Wilshere latest is NOT good news for Arsenal

On the face of it, the latest injury news revealed by Arsene Wenger today on the official Arsenal website is pretty positive stuff and must be a huge relief to Jack Wilshere in particular. The midfielder’s return date from the hairline fracture of the fibula he picked up in training over a week ago should be much sooner than we were led to believe.

So instead of the months that the football media were originally talking about, the whole time on the sidelines for Wilshere looks like being just four weeks.

Wenger said, “We said Jack would be out for four weeks, and he’s in the second week now so he’s on schedule.”

So why is this bad news? Well it means that Jack should be back in training some time before the end of August. And that means that he could well be available for Roy Hodgson to select for the two England internationals coming up. The three lions travel to San Marino and then host Switzerland on the 5th and 8th of September and if the young Gunner is fit he will almost certainly play.

Whereas Wilshere struggles to get a regular place in the Arsenal team, he is a key man for England and there is little that Wenger can do to stop him playing. Those two games in a matter of days are not what we want for a player just back from the latest in a long line of injury problems.

So I for one am hoping that this latest prognosis is a little on the optimistic side.

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  1. 1. I don’t understand “supporters” putting club before country (assuming you’re English)
    2. Yawn- Wilshere injured again and when he comes it’ll be hailed as like having a “new” signing
    3. He’s not a DM, CD or Striker so I don’t really care as there’s plenty of cover

    1. I don’t understand why anyone would anyone support England. They’re terrible, and their playing style is so dull it makes Chelsea look like a vintage Barcelona side. I watch football for enjoyment, not as a petty celebration of the arbitrary land mass I happened to be born on. It’s not like you can even take any unearned pride from it, unless it makes your heart soar that your nation’s best eleven includes Phil Jones and Jordan Henderson.

      1. Interesting comment Liam, we’re all different and that’s fine.

        So you don’t support or take any pride in the country you were born or live in ?

        You follow Arsenal because you’re from North London or they play “beautiful” football ?

        1. No, not at all. Where you’re born is completely out of your control. I don’t really take pride in anything that I haven’t worked for and achieved. I look at England (as a country and a football team) completely objectively. I didn’t (and wouldn’t) choose to be born here. I can’t take any pride in its modern or historic collective achievements, nor feel shame at its failures. Neither really has anything to do with me.

          I’m not from North London, but I never had a particular team that I supported while I was growing up. I just really liked football, but I would watch anyone. I starting following Arsenal after I’d got a bit bored of football for a few years in my teens, because the way they played dragged me back into watching. I loved it and I still do. I like the manager, I like the youth policy and I still enjoy watching an on-form Arsenal side as much as I ever have any team. I’d say I would have started to class myself an Arsenal “fan” in about 2006, Henry’s last season, which was probably not the best time to start.

          1. If more people had your attitude to Country and religion the world would be a more peaceful place.

            I’ll try to remember your logic next time I watch my Ireland play – they never fail to depress me, our football makes England look like Brazil !

    2. I wish we did sell this Wilshire to man city for £40 (but with a buy back clause) and bought someone less injury prone .Am afraid he is a nice player but may become another diaby..not far from fantastic Rosicky,now and a certain Sanogo..good but injury prone players..I better have above average players who plays for 38games than a world class who plays for 8games..mayb Wilshire will come injury free but at his late 20s just as a certain v.persie who after we had shown faith and care during his treatment period went on to betray us by joining our rivals.Am afraid Jack too might follow the same road..just as Ramsey stated in public of his desire to play for barca and now Wenger is afraid of benching him and next season he asks to leave..I had predicted this.

  2. 3 things is guarenteed at Arsenal
    1. Wenger wont change.
    2. Arsenal injury problems will never go away.
    3. Arsenal will never sign world class striker.

  3. Poor Wilshere. Just when he was getting some form back injury strikes 🙁 Maybe he could try little bit horse placenta ointment? 🙁

  4. OFF TOPIC: watching the replay of our game vs westham still cannot believe that a 16yr reese oxford had mesut ozil in his pocket!

  5. He needs games after yet another injury lay off so contrary to what the author of this article is saying I feel the internationals will bode well for him….he is not needed or missed by us at the moment so if he can get games elsewhere to get himself fit and ready for when the inevitable Arsenal injury curse strikes(hope we all agree it will happen) then its all good….hopefully he does not get injured lacing his boots!!!;

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