Wilshere says Arsenal’s strikers lost the title!

Absolutely every Arsenal fan knows that Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott suddenly became aimless in the second half of the season, but luckily Danny Welbeck came to our rescue in the last couple of months nudging us into the Top Four.

But despite the fact that between all three of them they only scored 30 goals, most people on JustArsenal seem to blame Arsene Wenger for not bringing in extra competition to our strike force. But the fact is that if they were as clinical as they should have been, especially with the amount of chances the Gunners create, we should have been well clear in the title race.

Jack Wilshere, who just played for an hour when Arsenal faced Man City last weekend, has been giving his verdict on the season on Arsenal.com and he is quite clear that our problem was putting the ball in the back of the net. “I was obviously watching as a fan for most of the year so it was tough to watch,” Jack said. “I think of the games that didn’t go our way like Swansea at home.

“We used to struggle against the big teams, but this year we were alright. In games [like the Swansea one] we start quickly in the first 20 minutes and have chances but we need to make them count. There are a lot of chances we create with the likes of Ozil, Alexis and Welbeck, we just have to be a bit more clinical.

“I think [we are moving in the right direction]. We put up a big challenge this year, and OK it didn’t work out, but after we beat Leicester at home we thought this was our year and we have to push on. Unfortunately we didn’t, but we put up more of a fight than previous years.

“A big thing we worked on this season was when we lose the ball, we straight away have to defend and win the ball higher up. I think we have done that well and we improved a lot on that.”

How many times has our game report made it clear that Arsenal had the lions share of possession but just couldn’t score? I should think most of the Arsenal players will be well aware that we blew a very big chance this season. Surely the only solution is for Wenger to buy an upgraded hitman in the summer so we don’t have the same problem in the next campaign?

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  1. the wheelchair has spoken..buy roberto baggio!!
    romario and stoichkov as plan b’s!

    1. Wilshere should be focusing on staying fit rather than running his mouth,in one season Delle Alli has done more for Spurs than Wilshere has for Arsenal in 5 years

    2. Newcastle and Norwich relegated……….. Villa lonf gone since mid season

      Congrats to Big sam and sunderland…dude knows how not to get relegated ever…

      What are Newcastle gonna be playing the spuds for now?

      3rd place …..we are coming baby!

  2. Arsenal’s british core of Jack Wilshere,Ramsey,Gibbs,OX,Walcott,Welbeck is what’s costing us the title,they’re all injury prone,useless non contributors on extremely high wages

  3. The article seem to be suggesting blaming Wenger for not buying a striker is wrong as its the trio of Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck that did not do the job expected of them…..
    Left me wondering who got a boy to do a man’s job if not Wenger,me?….The whole world knew these lot were just not good enough, their collective EPL resumes attest to that fact, so can Wenger explain to us why he was blind to what is an obvious fact?…meanwhile Jack saying we are finishing this season stronger than past seasons shows just what kind of loser mentality Wenger has imbided into his squad, their mind set is not attuned to winning hence the calamitous position the club finds itself smh

  4. That’s it…All talk and no ‘play’ makes Jack a liablitiy” or whatever you like..
    Since he got back from injury,it is Jack said this and that!…argh!!

    We definately have an injury curse in Arsenal..
    Welbeck League games before Arsenal..
    Moved to Arsenal in 08/2014
    Any objection?????
    Injuries still a major problem for us!

  5. Liability***

    We were exposed this season because Sanchez got injured…

    How many still remember we has this goal problem in the beginning of the season????
    We won a couple of matches with own goals/deflection…
    Until we managed to get going later on in the season…

    So, our actual source of goal was Giroud who didn’t even start the season well…
    And we have a number 10 that is not exactly known for his goalscoring just the one dimensional style of creating chances…

    We lack real penetration,our style of play this season is terrible,we don’t attack with enough intent,the exception was the ManUgame at home..
    Why can’t we always play at that tempo??
    But unfortunately, as long as Wenger is here, the playing style won’t change, so we really need a very intelligent and mobile striker to help our cause…

  6. Hate hom or loothe him Jack reads the game than most of us. You call him Jack Wil’chair’ but next season he will be Captain Jack Sparrow! He is not a quadraplegic like you all think. Thierry will make him his captain and the ghosts of the past will be exocised (that incl. You and you)!

    1. Hahaha ?
      Henry making Jack Wheelchair Captain? .. of what ?.. ?
      The U18 team? ?

      The Only Ghost that needs some exercise is Casper Walcott ?

      The invincibles ??

  7. Love him or hate Jack he is absolutely right on this. Our finishing was poor this season. So we must invest in a top class striker. And Abomeyang is our best option. I believe we can land him with £50 million. And since Welbeck is out for 9 months and Abumayang will be at the Afcon we must acquire another quality as back up and I think Icardi or Lacazette will be ideal.

  8. The Welbeck injury will do 2 things:

    * Arsenal will buy a striker – which one I don’t know yet.
    * Akpom will be our third striker as Theo has to be sold.

    This time Wenger can’t hide the Welbeck injury, the fans, the board and competitors know we need a striker and we are going to pay through the nose for it……

  9. I like Jack & have done since seeing him come through the ranks but people who have glass ankles shouldn’t throw stones, try not to get injured during the summer 🙂

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