Wilshere reveals how much his anti-Tottenham chant cost him

Jack Wilshere has revealed that he was fined £40k for his anti-Tottenham chant as Arsenal celebrated winning the FA Cup in 2015.

The Gunners had a parade just a few days after lifting the trophy, and the midfielder made some chants from the microphone to which the Arsenal fans responded.

The Sun reports that he was fined by the FA for those chants as they accused him of “making and/or inciting comments which brought the game into disrepute at the time.”

The fine cost him £40k, something that wasn’t made public at the time.

The midfielder recently held a Q&A session as reported by Sun Sports and one of his fans asked him:

“How much trouble did you actually get in for the ‘what do we think of Tottenham’ chant?”

The midfielder responded: “£40000 worth of trouble!”

The midfielder left Arsenal in 2018 having struggled with injuries for much of his final years at the club.

He, however, will remain a part of the Arsenal family for that chant and because of how he used his talents to serve the club.

He has just returned to the game with a short-term deal at Bournemouth, hopefully, he can help them win promotion to the Premier League and play in the competition again.

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  1. jon fox says:

    Sad waste of a naturtal talent! Like most Gooners I was amused at that chant BUT being a player (who is also a fan, which is rare these days) he should have had the sense to refrain. A difficult balance, I can see, between endearing yourself to your own fans while courting trouble by the football authorities.

    But my main point is that in his younger days Jack lacked all round nous or intelligence and that lack he lived to bitterly regret. His tendency to think he was immortal when diving into 40/60 tackles while being a mere shrimp, may have been admirably brave but it was massively unwise,as his current plight shows only too well. He grew up eventually, but too late. Sigh!

  2. pires says:

    Hoppefully Martenelli ESR AND Saka will not end up like Jack…..The sad thing is that he’s still 28….

  3. Jim wall says:

    What a shame about Jack himself and diabay was a waste of talent, feel sorry for all players who never make it due to injuries, I know they end up multi millioners but they must be very down when their carrers are over despite all the money….

  4. ken1945 says:

    I’m not sure his career is actually over, if his display the other day was anything to go by.
    I hope he will stay injury free and, if he does play at the Emirates again, he will receive the ovation he deserves.
    Always a Gooner.

    1. jon fox says:

      A WELL KNOWN SOUNDBITE Ken to say “always a Gooner.” But as a player, he needs a proper career and he messed his up by his own immaturity in his younger days, ie lifestyle, smoking, keeping wrong company and lack of life nous!

      He also was not bright enough to avoid constant injuries as a mere shrimp in size, when bravely throwing himself into 40/60 tackles.

      Brave yes but damaging to him personally and to our club. To me, it is a sad waste of a superb talent that even at only 28, is no more, as his injuries have done for him at TOP level, where he always deserved to be.

      It must be gutting to be chasing a place in lowly Bournemouth for a warrior, as JACK always was. Truly sad IMO , as sublime natural talent as he had is extremely rare but too easily wasted.

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