Wilshere says serial Champions League winner will struggle at Arsenal

Gareth Bale will struggle to get a game-time in the current Arsenal team, reckons Jack Wilshere.

The former Tottenham star is looking for a new club after leaving a trophy-laden spell at Real Madrid.

He needs a team to stay fit and play for Wales at the World Cup, and Arsenal could give him a chance.

But their former midfielder, Wilshere, believes he will struggle to even get into Mikel Arteta’s team, and if he does, it would affect one of the club’s budding youngsters.

He tells Talk Sport: ‘I look at the players who would be playing in that position and they’re young players who have arguably been Arsenal’s best players over the last few years.

‘So one, I don’t think he gets a game. And if he does, I think he’d be holding one of those players back.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

Bale has won a lot of trophies in his career and he proved his worth at Real Madrid.

He is still an important player for the Wales national team, but he will hardly make an impact at Arsenal.

We are doing very well and moving in the right direction. A player like him will affect our development negatively.

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  1. We ain’t even pondering a move so there’s nothing updating about this………..OT:Arsenal have already tabled a mouth watering and improved offer for raphinha,i’m sure they won’t turn it down.

  2. What is the POINT of this fantasy and nonsensical piece?

    My cat is also never going to play for Arsenal , so why not an article explaining why not?!!

    After all, fairs fair and why should my cat be left undiscussed, esp as Bale IS being discussed , FOR WHATEVER WEIRD REASON!!

  3. Tell the whole story as he was asked by Talksport about which clubs Bale could go to and said he would fit straight in at Newcastle, be on the bench at Man City, go straight in the team at Man U but wouldn’t get a game at Arsenal, amongst other teams too. A rather click bait story really so perhaps tell the complete story in future Patrick!

    1. Whether he get’s in Ten Hag’s Man U is debatable. He’s not getting on to Man City’s bench except possibly for certain cup games.
      He wouldn’t be starting at Arsenal and I doubt he would at the current version of Newcastle.

  4. Why are the witterings of Wilshere being reported so often?

    When it comes to football matters he has no coaching/scouting pedigree so I don’t really care what he thinks, but if Arsenal were signing a new team doctor his view might be of interest, since he spent most of his time on the treatment table.

    1. Perhaps you have now given Ad PAT an idea for a whole new series of waste of time articles , to be called maybe, Wilsheres Witterings.

      In fact, it is already happening, though without that title Sigh!

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