Wilshere keeping Arsenal from Mahrez transfer? Really?

Here was me thinking that all the talk about Arsenal making big changes to the way things are done at the top, even though the man in charge will still be Arsene Wenger after the board signed him up to another two years as our manager, would see the Gunners make real strides in the transfer market this summer.

I suppose we have in a way, with the signing of the France international striker Alexandre Lacazette from the French Ligue 1 club Lyon marking another record breaking spend on one player. The signing of Sead Kolasinac also looks to be a great addition for the Gunners but he did come to us on a free transfer and Arsenal are still way behind the likes of Chelsea, Man City and Man United on what we have shelled out this summer.

Don’t panic though Gooners, because having Jack Wilshere back from injury, even though he is not quite there yet and has only just begun trai8ning again after his latest medical mishap, is like a new signing. In fact the boss used the return of Wilshere to explain why he is not going for the transfer of the brilliant Algerian international Riyad Mahrez from Leicester City, Metro reports.

The Frenchman said, ‘We were never close [to a deal]. I rate him as a player but we have similar types with Alex Iwobi, Mesut Ozil and now Jack Wilshere back.

‘We have plenty of the same type of player.’

Really Arsene? So an almost constantly injured central midfielder who did not score a single Premier League goal for his loan club Bournemouth last season and managed just five and five assists with Arsenal in the two previous campaigns is the reason we are not even going to try to sign a player who banged in 17 and provided 11 assists from a wide forward position in one season with Leicester.

Does that make any sense to you guys? No me neither.



  1. Clam says:

    Where was Mahrez last night?

    Oh, he’s buried in the shadow of Sead.

    1. Nayr says:

      Still womdering why people say we dont need a CB.

      after last night,lthe shambles…
      please sign virgil van dijk..enough with these average defenders..monreal,holding,chambers

    2. Remember Resource? says:

      OT: Jadon Sancho has a choice between arsenal and spurs. He will choose depending on where he feels he will progress more. Decision is expected soon naturally. I have a bad feeling he might choose tottenham because he may find it extremely hard to break into arsenal. That being said we do have arsene wenger so lets see how it goes. Monaco haggling with arsenal over Lemar deal payment structure, they want 35m upfront for him.. Mahrez is off. Inaki williams has become the back up should lemar fall through..

      1. Goonerboy says:

        David Ornstein of BBC has this morning reported that Monaco won’t sell Lemar as they don’t wanna lose anymore players except a huge bid is lodged,
        So I guess Lemar talk should be suspended so as to focus on the our team….

        And as for Wilshere, am sure Wenger said just last week that he will sit with Wilshere to decide where he will go, what has changed then??

        Am not really expecting new arrivals as we haven’t moved some deadwoods yet…

      2. gotanidea says:

        Jadon Sancho’s close control is amazing. Arsenal must get him.

      3. neil says:

        we can all read the news just like you !

    3. neil says:

      Let Wilshere play for under 23’s, Europa League and League Cup to get match fitness…
      I doubt he will he be the big first team player he could have been due to so many injuries ..
      however he could be a good impact squad player so no point sending him on loan again as better to see if he can fulfill without having to put him in games when not fit
      If he cant make it thia season then sell but get him at least to sqaud level otherwise wont make much

    4. ali says:

      Mahrez won a corner and out of a corner made an assist in which Vardy scored a brilliant goal.
      Where was Ozil or even Wilsher?

  2. Truth says:

    If you’re going to compare them, then you need to use Wilshere’s goals record from last year, you should use Mahrez’ from last year, as well. Not his record from the season Leceister won the league lol.
    Stop trying to think of ways to Alge your manager and get behind the team

  3. GB says:

    Mahrez did nothing last night to convince me.
    Welbz is far better.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, Mahrez is not the same player he was in his first Premier League season. Arsenal had better chase a midfield general or a powerful playmaker, because they still cannot dominate teams like Leicester City and Sevilla.

      Wilshere is injured a lot because of his playing style, he has got too many chances already. He also cannot be compared with Mahrez because he usually occupies the CM position.

      Welbeck would be a great asset if he doesn’t get injured this season. He plays with his heart.

    2. Javi says:

      Mahrez was pulling the Leicester strings last night and we occasionally had players ding doubles on him to keep him at bay.

      He was better on the night than Ozil, who I thought should have given way for Iwobi

    3. Kamikaze says:

      haha welbeck over mahrez?!

  4. RAZ says:


  5. Adcano says:

    I rate Jack more than Mahrez. He is more versatile than the Algerian, he can play as a DM and can also play just behind strikers.

  6. Benjami Yahaya says:

    Marhaz Is A Good Playe To Buy

  7. Raj says:

    Mahrez and Ozil are similar players.They don’t defend and they go missing in tough games.They need someone like Santi or Kante in midfield to be effective.
    Seeing the way he plays I don’t think we should ever go for him.

  8. Zad says:

    we need a CM a la Cazorla that can unlock the opponents defence. i believe Wenger wants to use Lemar in that position. but now Monaco dont release him
    Mahrez is not exactly what we need although he is definitely an upgrade vs Walcott.
    Wilshere didnt fit in Bournemouth how to play for Arsenal????

  9. Didi says:

    Same old Arsenal same old Wenger lucky to beat Leicester

    1. Break-on-through says:

      If it was reversed, with them creating 20+ shots on target and owning possession overall, with us scoring three goals from three chances created on target. Would you say we deserved to win, or would you say they were all over us and fully deserved it in the end.

    2. neil says:

      so go support someone else..

  10. john says:

    It. Difficult to compare Wilshire to Mahrez as Wilshire hardly played for two seasons and needs game time probably in the under 23 squad to get match fitness, also i hope we sign Mahrez as he a cheaper option to Lemar, knowing Wenger he leave it late anyway

  11. Simon says:

    Mahrez is still quality. I don’t expect us to get him, but he would improve the team

    1. neil says:

      who would he replace in a front 3 in currenr format of Ozil Lacazette and Sanchez.. if none of these then no point to buy as he cant defend and hence cant replace the wing backs either !!

  12. Kamikaze says:

    Nice win yesterday but i think there is still alot to be done…if we wont add any steel at the middle things might backfire…Xhaka is a good player but i dnt like the way he looses possession alot hop he improves COYG

  13. goonerkhan says:

    Strengthen the defence and midfield. Goretzka and van dijk is all we need.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Those would be awesome
      Exactly what we need to fix our defense

      Goretzka is an all around good player both offensive and defensive

      1. Stuart Tibber says:

        What arsene actually said was that we have iwobi, ozil and Wiltshire back, not that
        we had Wiltshire and so dont need Mahrez. He might have bought Mahrez if we only had jack. Read the full quote – not just a misrepresentation!!!

  14. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I prefer Lemar over Mahrez

  15. stubill says:

    Mahrez is not what Arsenal need.

    He’s had one good season in his whole career, he was crap last season, and he was crap last night. Leicester are looking for around £50 million for him, he’s worth £25 million at the most, I don’t want us getting lumbered with a player for 4-5 years on a big salary who’s only had one good season for that kind of money.

    I remember a lot of people on here saying we should sign Sissoko on the back of his Euro 2016 performance, and I said then he wasn’t good enough, fortunately he went to Spurs for £30 million and proceeded to revert to his Newcastle form.

    Someone said on here Mahrez was pulling the strings last night, well, he didn’t pull that hard with only 30% possession for LCFC, I hardly noticed he was o the pitch to be honest.

    1. Goonsquad8 says:

      Thank you. Mahrez did close to nothing

      1. Abel says:

        Leicester scored 3 goals and Mahrez did not have a hand in any!
        On FPL, Mahrez got a score of 2 ( minimum score for a player who played up to 60 mins)

        1. ali says:

          Mahrez won a corner and out of a corner made an assist in which Vardy scored a brilliant goal.
          Were watching the match?

  16. amb98 says:

    I feel we need the following:
    A CB like VVD/Manolas/De Vrij/Tah
    A CM, one of Nzonzi/Danilo Pereira/William Carvalho/Goretzka/Can/Seri/Kovacic
    If Sanchez leaves then a replacement for him like Lemar and would like to sign Jadon Sancho- he is one for the future

    1. neil says:

      so 3 new players to integrate into team with 2 weeks left of window ?!

  17. Break-on-through says:

    Put the money down for Virgil Dijk, whatever is needed. Then go and get one of Nzonzi or Goretzka, similar players and I wouldn’t mind which one. Nzonzi has the league experience and the maturity, he’d be a better bet to make biggest impact in this season. Goretzka has allot of good years ahead of him, and maybe has the higher ceiling ..concerning improvement and learning his overall game. Those two positions are more pressing than any right now. We have the 343 so we could wait for Lemar. Also Id call back Martinez, exactly the keeper who could have taken pressure off our defence last night. He’s good at collecting in swingers.

  18. Shortboygooner says:

    Finally we see that mahrez was another one season wonder like vardy. Both good players but they are no better than say Wilshire and walcott. We have all seen games where Wilshire has biased the midfield (barca) As well as games where Walcott pace and runs have devastated teams. But are they good enough to be 1st choice? Nope just like vardy and mahrez. Have a look at lemar guys watch him play. He is fast skillfull makes good runs and passes and can finish. Yes iwobi should be scared as he plays almost like a finished product of iwobi. He is young and still loves football and does not just wants paycheck like mahrez.

    France will be an amazing squad again in the next couple of years it will be like having Henry piers and ribery up front with lemar mbappe and dembele. Would not mind dembele either or instead

  19. SG says:

    Wenger is too soft hearted when it comes to selling his favourite players. Deep inside he crave for the players to prove him right one day.

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