Wilshere set to play and make early return for Arsenal

It might sound wrong to say that the Arsenal and England star Jack Wilshere will make an early return to the Arsenal side, because when he suffered that training ground accident and broke his foot just before the start of the current campaign we did not expect him to be out of action for the whole season.

But as it always seems to be with Jack, the road to recovery has been a long and frustrating one and just recently Arsene Wenger and his England boss Roy Hodgson have been talking as though the chances of Wilshere playing for Arsenal before the summer were touch and go.

According to the Daily Star though, the midfielder is well ahead of that on the comeback trail and is set to kick his first ball in anger this week. Jack will not be in the matchday squad for the trip to West Ham as he needs to build some form and increase his fitness, but he is set to make the next step towards a first team return by playing for the Arsenal under 21 side against Newcastle at the Emirates on Friday.

If all goes well there will probably be at least one more match for the reserves before Wilshere is considered for the senior side but assuming that he does not suffer a setback, we could well be seeing Jack back at some point this month. And after the latest off the pitch controversy involving a fracas outside a nightclub he really needs to impress on the pitch. So could Wilshere’s early return be a timely boost as the Gunners chase an unlikely title comeback?

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  1. His place has already been taken.
    I felt sad for the fans when hodgson said that dier was still behind him in the pecking order.
    Tbf delph henderson dier alli barkley should all be ahead of him.
    They give much more to the squad than him

    1. I like Wilshere a lot. His heart is 10000% Arsenal but his brains are a little bit like ‘ Balotelli!’ Super gifted but doesn’t know what to do with his vast talent. Tell him to grow up a bit upstairs!

    2. Nah, this isn’t the Wilshere of Arsenal, he gets plenty of MOM for England so deserves to get back in England squad when fit.

  2. Sale, Sale sale!!
    I just hope that his fit for the Euro’s,
    He normally performs better for England and hopefully City will come in with an offer of £40 million for him ??
    Same goes for Ramsey, Ox and Walcott.
    We need a summer clear out of all our injury prones and bring some fresh Quality!

    1. Pliz leave the ‘ox’ out of this mess. His talents are yearning for guidance. If only his game gets intelligence he is already a germ!

  3. who does wenger think he is to tell hodgson who he should or should not take at the euros.
    The only arsenal player hodgson should take is welbeck to be a squad player

    1. looooool who are you to think you are qualified to critisize wenger for voicing his opinion (which even if you are anti-wenger, you gotta admit is still better than the opinion of hodgson.. well hodgson isnt bad at all.. just not that great too) and telling yourself your opinion of whom hodgson should take to the euros and even in which role? looool the irony

  4. …theres wheelchair access onto the pitch??

    see what i did there…cos his names wilshere…an with his injuries…an it sounds bit like….ahhh whatever u ungrateful heathens…im taking these dad jokes where there appreciated….rehab!!

  5. Arsenal should get rid of Wilshere, Walcott and OX, and Giroud as well. Then use all that money to get world class CF if we can’t get Ibrahimovic for free, becuase of high wage. Heck even use the money from the sale to pay Ibrahimovics wages.

  6. The only reason I’m ever of the belief that Arsene should go, is that his blind faith/loyalty for players – Jack and Aaron specifically – has for me been the main catalyst to our underachieving. Arsene, in the past, has constantly found a way to shoe-horn Jack and/or Aaron into the team, at the expense of true balance and success.

    Last year we went on our run when both Jack and Aaron were hurt, Santi slid to the middle, LeCoq came in, and the midfield triangle of Mesut Santi and LeCoq provided us the balance we need to go on a run. This year, Santi gets hurt, Ramsey slides back into the middle, tries to do everything possible on the field except for the job he’s supposed to do, and we struggle mightily. Ramsey gets hurt, El Neny steps in beside LeCoq, and suddenly balance is restored.

    One of the two players needs to go, and for me that’s Ramsey. Jack is a better footballer technically than Aaron for me, and in my opinion a better replacement for Santi. Putting one or both on the wings just to get them into the 11, which Arsene has done repeatedly in the past, may yield short-term sucess, but sacrifices the true width and dynamism that we need from a winger, and thus, overall long-term success.

    If those two get healthy and Arsene forces them back into the team, then it’s time for him to go. We’ve suffered long enough with that formula.

  7. I want Ozil, Alexis, Welbeck, Iwobi. Coquelin and Eleney to start

    I love my Jack but he will need to come of the bench. Why disturb a winning lineup

    1. Completely agree, they don’t deserve to be dropped and Wilshere is actually a very strong bench player because of how direct he is and if we need a goal that is perfect.

  8. Am just wondering why Wenger is so keen to see him make the Euro….the most annoying part been Roy will probably take him, at the expense of players who have done well this season….

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