Wilshere says he’s struggling to understand Arsenal’s Ozil decision

Jack Wilshere has commented on Arsenal’s treatment of Mesut Ozil again and this time his former teammate cannot understand the reason behind Arsenal’s axing of the German.

Ozil will not feature in any competitive game for Arsenal until at least January after he was omitted from their squads to play in the Premier League as well as the Europa League.

It is a decision that the club had to make because they have more than enough eligible players for each competition.

Wilshere claims that Ozil is one of the best players that he has ever played with and remains adamant that the German is still good enough to be playing regularly.

He then admitted that he isn’t at Arsenal at the moment to know what exactly is going on, but he claimed that it is difficult for him to understand the decision because he knows what Ozil can do as a footballer.

Speaking to Sky Sports, the midfielder said: “I’ve said it before.

“He’s one of the best players I’ve ever played with, so all I can do is comment on him as a footballer.

“I know what he can give as a footballer, so it makes it difficult to understand.

“I’m not in the club, though. I’m sure a lot of teams in Europe would want Mesut as the first name on their team-sheet.

“But Arteta’s the manager, he makes the decision.”

If Wilshere knows what Ozil can do as a footballer then maybe he could educate the rest of as to what has happened over the last few years because if there is one thing Ozil has not been, is a quality footballer.

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  1. SueP says:

    Hasn’t the life been sucked out of this subject?

  2. Declan says:

    Click, click, click.

  3. Seroti says:

    Even if things get worst and Arteta is sacked and Wenger brought back OZIL WON’T PLAY TILL FEBRUARY.
    So better off supporting the team and if ure doing this for click purpose then enjoy it till February also

    1. Lwabuna David says:

      Aresnal is playing but because they lack Ozil and Ozil is the only player in Arsenal who can change the game any time .I conclude by saying that .”ozil is the best player in Arsenal with out Ozil this season Arsenal will take nothing
      . Am David Lwabuna from Uganda

      East Africa.

  4. Abdulkafeel Gidado says:

    We love Ozil as a person no doubt. We also appreciate his footballing skills. However, for whatever reason he’s not been able to perform at top level turning up high quality consistently.
    He has failed to impress after been tried by different managers. If he’s still half as good as a lot of his admirers claim, we would have had lots of teams scrambling for his signature during the last summer as it was obvious he would be suplurs to requirements. They would at least have been prepared to offer him a decent fees where meeting his release clause. But hard truth difficult to swallow is that they never considered him a good buy.
    Personality wise, he remains an excellent humanitarian.

  5. Lwabuna David says:

    We want Ozil back .Nothing else .

    East Africa Uganda.

    1. jon fox says:

      Oh I see ! You speak for all Ugandans then! Just as well I am not a Ugandan then, as you certainly DO NOT speak for me. IN FACT “WE ” BECOMES JUST “YOU”!

  6. RSH says:

    why does wilshere get so many articles? Irrelevant player who was a sick note 90% of his time with us.

    1. jon fox says:

      RSH, Oh, Come on, surely you have noticed that only around 60% of JA articles are on Ozil.

      That leaves another 40% to be shared between all other categories, so I’d have thought that one more ex player – who never made it after his very young years – should warrant at least, say, another 5% of JO, oops sorry, make that JA, articles!

      So some should be about Wilshere. Seems about accurate to me as that is one in twenty! That leaves a huge 35% to cover all the other ex players who played for us, never amounted to what we had at one time hoped and also got kicked out in the end.
      Nothing left though for JR(JUST REALITY) ! A SHAME!!

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