Wilshere “surprised” Arteta underused player who can help Arsenal

Jack Wilshere has expressed surprise at how Mikel Arteta has ignored using Gabriel Martinelli when the Brazilian is one of Arsenal’s best players who almost guarantees outstanding performances.

Martinelli suffered from a long-term injury that kept him out of Arsenal’s first-team plans for the first half of last season.

He returned in the second half of the campaign and Arsenal fans could tell that he was the same top player.

However, even when he performs well, Arteta still excludes him from the first team in some games.

Like most Arsenal fans, Wilshere hasn’t been happy at the way the attacker has been treated and says he is a top performer who simply has to start matches for the Gunners.

Praising the Brazilian’s ability, he claimed Martinelli is a player who is always at the right place at the right time.

He told Highbury Squad: “I was surprised at times when Arsenal needed a goal, they needed something and he wasn’t thrown on.

“He is that type of player who can do that. He arrives in the box.

“He always seems to be in the right place, at the right time. You cannot teach them things.

“I feel he will only get better with experience of playing in the big games.

“I do think he is a player who will thrive off having the fans back.

“I remember the game at Chelsea when he scored that goal. He just got better and better as the game went on and the fans got behind him.

“I am excited to see more of him.”

Martinelli will hope he is given more chances by Arteta when he rejoins the squad for the 2021/2022 campaign.

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  1. Preaching to the choir, most were surprised for the favoritism and trust he misplaced in Willian.

    He should be a first choice sub coming in; don’t think he’s quite ready to push Saka or Pepe yet

  2. The lack of regular game time impacted on the lad’s form last season, but surely be will be given a run of matches in the not too distant future to prove he is the real deal.After his bad injury I can understand why Arteta was reluctant to throw him into the deep end too quickly, but that reasoning no longer applies and it is now time to expose him to the rigours of the EPL particularly when the departure of Laca is on the cards.

  3. The shameful underuse of Maartinelli coupled with the use at all of the bone idle coaster Willian is perhaps the single MAIN reason why so many fans turned against MA. I do NOT say it is the only reason, of course not!

    I TOO FAIL TO UNDERSTAND THIS MYSTERIOUS AND SEEMINGLY DELIBERATE MISTAKE. I also think MA has much work to do to regain any trust from a load of Gooners on here, though I firmly believe he will do so, given time.

    Of course he may not get time and from many fans he definitely won’t!

    1. Jon
      I understand in part Arteta’s numerous selections of Willian; his experience, past resume of success. Also Arteta has a good part of his reputation tied to the player with his desire to bring him in for 3 years and on huge wages.

      However, by the Spring it was clear Willian was a lazy, disinterested lame duck.

      Martinelli is levels above Willian in terms of

      1. Work ethic
      2. Hunger, desire, and passion
      3. Defensive responsibilities

      I’m curious to see Arteta’s selections regarding these 2 players, and treatment of each regarding performances.

      Will he be as forgiving of Martinelli with performances like he was with Woeful Willian?

      Will he shuffle Martinelli’s positions or will he be solely a winger?

      December should be a pivotal time to make a fair-minded assessment of Arteta as manager. 2 years and at least 10 hand-selected players should be bearing fruit.

      1. Durand, I find the whole Willian fiasco an unexplainable mystery, assuming no financial jiggery pokery was going on.

        To constantly prefer this bone idle coaster to MARTINELLI WHO IS A WARRIOR AND STREETS AHEAD IN ALL ASPECTS, is beyond puzzling and looks financially suss to my logical mind.
        I see no possible HONEST way that he could have legitimately been preferred to Martinelli. Esp coming while the OZIL SHAMBLES WAS STILL BEING PLAYED OUT.

        TBH, I refuse to believe it was ONLY incompetence. SO SOMETHING STINKS!
        Agree that MA should have until Christmas but we need to see definite progress by then or I will not continue supporting him, for sure.
        I hope , pray and even believe he will still come through but his time is running short!

  4. Martinelli is clearly a very good player, but in some games he did struggle to make an impact maybe just through a bit of naivety and inexperience. Hopefully he will grow more during the coming season and start fulfilling his potential in the same way Pepe is doing now.

    1. Did Aubameyang made an impact in every game last year ? Not even mentioning Willian. I am joking of course i agree with you but it is to put your observation in perspective. As i mean overall Gaby had more impact and was more clutch, despite his age, than these two pre-retired overpaid players

      1. I get what you’re saying, but before last season Auba was a proven goal-scoring machine. Willian was brilliant at Chelsea. I just don’t get why he suddenly became so rubbish. Martinelli definitely should be on instead of him.

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