Wilshere puts £40,000 in the Arsenal swear box!

When I was a lad my mum used to keep a big jar in the front room, and anyone whose swore in front of her had to put 10p into the fund, which was presumably used to buy some soap to wash out the offenders mouths! But I don’t think that jar would be nearly big enough to hold the £40,000 that Jack Wilshere has had to cough up after he embarrassed the poor old FA by uttering a few choice words about Tottenham!

Jack admitted that he was guilty as charged and in his absence the FA disciplinary committee released this statement on the official FA website: “Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere has been fined £40,000 and severely warned as to his future conduct after admitting to a charge of misconduct.

“Wilshere was found guilty of making and/or inciting certain comments during the club’s open bus trophy tour after their FA Cup Final victory, with his conduct deemed to be improper and bringing the game into disrepute.”

Severely warned, eh? Does that mean his Mum is right now getting out the soap? Or does that mean that next time it will cost him more than half of his weekly wage?

Is that a fair fine for swearing on the telly before the 8pm watershed?

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  1. A nit of an over-reaction from the FA there. Singing songs of the supporters is not a reason to fine a player. A warning would have been more than fair. Especially after such a long time since the incident. I also notices they waited until after the international games to fine him… what suits them best i guess

    1. after Just a season …… “Ospina to Fenerbahce” …….. The arsenal Transfer rumours cannot be anymore annoying

      1. 40k is pocket change for jack. Fukkkk the spuds, well done jack. Ospina to fenerbache???if that’s true then it means were getting Cech. It should be the other way and shezney to fenerbache.ospina should be our second choice kepper

    2. The guy is an idiot should show some respect for the club. Yes a good player but when in public to behave himself. Wash his mouth out with soap put him in a car wash . CB

  2. It seems Ospina is off to Fenerbahce in Turkey so it’s a sure bet that Cech is coming to us

    1. Id rather keep Ospina and send Szcz out on a two year loan like Jenk. Ospina is a solid no2 and youd probably be hard pressed to find a better one, also he arrived believing he was second choice, and then you have his experience. Ill be a little pissed if we get Cech and turns out that Szcz is the one staying, one of the reasons why we needed a top goaly is because the young pole is not ready yet… send him on loan.

  3. why do u mr admin get involved in thumbing up or down????…..
    just post a good article(preferrably controversial eg….is giroud good enough for arsenal?), then leave it to us to tear each other apart

    plz dont disable my acc for that comment

    1. Do you really care about the thumb up/down system? And as for disabling the account you should not worry. Use Tor to create literally billion accounts from virtually every IP if you are banned.
      I don’t even bother to thumb up/down comments. I used to do a thumb up every month for a comment I liked the most but I am kinda late these days.

  4. No one has explained how this has anything at all to do with the FA. Did the FA organise or pay for the parade? Was it held on FA affiliated / owned property? I don’t get it, yet they seem spectacularly adept at ignoring issues that do concern them. With the recent Leicester problems, Leicester FC have dealt with the problem themselves, so why haven’t Arsenal been allowed the same courtesy?

  5. Since when has shit become a cuss word. This annoys me and i even see how or why we have overly paranoid people and conspiracy theorists with people wanting to control such things like how we speak or how we act.

    Freedom of speech, does this not infringe on.

  6. I won’t say it, but it does not mean I don’t think it. Everybody knows what Arsenal thinks of Tottenham, even the F.A knows.

  7. SKY is now reporting Ospina to Turkey for 3.9 mil…

    I just don’t understand, why would we buy him for 4.5 mil and then sell him the next summer for 3.9 mil when he has been better than Szcz and would be perfect as a backup to Cech which I presume is guaranteed to go through now. Surely loaning out Szcz is the best option instead: He gets game time, we have better backup to Cech in Opsina for now, he goes to a team that probably needs more from him as a starter (as in more saves needed and more involvement).

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