`d say he is unfit if he had a `mosey` (mosquito) bite. Also, the Premier League seems to pride itself on being the hardest and toughest football league on the planet and the players are trained accordingly, with the obvious results. Ask Wilshere. Time to put brains over brawn.

    1. Danny Setbeck and Jack Wheelchair, Our dynamic super chronic heroes! ?

      Normally, A Jack and Danny is out of action for 5 day’s a month ?? but these pair of ####’s are taking the piss!

  4. Ozil can’t be replaced! There is no other player like him. If he gets injured the style will need to change.

  5. Nobody Loves being injured…………it really isn’t wilshere’s fault to a degree…….. But part of the blame goes to him…….. Where i don’t blame him is that not everybody’s bone structure is rock hard… some are way soft and feathery (and wishere might just be one of em) ….. Where i do blame him is he should learn to avoid unnecessary tackles(on pitch) and as well do away with his shisha(off pitch)
    Recent medical studies have suggested Tobacco use can hamper the healing, growth and development in bones and tissues

    while there’s somuch talent in this young man, i wish his football health were a stable one…. We can only hope things work out for him sooner, rather than Later…

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