Wilshere opens up on Arteta’s approach and how it compares to when he was a player

Jack Wilshere is impressed by the approach Mikel Arteta has taken in managing the Arsenal team.

The Spaniard became the club’s manager at the end of 2019 and has been tasked to rebuild the squad.

Arsenal has not been in the Champions League since 2017 and the club has been changing its playing personnel since Arteta became the boss.

This is the Spaniard’s first senior managerial stint, and he has been impressive. He is trying new things, but it is clear to see that he is steering the club in the right direction.

Speaking about his senior coach, Arsenal youth team manager, Wilshere told The Daily Mail:

‘Playing with him, he was a guy who was very focused, very intelligent with the way he trained. As a coach, he is very similar. He is very intense, very hands-on with the players and trying different things, new techniques to try to help them. 

‘I like it. He’s a modern coach. Sometimes it will work, sometimes it won’t. You’ve got to try these things to see that.’

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Arteta has not had a smooth time as Arsenal’s manager, but he has proven to be a very good leader.

The former midfielder is not afraid of making tough decisions and it is one of the attributes of a successful manager.

His team is making serious progress and they can end this season with a top-four place.

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    1. Calm down honey .
      And for your information I played for my local under 5s team
      Now put that in your pipe and smoke

    2. There’s no need for this Adrian. What happened to ppl being entitled to their opinions? Leaves a sour taste in d mouth. U can state ur POV without talking trash about others IMO. 👎👎👎

    3. Adrian my friend, I am quoting from Jon Fox himself and, perhaps, your torrent of abuse should be directed his way?

      As for never playing football, what that has to do with Jack and Mikel I have no idea.

      Just for the record though, I played at local level until the was 40, then became a referee, then became fixture Secretary of our local league, managed Saturday and Sunday teams and have watched the Arsenal for nearly 70 years.
      Hope the above might qualify me as more than a idiot, but quite frankly…. I couldn’t give a damn 👍😂

  1. Is it not obvious what he said is truth? There are trained leaders and there are born leaders. Arteta is a gifted football coach take it or leave it.

    1. A gifted manager would never have finished 8th (one and half times) managing a team like Arsenal no matter what players he had ,well no one as for 25 years .
      Yes we are playing well now this season but you would expect that with over 500 million spent in 4 years and fans waiting for this process bro eventually take off ,he’s a lucky man let’s hope he doesnt let the pressure get the better of him once again this season .
      Onwards and onwards

      1. Dan kit
        I appreciate your lack of belief in Arteta regardless of the number of times you report that you originally did support him. You’re not keen so that is your choice

        I wonder if the likes of Tony Pulis & Steve Bruce to name but two experienced managers could have done better than a new manager like Arteta. There are times when posters seem wilfully blind to me that Arteta was learning as he went along

        Now, heading for 3 years in charge, if Arteta- even with the money that has been spent- was doing as badly as Rangnick did with a host of high money signings, then I would really be worried
        But then, that’s just my feeling that Arteta is going to do well.

        1. Not sure why you felt the need to bring up my support for him as the only reason I do is to counter all the weird agenda posts .
          But anyway
          Regarding any manager and that includes pulis or Bruce with such backing do you actually think they would have done any less than Artetas first 3 years .
          No chance ,he’s a lucky boy who’s been given freedom beyond what a club like Arsenal should demand .
          Seems like Arteta gets quite a few excuses but they have now run out sue so let’s hope this genius as got a massive ace up his ever expanding sleeve

          1. That’s where I differ Dan kit from you as I don’t believe Pulis, Bruce or quite a few other established managers could have done better. I’m not getting the vibes with Lampard or somewhat surprisingly, with Gerrard. Time will tell of course. Would a very competent manager like Potter have the ‘gravitas’? Why wasn’t he sounded out?

            I absolutely agree that Arteta was lucky to have the confidence of the board but we can only see from the outside and have no idea what plans those private meetings and conversations were detailing.

            Spending vast sums doesn’t mean that a team and it’s manager will succeed. Im looking forward to seeing what this team can achieve- not just by spending but by how they all develop over the season

      2. By your logic, Manchester United should be performing better considering they have invested far more in their squad. BS

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