Wilshere needs to FORGET England and Euro 2016 and focus on Arsenal

The good news for Arsenal and our injury hit midfield star Jack Wilshere is that the England national coach seems to be a massive fan of the 24-year old. Roy Hodgson has always tried to find a place in his squad and the starting line up for Wilshere no matter what fitness concerns there might be and has apparently already let it be known that Wilshere will be going to Euro 2016 this summer even if he has not played much for Arsenal between now and the end of the season.

Hopefully this is true and will benefit the Gunners because the Daily Mail has reported that our unlucky player is set to start the last leg (if you pardon the pun) of his latest comeback from injury.

Jack has so far been working in the gym on his rehab after having the misfortune to break his leg just as this season was about to start but he has finally started running outside as his fitness programme intensifies. But we do not want him rushing it in order to prove his fitness for England because if you cast your mind back to the end of last season, Wilshere had a big and positive impact for Arsenal and there is a chance that we could still be in the hunt for the Premier League title.

Get well soon Jack but just think about Arsenal for now yeah?


  1. Let him do whatever he likes with himself!
    It just shows how terribly England lacks talent..
    In my opinion,Wilshere is their most technical player alongside Barkley and Rooney..
    The other players only boast of hardwork and graft and maybe running that’s all…they obviously lack flair and creativity,hence the over-reliance one a player that has not even kicked a ball this season..Pathetic!

    1. It’s funny how even when he’s not fully fit he wins 6MOTM in 7 games, and you wonder why other fans hate him for being selected over players from their team. If you had Messi back from injury and he didn’t play all season would you still pick him ? Of course, I’m not saying Wilshere is a Messi but he’s the best player England have at this moment, without him the team wouldn’t know what to do with the ball in possession.

  2. we have cazorla ozil el neny ramsey coquelin flamini and ox.
    england have barkley alli shelvey henderson drinkwater and dier.
    He will be missed by no one

  3. It is not as if Wilshere is 30+ that’s why he must be included,if am not mistaken he should be around 23/24…so he has enough time to prove himself in other tournaments if he can just stay back at home this summer and make sure he stays fit for next season…

  4. No u need to forget bout writing Articles on an already Injured player who haven’t kicked a ball for Arsenal since the turn of this year

    it’s not he’s returning anytime soon…..and he’s had another setback lately

  5. I really wanted ozil to be a success at Arsenal. Especially after the criticism of the first 2 years. I want jack to Succeed as well. This Kid bleeds Arsenal and you can never criticize him for not caring.
    Our other players know they will get their wages on Friday. Jack on the other hand loves this club. His injury is such a big big shame.

  6. I agree with u on Shelvey,he is so unlucky..
    In my opinion,he has it all..good passes, good shot and tackling!
    I like the guy, but it wasn’t meant to be

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