Wilshere suffers fresh blow in bid to find new club outside England

Former Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere has received another knockback in his bid to find a new club.

The 29-year-old midfielder has had a shortage of suitors since Bournemouth released him at the end of last season.

Although he is still young and should be in the prime of his career now, his injury record has forced clubs to ignore his free agency status.

After leaving Arsenal in 2018, he moved to West Ham, but he made very few appearances for them and was released.

Bournemouth picked him up for the second half of last season after he had spent several months on the sidelines without work.

He helped them to reach the semi-final of the Championship playoff, but after they failed to return to the Premier League, they released him.

He has now taken his search for a new club to Italian side, Como, where he has been training.

The club plays in Serie B, Italy’s second division and Wilshere could help their push to get promoted to the top-flight.

However, the competition’s official Twitter account revealed that the midfielder cannot join them because he doesn’t have an EU Passport.

They tweeted: “’Jack Wilshere is training with Como 1907 by Jack Gattuso in these hours. 

‘But he cannot be registered in #SerieBKT because of the non-EU passport.’

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  1. It makes no sense from como. Bellingham plays in germany. Hes british too.

    It’s a shame, he would of liked como. It’s a nice place

    1. bellingham is also 17 and not saying i know all, but in England any player under 21 doesnt need to be registered and can play.

      after 21, these non homegrown / non EU things kick in

  2. Life is teaching him a lesson. When the sun was shining, he used to smoke and drink carelessly. But Wenger as a father figure, stood by him. Make hay whilst the sun shine

    1. Solid point..

      Great Talent.. Poor attitude to life.
      He almost celebrated Wenger out era..
      Had issues with westham and bournemouth fans too.. Wish him well though

    2. Wilshere’s career has been an anti climax not because of him smoking blah blah.
      The guy hardly ever stays fit. Can one remind me of a full season he stayed fit in since his teenage years? He was always out for a whole season or majority of the each season. Comes back every after 4-7 months, plays a few games and his ankles would give up as again and again.
      He is like Diaby, Rosicky, Vamaelen and Van persie before 2011/12. Injury prone.
      The guy has had bad luck, poor body structure (short and heavy), bow legged that forces him to runs on his ankles, he was a very committed player when it comes to putting his body about (tackles, body barging, running about too much etc.)

      May be this is what you should all be blaming him for mostly. May be he shoulf have been much more invisible in the media but I don’t think that contributed to why his body could not handle the physicality of the football in the end.

      Smokin a cigarette comes way last.

      1. Having bow leg, being short and heavy has nothing to do with playing style or does it put him at risk, we have a thousand and one players like that, Aguero, Depay, Buendia, Grealish, etc,

        Do you know Drinking and smoking can have effects on your healing process ,

        I guess he also has an attitude problem or maybe he isn’t just lucky,

        There are a lot of clubs in America, Europe that pay well, even in Asia

        We have worse players than Wilshere, with injuries and yet they get clubs to play for.

  3. Another victim of that wonderful UK Government and poorly advised and misinformed voters to enact Brexit. Wilshere joins the hospitity staff, lorry drivers, poultry workers, agricultural workers and their employers, the farmers, the restauranteurs, the hoteliers, publicans and food producers, who can’t get workers.
    If this continues I’ll be sending food parcels, but with no lorry drivers to deliver them the food will rot.

    1. With respect ozziegunner, the great British public voted in their millions in the Brexit referendum. It wasn’t fought on party lines as MPs from all parties followed their own beliefs as did the public. Those that voted to leave would probably take issue with you that they were misinformed. I couldn’t possibly comment

      1. Unfortunately many didn’t understand the ramifications of Brexit, for example the workers at Honda in Swindon, who have now seen the car plant closed and production moved to Europe with the loss of 3500 direct jobs.

        1. It’s tricky slagging off what another nation does – especially as more than half of the eligible citizens voted for it. We live in a democracy at least!

    2. Not a wise nor RELEVANT point to make on our site, Ozzie.

      You would be well advised to do as I do, by STICKING TO POLITICAL SOCIAL MEDIA SITES and other platforms, when discussing PURELY politics, with no proper Arsenal link at all.

      Merely mentioning Wilshere among your list is NOT sufficient reason for airing your Brexit views.

      In any case, he is long gone from us and of no actual relevance to our club today, Brexit or no Brexit!!

    3. Thank you for the lecture Oz, but totally unnecessary. We are prefectly capable of disrespecting our own country, without your assistance. You will note that even we try not to discuss politics on a football forum.

  4. Not wishing to tell JW what to do but pursuing football at this point is unlikely to further his career
    Unfortunately, injury- however caused- crushes many players aspirations. Let’s hope he takes his badges if he wants to stay in the business and embarks on a slightly different route in football

    1. Sad really never forget that night against Barcelona he was brilliant, him and diaby were so unlucky with injuries,
      What would I give for a midfield 3 now of a fit diaby. Wilshire, Partey…..

  5. I believe JW injury problems was because he was over played by Arsenal at a very young age….I remembered he played over 50 games for Arsenal that season…I think this contributed to his Injury problems…my opinion though.

  6. Wilshire will rise again. Just needs to keep training and give his body enough time to repair. Keep a good mental attitude.
    A good footballer, with still about 6 years left to lift his career from the ashes.

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